Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Notes from Comic-Con

Various blogs and news outlets have been posting information from Comic-Con, currently happening in San Diego (and I am NOT there... not fair). Today was the panel for Dollhouse, with Joss, Tahmoh Penikett, and Eliza Dushku. Here's a rundown of everything they talked about.
Dollhouse is influenced by A.I., The World Can Never Let Me Go, and Collateral because Whedon thinks it's a great L.A. movie. He says, "This will be feistier than I'm used to. I go a little Ang Lee, but the way I'm filming it, it will be more visceral, a frenetic ride. That part is challenging."

He revealed there will be webisodes, and they all talked about how filming has begun and what it's been like.

In other Buffyverse news, here is David Boreanaz talking to EW at Comic-Con. She asks him what the difference is between Bones fans and Buffy/Angel fans in Part 2.

For me, the panel that's killing me that I missed was the annual Darlton pow-wow, talking about the previous season of Lost and dropping tidbits about the upcoming one. E! has several videos you can watch where they discuss things like filming The Constant, the writer's strike, and whether they have a clue about where the show is going. My personal fave is this one, where they discuss the time travel issue. "We'll tell you yesterday."

In non-Comic-Con news, Robert on Jericho has been cast in the upcoming "Prisoner" remake.

And read an interview with Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere (man, those are tough names to type) about the upcoming season of Heroes.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share that I was at ComicCon yesterday. Didn't make it to the LOST panel because the line was INSANE. By 9 am, there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of people wrapped around outside with no end of the line in sight. I did catch the Joss/Eliza panel which was loads of fun. Dollhouse looks promising!!

Nikki Stafford said...

Nik: Ooh, do tell me more! What time was the Lost panel at? See, I would think that would be the major drawback for ComicCon for me: it's only a few days, and if you spend most of those days standing in line, you don't get to see a lot else. Ugh. Were there any tidbits from the Dollhouse panel that weren't in that article I linked to?

Anonymous said...

The LOST panel was at 10. The Hall it was in holds 6,000 and there was a line bigger than that and people who could not get in. It is rough waiting in lines and deciding what to see/what not see. This year I only went for one day, but was still able to cram lots in.
There weren't really any tidbits revealed at the Dollhouse panel. Just a lot of fun comments from Joss, who is always great with an audience (I saw him do a panel last year as well). I did find it really interesting that Eliza was visibly very nervous; I always love characteristics in famous people that remind us that they too are human! As great as an actress as she is, she does not like audiences (which she herself freely stated when she discussed doing stage work in the past).
A friend of mine attended the Dr. Horrible panel on Friday and picked up these few tidbits: there will be a Dr. Horrible sequel and Oz will be appearing in the Buffy comics. Today I read a bit about the Firefly/Serenity comics that Joss is going to do some standalones dedicated to Shepard Book and finally reveal his past to us.
I also posted about my Comic Con day here:‘08/
On of the first blurbs mentions my experience at Comic Con last year: meeting Joss himself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki do you know anything about this G4 special that is airing with Darlton? I don't even know what this channel is, do we get it in Canada?

Nikki Stafford said...

Nik: LOVED your rundown, thanks for the link!

Roland: G4TV is an LA network, and we don't get it here. We do get G4 Tech TV, but it doesn't show the pop culture stuff (I was on G4TV once, and I never actually saw myself on it... it was filmed in downtown Toronto through a satellite hookup, where I could hear the hosts in an earpiece but couldn't see them... totally weird). Actually, there's a person on this blog who was the camera guy, Leor. Are you there, Leor? It's me, Nikki. ;)

Here is the website:

And I believe you can go on and watch streaming video of certain things, and that will probably be one of the things.

Ian said...

"We'll tell you yesterday." I love it.

Brian Douglas said...

I was there for the Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica panels. I didn't get to see the ones for Heroes or Lost though.

Two things:
* Eliza Dushku is absolutely gorgeous in person.

* Is it wrong that I was almost as excited to see Joss Whedeon as I was Katee Sackhoff?

Anonymous said...

The Heroes and Lost panels didn't have a line. They had a country.

So I skipped them and played in the dealers' room.

I'm happy to report that after the Dr. Horrible panel, I'm over my Neil Patrick Harris animosity.

But if Matthew Fox wasn't on the Lost panel, what was he doing at the con? Buying comics?

Happy to report that David Boreanaz is a big goofy little boy.