Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tina Fey Does it Again!

And not only does she nail Palin in that debate, but all of Joe Biden's foibles are portrayed beautifully in this as well (I loved the bit about him taking a bullet for McCain... who is clinically insane). LOL! Now why can't the rest of the program be this funny?!

UPDATE: I just found this Letterman tribute to Sarah Palin. It's completely unfair and out of context, yet, somehow... true. :) Take it away, Letterman!

And finally, for those Canadians among you who are also following our own election (yes, we have one, too, but it's a matter of weeks unlike the American one, which seems to take about 2 years), check out the latest Rick Mercer spoof, care of my pal Jeremy's blog. It's BRILLIANT.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

those are great !! we both laghed when she said stinking corpse lol Everyone has to use that in their next VP debate

Ryan said...

I was telling my friends yesterday that this election is kind of a lose-lose situation:

If Palin is elected VP...ouch.

But if she's not, gone are these hilarious parodies of her...ouch again.

"I believe that marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers..."

poppedculture said...

Agreed - what will you (and SNL) do without Palin? (And thanks for the link love)

Austin Gorton said...

"...unlike the American one, which seems to take about 2 years"

Yeah, at this point, I'm fairly certain we'll get started on the 2012 election round about April of next year :)

Corey said...

Oh, that's going up on the blog (the Rick Mercer bit). Priceless.

yourblindspot said...

Truly, losing the parodies will be a small price to pay for eliminating the daily stress I experience when faced with the possibility that these two clowns might actually win. I live in Georgia, so of course the Obama sign in my front yard is one of two within a twenty-mile radius; we have to take it inside at night just so no one runs it over with their giant pickup truck.

Meanwhile, I continue my pursuit to spend your money for you by alerting you to these limited-edition beauties:

Chris in NF said...

This campaign reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon circa 1980 ... when it suddenly becomes apparent that Ronald Reagan might well become president:

MIKE DOONESBURY: "I think I'll shoot myself."

MARK SLACKMEYER: "Good choice. Handguns will be cheap and plentiful."

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at this that my roommates were staring at me like I'd gone insane -- I cannot tell you how appreciative I am that you post these, they totally brighten my day.

I think my favorite part was "Palin" explaining that no one really knows if global warming was a natural occurring event or was a sign of the "end of days." Oh, and can't forget that precious "I believe that marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers" line. And also the "I tolerate gay people with all of my heart."

Wow, is all I can say. I hate to imagine what it will be like if she ends up in the White House with McCain... I suppose 50 years from now we'd look back on it and laugh (maybe), but it's probably not worth it... ;-D

--Adela P.