Monday, July 19, 2010

True Blood vs. Twilight!

This is genius.


Paul K said...

"Not even Hallmark could express my sympathy" :D :D That was classic:)

I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies or read any of the books but I am a huge fan of True Blood and for that reason alone it wins with Twilight every day;)

Jazzygirl said...

UGH every time I hear the word sparkle in the same sentence as vampire, I want to puke. I have not read the Twilight books but have tried to watch one of the movies...BOR-ING! THis was great!

Jazzygirl said...

Just wanted to see my new pic as support to this post! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss the old days, when being a vampire meant you got hunted across a continent by a Dutchman until he and/or his cohorts drove knives through your heart and cut off your head.

(There. That fixes the tremendous grammar issues from the first time I tried to post this!)

Old Darth said...
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OldDarth said...

Hey there! Popping in to say hello - interviewed you at Polaris plus sat in on both your Lost panels.

Checking out the site and going back through your old posts.

Lots of good stuff here.



Anonymous said...

My niece said the movies turned her off everything Twilight. When she read the books she just ignored the sparkly bit, but on screen it was pretty obvious. It made her realize how generally stupid the books were.

She does recommend another Stephanie Meyers book, The Host, which she says is one of her favourite books. There are no sparkly vampires.

Jennifer said...

I really enjoyed the use of the Barbies. It was great seeing Fox Mulder as a host.

Vampires should not sparkle!

Verification word: umphyper...a hyper umpire!

JS said...

This was pretty funny.

I am reminded of a truism imparted to me by one of my colleagues during a very difficult client project.

"Everything's better with glitter."

Now, he was a former competitive ice skater/dancer, so that may still be an influence on him, but I think he has a point. But that was before Twilight.