Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's Smile + News

So yesterday I was out doing my big grocery shop with my son, and the usual grocery store music was piping through the system. It's always retro stuff from the 70s and 80s at this store, and I always find myself singing aloud to my son (when you're with a baby, you can get away with it). As I was entering the frozen foods aisle, the music playing was Carly Simon's "You're So Vain."

I pull my cart up next to a couple and their three boys. The boys looked like they were about 8, 11, and 14. The middle boy says to the other two, "Are you listening to this song?" They sort of grunt a yes, and the boy says, "Why would there be clowns in her coffee?"


I was watching my beloved Graham Norton this past week, and it had Orlando Bloom on it... I'm not one to drool over movie stars, but when it comes to this guy, you need to mop up the floor. So it was a good week to tune in. The show is probably two years out of date (how I wish BBC Canada could figure out a closer simulcast with BBC), but the jokes were still funny. My favourite was Graham showing a photo of Pete Doherty with a long cigarette hanging out of his mouth as he was leaning into the penguin exhibit at a zoo. The story accompanying the picture reported that when Pete had been smoking several cigarettes and he had flicked one into the penguin exhibit, and the penguin walked over and ate it. Graham said Pete's reply was, "No, I didn't. I only had one cigarette, and when it was finished I gave it to a short fat nun who smelled of fish."

I'm STILL laughing over that one.


And now for some TV news. Fans of Friday Night Lights might have heard that when our amazing, wonderful, awesome show returns this fall (if you are not watching... FOR SHAME), Jason and Smash will no longer be regulars. Because of the move to DirectTV, the show's budget has been reduced, and since both of these were no longer on the Dillon Panthers as of the following season, it made sense to cut them. Instead they're going to wrap up their storylines in the first couple of episodes and then they'll be gone, with occasional recurring parts. Wah. I can understand the resolution of Jason's character -- it felt like his might have been the one story to have resolved itself at the end. But Smash? The guy's facing a court case, and we last left him weeping in the locker room as he's been kicked off the Panthers. I hate that they're going to rush his story to meet their budget.

Sigh. Oh well... if it means I still get to see Riggins, Coach, and Tami, I'll live with it.

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Ryan said...

Oh, I *love* Graham Norton. Whenever he has Joan Rivers on his show is the best - the two of them together have no boundaries and will say just about anything. It's awesome!