Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Lost Season Just Got Bigger!
As a few of you have emailed to tell me (I've been having issues finding time to get online to post this!) ABC has finally confirmed that Lost's fourth season will now consist of 14 hours, as opposed to the original 13, and the season finale will be a three-hour one!!

Now, unfortunately it won't be all in one night (or should I say fortunately, since posting THAT blog post would be a nightmare to do that night), but over two nights, with a break in between. Confused? Well, it's a good thing you came to me. :)

May 22 was originally scheduled to be ABC's big finale night. But when Damon and Carlton said hey, we need that final hour to be extended to two, it just wouldn't fit on the 29th with Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. And then, they decided to make Grey's Anatomy two hours as well. So, rather than bump the inferior show (she said, having no interest in ANOTHER doctor show) they put Lost back by one more week.

So here's the new schedule:
April 24: Episode 9, The Shape of Things to Come (***The show moves to 10pm starting here... ARGH)
May 1: Episode 10
May 8: Episode 11
May 15: Episode 12
May 22: NO EPISODE (This will be the Grey's two-hour finale)
May 29: Episode 13/14, in a two-hour finale **Episode begins at 9pm

You can see a preview of the upcoming episode on April 24 here.

UPDATE: Someone just emailed me off-list to say my post didn't make any sense when I said it was a 3-hour finale, but that May 29th was 2 hours, and I realized I forgot to clarify what I meant by the 3-hour finale. May 15 will be the first hour of the 3 hours, and May 29 will be the second 2 hours. Damon and Carlton are writing May 15 and 29 episodes as one very long episode, broken by the 2-week barrier. Which is what makes the Grey's superiority even more infuriating, that the movie-type finale will be broken to watch a bunch of doctors running around and going to bed together and crying in their coffee. Ahem. ;)


Brian Douglas said...

Stupid Grey's Anatomy.

I have a feeling we'll all really be cursing that show in five weeks?

poggy said...

Hi Nikki,

I've been lurking around for a while and I'm loving your Lost entries :-) Just chiming in to squee a bit about the additional hour XD Sure, I always though I could do without Grey's and this minihiatus thing has reinforced my convinction, lol ;-)

K J Gillenwater said...

I think it is DUMB that they are bumping LOST for Grey's Anatomy?? Are they stupid!? Wouldn't it have been better to spread the Grey's finale over 2 weeks and do the same for LOST?

Dumb TV execs.

But I am glad LOST gets one more hour!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda pissed about the getting bumped for Grey's thing, but if we're getting more LOST, than I'm cool with it, haha

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would rather watch one doctor run around and cry into his beard.

Any time.

Jonathan said...

That person who emailed you sounds like a friggin genius. My god, you are lucky to have such an amazing individual looking out for you.

poggy said...

@ reddem147: I very much agree. ;-)

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: I've been cursing the show long before it affected Lost, haha!

Poggy: Welcome! I'm very happy to have you here, and glad you're enjoying it!

Kristin: From the ratings that I've seen on Lost lately, it seems to be doing better than Grey's, so it didn't make sense why it would take priority over Lost. Hmm...

Jazzygirl said...

First off...where has the time gone? I know it's been a while since episode 8 but honestly, it just hit me that the new one is NEXT Thurs! Guess I've been running crazy lately. April is flying by.
Secondly, no, I'm not happy about the two week delay but (and I am in the serious minority here) I AM a fan of Grey's so at least I won't be suffering on that week. :) For the longest time I felt the same...who needs another doctor show...but then it just sucked me in. It's quirky but I love it.
Okay, back to LOST...I just watched that preview on the other site. WOW! Lots of action. And it confirms who was in the jungle shooting at Alex, Danielle and Karl. Guess we'll have to see if Danielle is dead or not. I will personally be disappointed if she is.
This new episode will sorely be needed for me next week because I will have a rough start to the week. I have to put my ill dog down (my icon pic) and having LOST will make me feel a little better anyway. :[

The Question Mark said...

Hey, Nikki!
Thought this might interest you.
Also, the Grey's Anatomy comments left me in stitches :)

The Question Mark said...
hahaha sorry, it wouldn't paste the last time!