Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gossip Girl Returns in Style
Spotted: The return of our fave trashy high school show, and it was HOT. This week's long-awaited return of Gossip Girl was full of intrigue, cliques, spy vs. spy and Valentino dress-stealing, and it was all super-awesome. (Yes, I do watch television shows beyond ones where I have to read Stephen Hawking books to better understand it.) Jenny's trying to fit in, but she doesn't have the money, and Blair is getting yogurt dumped on her head, but playing evil right back (even if it does just bite her on the ass in the end). Whose side are you on in the Jenny vs. Blair war? Is there a side to be taken?

Serena was getting gross-out packages by someone named G., and I'm assuming it's the upcoming character played by Michelle Trachtenberg. What does this girl have over Serena that would drive S. to drink again? Hmm...

But, of course, the REAL question is, The pawn shop lady: Evil or just a great businesswoman?

Last week when I posted on returning shows, I forgot to mention Ugly Betty is returning tomorrow night (YAY! Are Thursday nights the hots or what?) and Aliens in America is coming back this Sunday. I didn't post on that one much, but there's usually one laugh-out-loud moment per episode. If you've never checked it out, tune in this Sunday.

Tomorrow: LOST!!!!


Stamford Talk said...

Could Gossip Girl really be that good? I am so dubious.

I teach middle school, so I suppose I should TiVo is to see what my darling 7th grade girls are thinking about. I'm not sure I really want to know about the private lives of teenagers though...

I have to wonder, would this show freak a teacher out? Do I really want to get hooked onto the love triangles of people the age that I teach?

I am thinking the answer is no... but if you insist I'll like it, I'll try it.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for michelle trachtenberg to return to the new season of gossip girl her looks are sizzling hot and her acting is fantastically great

Anonymous said...

michelle trachtenberg acting as bad girl georgina is comparable to bad girls of the past such as bette davis in human bondage and liz taylor in cat on a hot tin roof\her presence on gossip girl makes the show and artistic gem