Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lost: We Want Answers

So I'm finishing up the season 5 right now (or... I should be... I'm actually typing this blog entry right now) and I was thinking at the end of the book I should have a list of the questions I'd like answered in season 6. I have a rather lengthy list already, but I thought I'd throw it out to you and ask, What questions do you need answered in season 6? How old Richard Alpert really is? Where Jacob came from? If Geronimo Jackson are thinking of a reunion tour?

There's no way the writers will answer everything, so I'm interested in what things you think they SHOULD be answering for us. Thoughts?


B.J. said...

I actually wrote a blog last week regarding my top three questions I hope to have answered in Season 6.

And from there, I ended up trying to extrapolate theories about two of them (and give me enough time, and the third one will take root, too). I just can't seem to make my brain shut down when it comes to LOST.

Jazzygirl said...

Here's a few:
What's up with Walt? Meaning, his "specialness", etc. If they don't address this then why have the character to begin with?
What's the ultimate answer/connection with the numbers?
What is Jacob?
Why these particular people? We've seen off island connections. Why them?
What are the whispers?
What IS the island?
How/why does it move?
Is Aaron special?

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

Hunter said...

The whispers and the smokey are obviously two of the biggest.

I'd like to know what exactly Locke saw in the smoke monster back in Season 1.

Who are the people that were helping Ben back in the real world? When/why was he in Tunisia the first time? How was he making all of these off island trips?

What did Cindy and the children have to go watch back in Season 3?

Why were people taken to begin with?

How the heck did the black rock end up in the middle of the island?

How long have the "others" been on the island? What is their purpose?

I tried to avoid some of the ones that will obviously be answered next season such as what happened to claire, what's the deal with jacob and what the frak happened after "boom."

pmcbride said...

I agree about Walt. They spent most of a season chasing after him, even made a special 'mobisode' about him (which was awesome btw) and then just dropped his storyline.
Speaking about dropped storylines, how about Why was Libby in the mental hospital with Hurley?
Also, What was in the vials Desmond used to inject himself with while in the Swan? Purely placebo, anti-radiation sickness medicine, or Captain America super-soldier serum?
I'd love to see Richard's backstory too.

Anonymous said...

the one that keeps nagging at me is why was claire instructed that she had to be the one to raise aaron, no one else could or BAD BAD things would happen. was that psychic just full of it or is there something special about aaron, or claire, or them together? the questions are endless and the answers seem to be few and far between, but i guess lost lets one use one's imagination and that not really a bad thing, right?

Gillian Whitfield said...

-"Adam and Eve"


-Richard's backstory

-The statue

-Jacob's backstory (despite the current predicament he's in)

-Ilana's backstory


-More about Not-Locke

-What happened to Claire after she went off with Christian.

-Christian Shephard.

I'm sure I'll have more.

fb said...

nik, you know my number one question for this show always has been:

who the heck are the adam and eve skeletons?????

looking forward to seeing the finished product soon! good luck in the final stretch!!

Robbie said...

@Anonymous Damon and Carlton have hinted that you can assume from The Cost of Living, based on what you saw in Eko's flashback, the psychic was full of it. I doubt they'll address it again.

My big questions are:
Why/how did Ben get caught in Rousseau's trap. Was it on purpose? Accident? Why was he alone? The others could have helped. Was he trying to infiltrate them?

Also while in captivity, why did he downplay the importance of the hatch? I can only assume he never heard of the hatch (which is weird considering he was in DHARMA but it might have been classified), and when the countdown was going crazy he freaked out and pushed it, but denied it because he was embarrassed.

Continuing from this plot thread (lol all these questions are related) what was the deal with the Lockdown that happened with Locke. Was it just faulty wiring because of Desmond? Or was it initiated for the reasons it was originall created (aka the Food drop?) How did they drop that food, considering 'the island moves' and DHARMA no longer exists.

Robbie said...

Oh and I'm REALLY curious what happened to Annie. From LOSTpedia:

"On the DVD commentary track for "The Man Behind the Curtain" Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse describe Annie and Alexandra as the two most significant women in Ben's life. Annie is described as a character that is going to play a "huge part" in upcoming storylines: "Annie is going to prove to be very significant in Ben's life," and that even the island's volcano will be "slightly less important than Annie, but still seismic."(Season 3 DVD)"

A good list of unsolved mysteries:

Robbie said...

Last one: Who were the people trying to kidnap or whatever Sayid and eventually Kate? (tranquilizer dudes). Do they work for Ilana? Whidmore? Ben?

A.G.Wooding said...

I don't know so much about the ones I do want answered, there's too many to think of but I have one I DON'T want answered: The numbers. I think any attempt to explain them would just diminish their effect and take away some of their wonder. Did we need to know how magic worked to enjoy the Harry Potter series?

Batcabbage said...

A big one from me, and one I think everyone will want answered: Why weren't Nikki and Paulo killed off quicker?

Another important one: Please can Brian K. Vaughan be my friend?

Batcabbage said...

