Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost 5.04: The French Translation

A big, big thanks to Benny, one of my readers and most avid commenters. He put together the following French translation of Rousseau and her crew at the end of "The Little Prince." Thanks, Benny!!

Here's the translation for the French crew in 5x04:
-A dash means I'm not sure who's talking.
(Square brackets is my best guess)
[Square brackets are directions]
The first section is difficult to understand without filtering out the rain, which I can't do!

*On the raft:*
Robert: We never should have followed those damn numbers.
- It's not my fault, Brennan was at the sonar.
Brennan: (If you listened to) Montand, he already said the instruments malfunctioned.

*Noticing Jin:*
Danielle: Man at sea!
Robert: What? I thought we were all there?
- We are all there! It's not one of ours.
- Then who is it?

Start paddling!

- Paddle!
- Paddle, come on!
- Hurry up, he going with the currant!

*Reaching Jin:
*Montant: There's only him no boat, nothing.*
*(Brennan complaining)
Danielle: For the love of God, Brennan, shut up.
-Bring him aboard!
-He's still breathing

*Turn over to reveal Jin.*

*-------[Cut to marina]-------*

*Morning, as Jin wakes up. Montand listening to the broadcast:
*Montand: Robert, look, the signal is coming from the island.
Robert: Can you determine the source?
Montand: Of course, look.
Robert: You think the island is inhabited?

*Danielle, talking to Jin:*
Danielle: Are you OK? How are you feeling?
In English/
Jin: No understand
Danielle: You speak English?
Jin: Little.
Danielle: Are you OK?
Jin: Yes
Danielle: How did you get here?
Jin: Boat.
In French/
Robert: Who is it?
Montand: Who cares who it is. What's he doing here?
Danielle: He says he came on a boat.
In English
/Robert: What boat?
Jin: It's gone. Sink.
Danielle: He must have been caught in the same storm as ours.
Montand: Who are you? How long were you underwater?
Jin: I don't know?
Montand: How do you not know how you got in the middle of the ocean?

/In French/
Danielle: [To Montand] Montand, leave him, he's in shock! [To Robert] Do we have water to give him?

*Robert gets back with the water:*
Robert: Here.
Danielle: Thanks.

/In English/
*Jin drinks:*
Jin: Thanks.
Danielle: What is your name?
Jin: Kwo Jin-Soo. Jin.
Danielle: Hello Jin, I'm Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.


Blam said...

Thanks for posting this, Nikki & Benny.

Mike Cunningham said...

Benny, you are the man! Thank you for the translation. And Nikki thank you for posting it.

Hutch said...

Great information. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode.

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

You know, the more I think about all of this - I think purpose of Jin meeting with the French people is to become a constant for Danielle. We know her crew goes crazy and why they go crazy (entered the island via an unsafe bearing, similar to the crew of the freighter) - perhaps Danielle is unaffected because she makes some sort of connection with Jin?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation. Glad they mentioned the Numbers in their conversation.

Yeah, Jin could be Danielle's constant. It's possible he might meet her later in another timeskip. At a time before Flight 815 crashed.
Still, I think that what it means is that Jin is supposed to be a part of this history other island.

Sawyer seeing Desmond at the Hatch - not supposed to happen.
Sawyer talking to Kate - not supposed to happen.
Jin meeting Danielle - supposed to happen.

Time is a string, which might make a circle. Just like the pin on Ms. Hawking's shoulder. The only one who can possibly break it, is Desmond.

rada said...

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