Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Season 6: Warfare

Recently my stepmom, who had been an avid viewer of Lost along with my dad, stopped watching because she thought the show was becoming too violent. I said, "Well... yeah, there's a bit of that, but it's not that bad." Here's hoping she doesn't see the following video, brought to us by theblackbox. Welcome to five seasons of guns, knives, grenades, pummeling, broken noses, and stuff getting blowed up real good.


Anonymous said...

It's terrible but it's so sexy! I never thought watching a man put a scrunchie in his hair before torturing someone would be something I would be into...I was wrong!

Joan C.

Kate said...


Beena said...

Wow...to think that I've been watching this show all this time, and didn't realize how violent it was (snickering)!

Anonymous said...

WOW.... Loved it..
Great job.

Ali Bags said...

That music rocks! This video actually turned me on - I need to get a life.