Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Posting a day early to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween out there. May the vampires among you be modeled after Spike, Angel, Bill, or Eric, and NOT Edward, and here's hoping there are a few Echos, Sawyers, Starbucks, and Tim Rigginses out there this year. (I will simply be navigating an Ariel and a tiny monkey through the fray.... I couldn't talk my husband into getting the "Female Vampire Killer and Vampire" generic couples costume that I found in one Halloween store... drat.)

And for those of you looking for last-minute pumpkin carving ideas, please go check out Jorge Garcia's hilarious blog for his rundown of his annual pumpkin carving party and more.

And for the REALLY ambitious among you, I dare you to try carving the ultimate pumpkin... the Death Star:

Come on, Jorge. I know you can handle this. Instructions are here.


Robert said...

Haha, that is quite a feat! I've never been good at pumpkin carving. Lack of practice I suppose.

The Question Mark said...

That pumpkin is WICKED!
If I could do things like that with a carving knife, I'd be working as a spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian's!
I've been thinking of going as Jacob for Halloween, but I don't know anyone with a guitar case.

Benny said...

I think I'll try it Sunday... or if i get some free time tomorrow!

Loretta said...

Aw, I bet you'd make an adorable Buffy. Plus, it's not so much a costume as a great wig, designer clothes, and a stake (well, if we're talking latter season Buffy... early Buffy was the mini-skirt wearer).