A serious one now: What is the nature of Jacob? The implications of his appearances to the Losties pre- and post-Island are far reaching, especially given the 'changing the past vs whatever happened happened' debate. What kind of entity is he, where he can touch so many (seemingly unconnected) people's lives, in preparation for a flight that would crash on his Island? What exactly Jacob is, is the question that intrigues me most about Lost.

The Question Mark said...

here are my FAQ (frequently argued queries)

WHAT is the island?

What is the purpose of the Others?

What is the purpose of the Smoke Monster?

What is the significance of Walt's supposed "special powers"?

Who and what are Jacob & his nemesis, and what do they want?

What makes Christian Shephard's ghost so special compared to everyone else's ghosts?

Who is whispering in the jungle?

Is time-travel possible because of the Island, or is it actually the other way around?

and finally...

On a scale of 1 to 10, exactly how big of an @$$hole was Martin Keamy?

humanebean said...

You know, I must be getting mellow in my old age, but as I look over the many, many questions that remain unanswered ... I realize that I'd actually be okay if many of them stayed that way. I've so enjoyed the speculation, the discussions, the arguments ("I'm not arguing!" "Yes, you are!") ... that it's inevitable that solutions for some/many of the questions would be unsatisfying in some way.

That being said, I'll reverse direction now (*beep*beep*beep*) and say I'd like to know how the Black Rock got so far inland. Also, how Dharma learned about the Island. AND, most importantly, how Jack managed to get several beautiful women to fall in love with him while being such a freakin' anal whack job with a messiah complex. Denial ain't just a river in .....

.... oh, no he DI'INT!!

Susan said...

First one off the top of my head:

What was in the package that Ben got out of the hotel room vent?

As for Keamy, I vote 10.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered from Season 1:

1) Did someone (Ben? Jacob?) kill Walt's mom to set in motion the events that got him on 815? Was his stepdad working for him/them? I mean, he was at Michael's door the DAY AFTER his wife had died (not in a state of shock or anything) demanding he come to Australia and bring Walt back on 815. She supposedly died of a blood disorder but I wonder.

2) Was Jacob or NotEsau trying to keep Hurley OFF 815? Remeber all the stuff happening in his hotel room in the Season 1 Finale (alarm clock stopping, flat tire, etc...) that almost kept him off the flight. Was he not "supposed" to be there? Remember, chronologically he hadn't been touched by Jacob as a child.


Anonymous said...

I mean - he could've just brought Walt himself!

-Tim again

pejafor3 said...

-Richard's backstory
-Who built Lamp Post.
(a very clever fellow as Eloise said)
-Food drops
-Black Rock

Telmo Couto said...

I don't know how much are people interested in Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, but I'd love to know more about them. Specially, since they were lovers, what made them separate from each other.

Well, I have million of questions, but I wanted to state my curiosity about their relationship :)

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Sayid take his shirt off more often?

What? Like you didn't know I'd ask that.

Nikki Stafford said...

redeem: Oh I TOTALLY knew you'd ask that. ;)

Susan: I LOVE your question, because it's been driving me nuts all season since I rewatched it, and as I type this there is a giant post-it on my wall above the computer that says, "What was Ben hiding in the vent??" I was thinking, why did I miss this detail the first time around? Why haven't we discussed it?

Could it have been the gun that he uses when he goes to Penny? Is it something we just didn't see? Or, as I suggested at the time, is it a travel-sized Frozen Donkey Wheel to be used in emergencies? ;)

Great questions, everyone! What a fun discussion to read. Y'all are bringing back a lot of memories for me. I cannot wait for the rewatch (which starts next week! Dust off those season 1 DVDs!)

yourblindspot said...

I kinda can't believe no one's mentioned Aaron yet. What is his true significance to the story? If they don't address this issue in some sense, I for one will be really let down.

The wife & I got a little ahead of ourselves and jumped the first 3 episodes into the rewatch last night. This is gonna be such a blast!

The Shout said...

What were / are DHARMA really up to?

Does Alva Hanso have a larger part to play?

What is The Others' end game? Are they trying to make something happen or trying to prevent it?

Where are Cindy and the kids?

Who are the good guys?

How the hell are they going to wrap everything up in 18 episodes?!

Susan said...

If Chang is so high up and well known in the DI, why did he use aliases for the orientation videos?

Anonymous said...

Who was the bracelet Naomi wore from?!? Please, they must tell us - it will drive me mad like small hairline crack in a mirror. Just mocking me - you know!?
Also, the whispers! I want transcripts! Not theories but real hard evidence of what they are saying!
What is the deal with Libby? Why was she in the crazy house with Hurley?

Zari said...

How Ben, Tom, Richard Alpert, Jacob, Daniel and Eloise Hawking travel back-&-forth to the Island, seemingly at will. They didn’t all have to turn the donkey wheel, did they?

And Widmore: after he left he couldn’t get back, but the others could. Why?

JennM said...

I want all statue-related details. When it was built, who built it, why it was built—followed of course by why it was crumbled later. Perhaps the white blast / "incident" will be responsible?

