Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lost Love at the Emmys!!

Lost has been nominated for 13 Emmys (!!) in its final season, which is almost unheard-of for a show this late in its run. Happily, the big noms went to Fox for Best Actor, the show for Best Drama, Best Supporting Actor nods to Emerson and O'Quinn, and even a guest actor nom for Elizabeth Mitchell for the finale, and, perhaps most importantly, a writing nomination for Carlton and Damon for the finale. Well done!!! Ab Aeterno even got some love in the art direction department, although Nestor Carbonell was sadly overlooked in the guest actor category for that episode (I thought he gave the performance of the season in that one).

In other nomination awesomeness, there was a lot of love for True Blood, Glee (with 19 nominations), Friday Night Lights (with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton both getting nods, as well as writing and casting), Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men.

Despite my sadness for Nestor, I would say the biggest overlooked person was Zach Gilford in Friday Night Lights. I won't say what happens to him this season so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't begun watching this phenomenal show, but he turned in a performance that was ASTOUNDING. I thought he had Emmy written all over it.

Here is the complete list of Lost nominations:

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series
Lost • Ab Aeterno • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Zack Grobler, Production Designer
Matthew Jacobs, Art Director
Carol Bayne Kelley, Set Decorator

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Jack Bender, Director

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Stephen Semel, Editor
Mark J. Goldman, Editor
Christopher Nelson, Editor
Henk Van Eeghan, Editor

Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Michael Giacchino, Composer

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Lost • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Lost • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Terry O'Quinn as John Locke

Lost • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Michael Emerson as Ben Linus

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke

Outstanding Drama Series
Lost • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios

Outstanding Special Class Programs
ABC's LOST Presents: Mysteries Of The Universe - The Dharma Initiative • • ABC Digital Media
Christopher J. Powers, Producer
Ted Bramble, Producer
Agnes Chu, Producer
Gregg Nations, Producer

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Thomas E. deGorter, Sound Supervisor
Joe Schultz, MPSE, Sound Editor
Paula Fairfield, MPSE, Sound Editor
Carla Murray, MPSE, Sound Editor
Maciek Malish, MPSE, Sound Editor
Lloyd Jay Keiser, Sound Editor
Geordy Sincavage, Sound Editor
Allen Mark, Sound Editor
Robert Kellough, Sound Editor
Chris Reeves, Sound Editor
Gabrielle Reeves, Sound Editor
Alex Levy, Music Editor
Adam De Coster, Foley Artist
James Bailey, Foley Artist

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Bobby Anderson, Production Sound Mixer
Ken King, Production Sound Mixer
Frank Morrone, Re-Recording Mixer
Scott Weber, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Damon Lindelof, Writer
Carlton Cuse, Writer


Anonymous said...

Fantasic news and contrats to all of the hard working Lost crew who received nominations.

Very pleased to see Matthew Fox get a best actor nomination.

Gillian Whitfield said...

That's awesome. I've thought that Matthew Fox has deserved an Emmy since the beginning of the series. Finally, he gets the attention. Too bad Nestor Carbonell was overlooked, but still . . . 13 nominations! Maybe I'll actually watch them this year.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad to see them recognized. I hope they win every single one!!!

IScreen said...

I love Michael, but he had so little screen time this season and he's already won. Would have liked to see the spot go to a previously unheralded actor with more face time, like Jorge Garcia or Josh Holloway.

Anonymous said...

That's great news. I can't wait to see them together again one last time.
I'm in complete agreement on Nestor being overlooked, but I don't think Nikki he was in the guest cast consideration, he was in best supporting along with Terry and Michael. Maybe that had something to do with it, but I think he was still deserving.

Anonymous said...

Would love to have seen Nestor get a nomination. But since he was made a main cast member for season 6, he wasn't eligible for the Guest star category. I thought he was fantastic in Ab Aterno, but I don't think that one episode was enough to secure a spot in the supporting actor category. Bummer!

Fred said...

What!!?? That's it? There are sop many other categories still that LOST might have been nominated for. Let's consider these:

Outstanding Special Class Programs? Why not Outstanding Sommelier? Surely Titus Welliver would be a shoe-in with his breaking Jacob's bottle of wine.

