Friday, October 02, 2009

Lost Meets the Simpsons, Part 2

"I've been Simpsonized, bruthah.

Oh, and Chah-lie Simpson? You're gonna die."

Simpson Punx is doing a Lost Week, Part 2. Today is the last day of it, and somehow I didn't even know about it!! A huge thank-you to Ashlie for sending me this (I would have been devastated to have missed my Des in all his 4-fingered, yellow glory... even if he looks even more like Barry Gibb than he did in "Jughead").

Check out the rest of the Lost peeps as Simpsons characters here.


Joan Crawford said...

"Oh, and Chah-lie Simpson? You're gonna die."


fb said...

those are hilarious! i still like locke-with-orange-slice-smile the best. :)

i didn't know henry ian cusick played jesus before! i think i'm kind of glad i didn't see that, though. it's probably sacrilege to think of jesus as, um ... hot. heh.

redeem147 said...

No Sayid? :(

Marebabe said...

@redeem147: Today is Sunday, and you'd better run right over to Springfield Punx for another look-see. Dean, the artist, believes in a 7-day workweek, not just Mon-Fri. Since Friday, he has added Daniel Faraday and SAYID!