Saturday, April 19, 2008

Returning Shows!
Just a quick note that Gossip Girl starts up again this Monday on CW at a new time, so reset those PVRs, folks... Buffy fans rejoice: Michelle Trachtenberg will be joining the cast as a girl from Serena's past!! The problem with watching her in anything is she'll always be Dawn to me, but here's hoping she can break out of that.

Did you forget where we left off? OK... Blair and Chuck slept together, but she kept it a secret, and she and Nate ended up getting back together. But secrets don't last, and word got out that she'd slept with Chuck. She was dethroned as the Queen Bee of the little clique, and Jenny happily stepped up, suggesting she's going to become a little snot soon. Blair decided to escape to Paris with her father and his partner, but Serena caught her at the airport and convinced her to stay, saying she'll help her.

Rufus and Lily looked like they were about to get back together when she accepted the marriage proposal from Chuck's daddy, and now Chuck is making lewd advances at his new "sis," Serena. Nate's dad is facing charges of cocaine possession and embezzlement, and he's just found out Blair lost her virginity to Chuck Bass of all people, so things are ripe for him to completely go off the deep end.


Meanwhile, Lost starts up again this Thursday (is it just me, or was the hiatus not as long as you thought it would be?) and again, reset those PVRs, because it's moving to 10pm. That said, I get it on a channel at 7pm (OH YEAH!!!) so I'm currently talking to Wizard Magazine to see if it's possible to get the column up around 11pm the same night of the episode. So far haven't heard back, but here's hoping we can do that... and it'll be like the good old days again. :)

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you nikki, the Lost hiatus was shorter than i thought! (those silly Lost: deleted scenes helped past the time too, haha!) i also want to mention that i totally agree with what you were saying about the whole harry potter trial thing. keep up the good work!