Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you.

Hello my lovelies: This is the last day to send in an endorsement pour moi for the upcoming season 5 Lost book, and I just wanted to say a very humble thank you to everyone who sent them in. They were definitely the thing I needed to get this book finished, and they've been hugely encouraging and wonderful. So thank you, guys. You totally rock.

Now head on over to our Lost rewatch, which continues tonight at 8!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what to say. :(

Nikki Rocks! isn't exactly eloquent (but true.)

Anonymous said...

I sent one, I sent one! I am barley functionally literate though so it may not be very good (but hey, you're a mom - you're used to saying "Wonderful, what a great drawing!" even when really you are like "Is that a giraffe or a helicopter?")

Joan Crawford

(I put my real name on the message though so you wouldn't have people thinking Joan had risen from the grave to endorse your book - but imagine if she did!)

Anonymous said...

I love Niki' books. I love LOST and can't get enough of it so my daughter-in-law blessed me with the first two books on LOST. They led me to her blog site which
is now a mainstay of my life.
Well, almost daily does that count as a mainstay?
I am looking forward now to her newest with lots of info waiting for me.

Jazzygirl said...

I agree with redeem. I wanted to send one but I just couldn't formulate something that would sound professional. I just kept thinking "Nikki rules" isn't gonna fly.