Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost Haiku: The Little Prince

Here's some haiku in honour of last week's Lost episode. Six hours and counting!!

Three-two-three. Five-five
Five. Zero-one-five-six is
Jack’s cell phone number.

Did anyone catch
What’s on the side of Ben’s van?

“Trust me, Kate. When have
I failed you? Oh. Don’t mention
That. Or that. Or that.”

“Please don’t take Aaron,
I know he’s your grandkid, but...”
“Who’s Aaron?!” “Aw. Crap.”

“Hurry! Get the man
On the shore. Give him water.
How’d you get here?” “Boat.”

“My name is Rousseau.
My husband here is Robert.
Yes, he’s super hot.”

“Are you hurt? Where are
you from? How can we help you?
What’s your story?” “Boat.”

“No, don’t worry Kate.
It’s all okay. He’s with me.”
“Nope. I lied.” “Aw. Crap.”

“I put you through hell.
And now I will take Aaron.
Sorry about that.”


humanebean said...

Chocolate cream centre
or caramel topped with nuts?
No, I'll have the gun.

Rebecca T. said...

"Thank you, Lord!" White Flash
Caught in a downpour of rain
"Wait, I take it back!"

Anonymous said...

I knew it was Ben
Who hired that lawyer guy
To make Kate freak out.

Charlotte's nose bled first.
Now Miles and Juliet too?
Find your constant, dudes!

Not enough Desmond
For Nik in this episode
I'm willing to bet.

They're shooting, row fast!
But who's doing the shooting?
Is it 'future us'?

Aaron's in the car.
And Sun has a gun on Ben.
To be continued!

I love haikus. @Rebecca: Nice use of the best line in the episode! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a season two haiku!

"What was that," I asked
"Just saving the world," he said
I killed him later

Anonymous said...

Nik...the answer to one of your questions is quite obvious actually! It's not the island that doesn't want Charlotte to get back, it's Dan. And it's only because he knows what happens to her after she comes back! Question he gonna tell her not to come back? He now knows that that's what he has to do. It's gonna be quite sad really - he'll tell little Charlotte not to come back but he'll know she'll do so and die anyway:(

Blam said...

Why'd they call this one
"The Little Prince"? No idea.
Please draw me a sheep.