Outstanding What Was the Point of That Character Class: Obviously Ilana Verdansky (Zuleikha Robinson) would be in a challenge with Caesar (Said Taghmaoui).

Outstanding Writers Who've Read Their Freud: This goes to everyone who spit-balled the idea of a giant rock cork in the cave well.

And we should reconsider one oversight in the nominations:

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series. And they missed Zoe (Sheila Kelley)?

humanebean said...

Fred is definitely on to something here. On that note:

Outstanding Hair Control in a Tropical Environment - Naveen Andrews as 'Sayid'

Outstanding Use of Jears in a Dramatic Moment - Matthew Fox as 'Jack Shephard' in "Lighthouse"

Outstanding Performance in a Blind Date Situation - Jorge Garcia as 'Hurley' in "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Best Supporting Underwear - Josh Holloway's boxers in "The Substitute"

Most Implausible Character Motivation - tie: Evangeline Lilly as 'Kate' and Emilie de Ravin as 'Claire' in "What Kate Did"

Best Use of Guyliner in a Long Overdue Flashback Situation who else? - Nestor Carbonell as 'Richard' in "Ab Aeterno"

Creepiest Music in a Scene Not Involving A Serial Killer - Micheal Giacchino for 'Catch A Falling Star Death March' in "Sundown"

Most Amusing Double Entendre Episode Title - "The Package"

.... methinks this could go on for awhile. ; ]

The Question Mark said...

Wicked! I hope they win them all! In my heart, Nestor is already a winner.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!

Also mentioning that James Marsters' film Moonshot (he played Buzz Aldrin and narrated the film) is up for best TV movie. Cause Buffy peeps count too. :)

Wanda said...

Of course they're guaranteed a win for soundtrack.
And crazy Claire for hair and makeup.

Dogen and Lennon would give Ilana (boom!) a good fight for needless new character.

So sorry to see Terry pushed into supporting though. Aside from the endless finale, he surely had as much screen time as Matthew Fox.

Locke should have won the final battle against Jack.

WV: beacha (Sigh.)

Rainier said...

I am truly happy to see Lost nominated for so many awards, but also think that Nestor deserved an award. Also Jorge Garcia in the supporting actor category. And yes, O'Quinn should have been in the Best Actor category.

My other beef with this, and I know that many of you disagree with me here, is that I think some other episodes were better written than "The End." Ab Aeterno springs to mind...

But kudos to all those nominated!

Rebecca T. said...

Yeah! for all of it! I do wish Nestor had gotten a nod.

As much as I completely and totally love Michael Emerson, I hope O'Quinn wins this one. He was seriously amazing this season playing 2 distinct and extremely different characters!

yeah for Giacchino too!

Jen Galicinski said...

YAY this makes me SO happy!! oh but 13 is not a good number. they couldn't give us 2 more to get 15, or 3 more to get 16? Josh Holloway should have been nominated, but I guess Terry and Michael deserve their spots, and they couldn't give out a third nom for that category? And I love Elizabeth Mitchell and all, but I felt Nestor BY FAR exceeded her performance. ah well, can't wait to see what we win!!

and @Fred! sorry for my absence about the Post-modernism discussion! Was swamped with writing and studying and so on - if you want you can read my finished thesis (called "Lost: A Critique of the Modernist Quest and Prophet of a Better Way"), you can do so at my blog!

DavidB226Morris said...

I expected that Lost would do well at the Emmys this year, but most of my predictions...

I wanted Matthew Fox do get nominated as commemoration for the brilliant work he did over the past six seasons. Best Actor is probably the hardest category to get into, because of the whole leading man type bit. I'd like to see Fox win, but I'm pretty sure it's going to go Michael C. Hall for Dexter this year.

Was surprised that Nestor Carbonell was shut out, but supporting Actor is, if anything, a harder category to get into. Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson delivered their standard issue superb performances (for those who doubt Emerson's work, think of Ben in the sideways world, compare him to who he was on the island, and don't doubt his majesty.) Was more surprised that John Lithgow was nominated as a Guest Actor than Supporting. With this, O'Quinn's probably the favorite, though i am a personal admirer of Martin Short's work in Damages.

I was also gratified to see Elizabeth Mitchell getting some Emmy love after three years of being ignored. She'll ptobably get cold-cocked by Lily Tomlin, who just blew me out of the water.

