Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Joss Whedon on Dr. Horrible

There's a story on Dr. Horrible at by Matt Roush, where he interviews Whedon and talks about having seen the show. There are some mild spoilers, but it's mostly the plot outline we already know, and who the rest of the cast will be besides the three we know about. For the spoiler squeamish (like me!) I'll just say there will be a cameo by two of our fave Buffy writers! I can't wait. Here's a taste of Joss's words:

As for casting Neil Patrick Harris, all it took was a phone call. "We all agreed there was really nobody else that should play Dr. Horrible. I didn't even get the sentence but before he said yes. And then I sort of got defensive (Whedon lapses into fanboy-speak): ‘No no no, it's really going to be good,' and Neil's like, ‘I said yes.' And I said, ‘No no no, I mean, but I mean the point is, is mean I mean' … I couldn't handle it."

Check out the full interview and story here.

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