Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, I've tried to be calm, I've tried to be nice. I've expressed my unbridled exuberance over Pushing Daisies and insisted everyone watch it.

But then I read this. Oh yes, it's currently on the bubble for cancellation.

I am not above begging. No, I am not. So here goes: PLEEEEEEAAAAASE, please please please watch this show. PLEASE. I beg you. When you watch it, it will send you into ecstacies. Never before does a show make me feel like this while I'm watching it:

And then Ned will say something adorable to Chuck, and I feel like this:

Oh god, you're thinking. She's brought out the babies and dogs. She MUST be serious.

Oh yes. I am serious. I'm bringing out the big guns on this one.

And by the end of the episode, I'm like this:

Are you going to let this show be cancelled? Can you go to sleep at night knowing you contributed to me no longer feeling like a joyful bijon frise while I watch my beloved Piemaker and his beloved beekeeper as they work alongside my very beloved Olive?

This show is remarkable. Please don't let it go. Watch it. Tell everyone you know to watch it. Watch it again. Buy the DVDs. Buy the DVDs as Christmas presents. Send out your Christmas cards with giant post-its inside telling people to watch Pushing Daisies.

Or I will look like this:

You just don't want that on your conscience. Losing Pushing Daisies will be worse than losing so many Fox shows in their first five episodes. Worse than losing Journeyman. Worse than the McCain/Palin ticket winning... (Wait... okay, I'd have to think about that one seriously. Very, very few things would be worse than that.) But this would be ALMOST AS BAD as the McCain/Palin ticket winning.

Watch Pushing Daisies. You'll thank me for it. And then we can all feel like happy little fluffy dogs racing through the fields.


Anonymous said...

I am a fluffy dog running in the field with you!! I LOVE this show and it would be awful if it got cancelled.
Love the blog and pic's!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this show, but I've always meant to watch it as so many people are constantly raving about it. I'm going to put this in my schedule now, since I hate it when shows get cancelled before I even have a chance to bask in their awesomeness. I usually hate jumping in on shows in the middle -- but I'll make an exception just this one time. :-D

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Loretta said...

I'm right there with you.

And I've tried to do my part: I wrote a glowing review of the show in my law school newspaper (circulation of only 1500, but it's something).

Corey said...

I'll try to do my part, but I don't think I get the show up in Fredericton. But it's a good show, and when you think that According to Jim has been on for 8 years, you get really depressed at how this show is the one to get the axe.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, watching probably doesn't do a lick of good. But I watch.

Crissy Calhoun said...

I don't know if it would help or not but you can send a comment to ABC here:


poppedculture said...

We saved it on the PVR for a full year and finally got to it, and blew through all the episodes in a few nights. So its clever and on the brink of cancellation - what is this, FOX?

Anonymous said...

I will happily watch it while it lasts, but does it really matter if I don't have a Nielsen box? Nobody I know has any influence on whether a show gets cancelled or not, so I don't get how us peons can make any difference at all.

Jen said...

This is horrible news! Do we all need to start sending pies to the folks at ABC?

Chris in NF said...

If Ned were able to bring the show back to life, what series would we be willing to see die after a minute passed? I vote for Two and a Half Men ...

The Chapati Kid said...

So... tonight, Pushing Daisies will be running for the first half hour head to head with Obama's prime time buyout. On the one hand, ABC's thinking of cancelling it, and on the other, refusing to push back the time slot, even for a Presidential candidate. What gives with the bipolarity?

Also, this could make, for those of us who are lovers of Pushing Daisies and Barack Obama, a tough choice: to watch the candidate or watch the show. This will mean that PD's ratings might drop to an unprecedented low tonight, since ABC is the ONLY channel that hasn't sold airtime and is going with its regular schedule.

This could also mean that an unprecedented number of core Republican and Conservatives will watch Pushing Daisies.

It's a rock and a hard place, Nikki.

Unknown said...

What do you recommend, starting from the beginning and catching up? Or watching live, even though I'm canadian and the fact that I'm watching isn't really counted

Unknown said...

I was so glad that ABC, here in the States, was the only channel not showing Obama's infomercial, because yeah!!!!! Pushing Dasies was on. I have never watched it but loved it. And being the only thing on TV tonight that was not "O" I have been recruited to Pushing Daisies fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Josh. I'm happy that every channel aside from ABC was showing Obama.