And it's a shame that Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway and Yunjun Kim never saw any love for their work. They were they each deserved at least one and probably multiple nominations.

Will the show win Best Drama? Maybe, if voters are feeling sentimental to honoring a true phonemona. But sentimnetality doesn't exactly go hand in hand with Lost.

For my further thoughts aton this years nominations, I'd be greatful if people took a look at my blog House of David 2010. I'll have some posts by Friday on what dI though should've been recognized, who wasn't and my first thoughts on who should win, and who will win.

Anonymous said...

isn't it 12 emmys?

Marebabe said...

It’s funny, some entertainment web sites have headlines proclaiming that LOST received 12 nominations, but I counted up the ones Nikki listed here, and the total comes to 13. I’m not sure which one is getting overlooked on these other sites. Anyway, I’m delighted that LOST has been so well recognized. Now to see how many they actually WIN!

Austin Gorton said...

I was excited to see all the Lost love at the nominations. Now let's see 'em win some!

Duke said...

I am so happy about Matthew Fox. His work in the last season was incredible. Jack Shepard pulled me into Lost in the first season and although the character faltered Matthew Fox never did.

And I also love Michael Emerson but hope Terry O'Quinn gets the win this year. I love the scene in The End when he wakes up after the surgery and the joy that is radiating from him...amazing.

Nikki Stafford said...

You guys are right: As much as Nestor rocked in Ab Aeterno, he's a cast member now, so he couldn't possibly be considered a "guest" actor, and he didn't appear enough in the rest of the season to be considered. Which is too bad.

Other sites are probably counting the 12 nominations belonging specifically to Lost, but I've added in the Dharma special that was unrelated to the program itself, and that brings it to 13.

Wanda said...

An Without a Trace rerun from 2003 (its first season) is on. I was at the computer and thought I heard a familiar voice: Michael Emerson as a blackmailing assistant principal, with a missing teenaged girl.

Too much Dr. Linus foreshadowing for one night.

JW said...

Congrats to all involved with Lost. I wish them luck!

Donna S. said...


I think I will actually WATCH the Emmy's this year, since my fave show of all time is up for so many awards!!

Hey, I've got a question for all you Lost fans...this has been bugging me, and I can't find any info on it. Maybe somebody here knows.

Is that Matthew Fox doing the voice-over on a PBS "NOVA" commercial?? It shows mountain climbing, and the actor says, "One slip, and that's it. You're gonna die, and you're gonna pull off everyone with you."

Sounds EXACTLY like "Jack"! Even sounds like something Jack would SAY!

Anybody know for sure??

LoyallyLOST said...

Well, I am coming into this late, because I have been in Hawaii & just NOW getting back into the groove of things! Went on the LOST Legends Tour on Oahu! AMAZING!
Heard about the Emmy nods while on the tour!
Although I agree with the nods, I am puzzled about Juliet. Um, she was in the FINALE. If you're gonna give a nod to a GUEST, give it to Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs mama of Jacob & Man in Black! THAT was a worthy performance! She outacted allllll the guests, in my opinion. But, that is why this blog is so great! If we all agreed on the same thing, it would be borrrrring!
This show is so worthy of so many awards! I agree that Jack, Ben & old smokey/Locke himself(themselves?)deserve to be nominated AND WIN! I do feel Kate was snubbed! For someone who has had relatively no acting experience before this show(I do remember the LiveLinks commercial!), I think she deserves it hands down!
I will most definitely be watching & recording the Emmy's this year!
Ahhhh, what WILL we do with ourselves on Tuesday nites starting this February? Sniff.
Good luck!
*Watch the movie 'Vantage Point'! It has Matthew Fox in it. You MUST watch it all the way thru to the end! Those of you who have seen it KNOW what I mean!!!*

LoyallyLOST said...

LMBFAO! Fred & Humanebean~you crack me up! Just read Fred's & I do have to say~PRICELESS!
Just wanted to add that!

LoyallyLOST said...

Jen~As for the number 13? What do you get when you add the 1 & 3 together? 4. Yes, that be F O U R!
Hmmmm....could be lucky AFTERALL!!
Wouldn't that be weird if they won 4 or 8 of the categories?!