Monday, November 05, 2007

Finding Lost Contest Winner!

Hello all! I posted a contest a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to it being mentioned on a couple of Lost sites, I had a lot of entries in the end, and I want to thank everyone who entered. I loved reading your entries, and what I've decided to do is post my favourite response here, and leading up to Lost I'll post some of my other faves. Maybe together we can lure back some of the "lost" Lost viewers through your heartfelt pleas. :)

It was a really tough decision, and in the end I've decided to give away two books. One for someone who won the contest, and one as just an extra gift to someone who made me laugh out loud. I randomly chose Heroes as the television show that these hypothetical one-time Lost viewers defected to, and as a result I inadvertently received a lot of contest entries bashing Heroes and showing the love for Lost, and that's not what I meant when I was posing the question. My bad: as much as Heroes is rubbing me the wrong way this season, I certainly wasn't looking to come down on it as the worst show or anything (I reserve that for According to Jim...) However, one entry in particular that chose that road made me laugh out loud, and I thought it was brilliant. So I shall give away two books as a result.

The entry that actually wins the contest is from Christopher Cross. He doesn't give away any spoilers (a man after my own heart) yet he brings up almost all of the high points of the show in such a mysterious way that I think he'd manage to lure back a ton of fans. In fact, in my own plea, which I will post before the February return of the show, I think I'll use his same tactic and list off my favourite things without giving anything away. So without further ado, here's the winning entry who is speaking to the Lost defectors in general:

Dear Bandwagon jumper,
While I won't take the David Chase way of handling fans, I will state that you do have one strike against you for leaving your favorite show in favor of something else with mediocre plotting and storylines (Yes, I am looking at you Heroes and Grey's Anatomy). But here you are reading this probably trying to figure out if you should run out and buy that Lost - Season 3 dvd and maybe catch up on what turned out to be, arguably, Lost's strongest season creatively.

Since I am believer in second chances, I have done you the favor of making a list of the top then things you missed out on without actually telling you anything that happened. No spoilers here! So here we go...

Top ten things you missed while you were away (without spoilers)
10. You missed how Locke ended up in the wheelchair.
9. You missed the guest appearance of Cheech Marin
8. You missed Kate and Juliet frolicking around the jungle in the rain together (I guess this only applies to guys)
7. You missed Sawyer in numerous scenes w/o his shirt...also in the rain (This applies to women?)
6. You missed some of the best scenes ever between two actors at the top of their game ( Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emerson). Both were nominated for the same Supporting Actor award at the Emmy's this year. Terry (Locke) won!
5. You missed Desmond's one of a kind backstory.
4. You missed the "real" Sawyer revelation.
3. You missed the Ben backstory
2. You missed the departure of one of the most beloved characters on the show.
1. You missed the greatest cliffhanger in television history (and this is not even close, therefore it's not up for debate)

Runner ups: A family connection amongst a few of our Losties. The emergence of Juliet as another strong female character. The return of an old friend. Did someone say Boone?

Lost has three seasons left before it's over and gone. Sure you can wait until then and buy all the dvds. But then you will miss out on the fun as it unfolds. You will risk the chance of someone ruining it for you by letting the cat out of the bag.

PS: Were you watching Heroes this season and thinking "Wow, I am digging Nathan Petrelli's I-am-depressed-so-that-I-am-going-to-rock-a-ratty-beard-look?" Well, I have news for you. Lost did it first! Wink Wink.


Now, the other winner, who answered my question as it was posed by showing why Lost was better than Heroes as Chris Martin (and no, I don't have a thing for guys named Chris... it just happened that way). He chose to send me his entry as a graphic, following my request to be as crazy and unorthodox in your responses as you'd like to be, and he gave us a chart showing why Lost is heads and tails above Heroes. If you're trying to lure back the particular Lost fans who defected to Heroes, this is the way to do it. Great job, Chris, and thanks for giving me such a laugh. I hope y'all enjoy his entry as much as I did! It might be a little hard to read, so I've put a translation underneath:

First boxes have pictures of Sayid and Moronder: Sayid's says, "Middle Easterner with amazing instincts." Moronder's says, "Middle Easterner with not-so-amazing instincts." Second line says, "Audience can find subtle numbers throughout the episodes." Heroes column says, "Audience is hit over the head with the same symbol over and over." Third line says, "Dramatic kite-flying scene" with a pic of Jack and Skank Ling. Heroes column says, "Dramatic double-dutch scene." (He calls a draw on that one.) Fourth line has a pic of Rose saying, "If you say live together, die alone one more time I'm going to punch you in the face." Heroes column says, "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Final line, my fave, says in the Lost column "Finale blows our minds." Heroes column: "Finale blows." Ha!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and keep checking back here for postings of the honourable mentions leading up to the February premiere of our favourite show!


Anonymous said...

I didn't enter because I haven't been able to lure back my friends to Lost, so I didn't think I'd have any better luck convincing people I didn't know.

But those are great answers.

Watching Heroes is getting to be more a chore than 'must see tv'. How sad.

Unknown said...

Hmm. I'm no expert in Geography, but since when is India in the middle east?