I am deeply curious about the Black Rock as well.

I would like to (like everyone else) know all there is to know about Alpert, and Alpert's connection to Locke. (ie:How Locke fits into Alpert's / The Island's equation / plan)

Oh, and I would love to know more about Walt's significance. I think everyone agrees that Walt can' be forgotten about at this point. I feel that Lost will probably end without tying everything into a neat little bow, but Walt probably shouldn't become a detail we're left wondering about, especially since his "specialness" was made so clear to us.

What is Smokey?

Zari said...

Why did Ben take Rousseau's daughter, but not her? How/who fed and cared for a week-old infant?

Azá said...
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Azá said...

29th comment and boy are these are an interesting read  . I think all the above comments show the great knowledge and depth of the fans of the show in a great summary and, for me, I can't think of a question to add to this really because they have all been so aptly put (some posted which actually triggered memory & probably wouldn't have thought of 'em at all!).

A recurring theme from the above seems to be what Darlton already have in mind to wrap up, but you guys have also added so great, great questions which I also hope they address!

Wiki Season 6 theme quote “The producers also plan to wrap up long-standing mysteries, such as the nature of the smoke monster, the four-toed statue of Taweret, and the identity of the skeletons from the season one episode "House of the Rising Sun".”

yourblindspot said...

Just thought of another: just exactly where the hell did Anthony Cooper come from, anyway? That kind of island delivery is completely unprecedented, as far as I can remember. How did he get there?

It seems like an easy one to explain, and I'll definitely be disappointed if they never address it again.

mgkoeln said...

Lots of good questions posted already! What keeps me awake the most at night are, unfortunately, the open story threads and that might just come with a normal tv production:

- What was up with Libby? (Does actress Cynthia Watros really not want to come back? Why?)

- Why did the picture frames change in Miles' season 4 flashback? (Just a prop error during a re-shoot?)

- What's up with the Dharma injections? Why did Ben and his Father get injections when they registered at Dharma, but Jack & Co. didn't? (Just an oversight?)

- And why was Shannon / Maggie Grace really killed off, when these deleted scenes from her flashback hint at a whole Au-pair-with-evil-french-dad-storyline still coming up?

At least I made my peace with the messy Michael timeline and won't ever ask again, how he passed US immigration when returning to New York.

edgeshat said...

Here's my big questions I'm sure they'll answer.

- What is the smoke monster?
- Who is Richard Alpert?
- Who is Jacob?
- Who is the man in black?
- Why do people come back from the dead?

But there's so many other questions that I'd like to see answered but I don't think they will get to them.

- Why is Walt and Aaron special?
- What are the Numbers?
- What is the Island?
- Who was Libby?
- Where did Ben get all his money and connections?
- How did Charles Widmore get all his money and power?
- What are the whispers?

There's still tons of other stuff that I just don't think they will get to.

I just hope that the main characters have closer and we as the audience get some closer on the bigger questions and that it all ties together and make sense.

Hopefully they will just use the entire season to answer questions brought up from the earlier Seasons and not add too many (or no) new questions.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why the pilot of Flight 815
was killed by monster.

edgeshat said...

Also, one other point. As much as I'd like answers, I also don't want the whole season being one big exposition.

Austin Gorton said...

So Nikki, does that mean in your season six book, you'll re-post this list of questions along with definitive answers when available and speculative answers on your part for the ones that don't get answered?

Cuz that'd be very awesome...

For me, I tend to group all the lingering questions into three categories:

The Island (Smokey, the whispers, what Locke saw in Walkabout, though I don't really need an answer to the island itself: how does it move/why is it weird? Eh, it just is), The Others (Jacob and his lists, why were they capturing kids, what's their ultimate goal, Richard's mysteries, Ben's mysteries (Annie), the deal with Widmore and "the rules" etc), and Dharma (the food drops, their ultimate goals, the Hanso connections).

Which leaves Walt, Libby and Aaron and Claire's psychic in a fourth vague category (Lost Losties, maybe?).

Darlton swear up and down Libby's ship has sailed (pun intended) which is disappointing but I guess I have to accept that. I really hope we haven't seen the last of Walt, as he seemed SO important in the first two seasons, and it would be a shame if his story was curtailed just because the actor grew up: they had to know THAT was going to happen. And if we're supposed to assume that Claire's psychic was BS and Aaron isn't paranormally special or destined for something, well then, hooey, I say, but fine, so be it. But I want that confirmed on the show.

As for the numbers, I'm perfectly happy accepting the quasi-canonical ARG explanation and leaving them as an otherwise eerie and unexplained force.

Anonymous said...

In Season 6, I'd like to know more about the Eloise Hawkings situation: How did the Others' former leader manage to take control of the Dharma Initiative's Lamp Post Station (complete with swinging pendulum) in that Los Angeles church? If the DI is still alive and un-purged back in the real world circa 2006-2007(which they must be, since they sent a food drop to the island just to mess with poor Hurley), why do they allow Hawkings to control the Lamp Post?

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