Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts...


That music, that school, that coach, that... Riggins. Mmmmmmm.... Friday Night Lights is back, folks. Yes, I know, I've nattered at you incessantly to watch this show (WATCH THIS SHOW). On the surface, it's about the phenomenon of high school football in the southern U.S., with stadiums being filled every Friday night and boys being prepped at a young age to peak at the age of 18 and spend the rest of their lives reminiscing about who they used to be. But on a deeper level it's about relationships, family, friends, and angst, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's had a rough road: the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant season 1 had low to moderate ratings, followed by a shortened season 2 that almost didn't make it on the air. Then the already troubled show was hit by the Writer's Strike and it looked like it would be cancelled, right when it was at a very crucial point in the story. But NBC (unlike the dastardly FOX), knew it had a devout following that loved this show, and to be honest, they really liked the show, too. (Oh Joss, please find a home at NBC soon...) So they began fishing around for ways to save it, and came up with the idea to join forces with the fledgling DirectTV network, where DirectTV would pony up some cash to help produce the show, and they'd get first rights on the show to air it in the fall, followed by NBC picking up the episodes in the spring and re-airing them to the general public who doesn't have access to the smaller service.

The first episode was last week, and it was SO amazing to see it again. I won't post any spoilers here, because I'm assuming the majority of readers don't have access to DirectTV and will be waiting for the NBC eps, but I'm simply posting to urge you to tune in in the spring, and to plead with those who STILL AREN'T LISTENING TO ME to listen to me. Get season 1 (it's cheap!) and season 2 is even cheaper because it's a small set. If you want high drama, characters who make you feel like you actually know them, and situations that will tear your heart out, this is the show for you. This season promises a rebirth for Smash, a new twist on Riggins, a surprising new placement for Tami, a continuation of the awesomeness that is Coach Taylor, and a new purpose for Tara. And there's a possibility we're going to see Saracen descend into some emotional depths he might not be able to come back from.

I love this show. Here's hoping the new idea works, and they can actually manage to hold on for a full-season order and another season beyond that.

Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN'T LOSE!!!!!


Darrel said...

I can't wait to for this show. Unfortunately I do not have Direct TV, so I'll have to wait. When is it going to air? This is a show that both my wife and I love, but for different reasons.

Nikki Stafford said...

Darrel: All I know is that it will return on Fridays in January on NBC, but NBC hasn't released the official date yet. Trust me, I'll post it as soon as I hear it! :)