Thursday, October 01, 2009

Can You Guess the Lost Finale Title?

We're having some fun over on the Lost Rewatch blog today trying to guess the title of the series finale. You have until October 31 to log in your votes (limited to 5 entries per day). The prize? Eternal respect and glory among the Lostverse fandom.

C'mon, isn't that better than money? Hello? Anyone?

Come on over and send in your entries! So far I'm thinking Joan is the frontrunner. I mean, "How Rose Got Her Groove Back?" That is BOUND to be the winner!!


Marebabe said...

Nikki, just checking: Did you really mean a limit of five entries PER DAY?! That's not much of a limit, seein' how October has 31 days. This contest is about to get even weirder and funnier than it already is!

Joan Crawford said...

Yay! This is going to be so much fun - I already have a new one for tomorrow! :D