Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Very Belated. . . "The End" Haiku!

So, I had this idea that I'd take some of the haikus from throughout the season and put them in my book, so tonight I was reading through all of them (and laughing my head off all over again) and then realized with some horror that I never posted a haiku post for the finale!!

So, now I invite everyone to come and give me your best haiku for "The End."

Jack stumbles and falls
Lies in the bamboo forest.
Closes eyes. Lets go.

Me: "SOB!! Sniffle! WAH!
Oh my god I can't believe
it's over... WAAAAH!! SOB."

Wow. I hope that in
my Finding Lost book I am
more articulate.


JennM said...

It was all real, Jack.
But yep. You are for real dead.
Sorry about it.

JennM said...

The light is held by
a giant stone sink-stopper?
Seriously? Oh.

JennM said...

Team Hurley and Ben!
Together until the end.
T'was the best of times…

JS said...

The lesson we learned,
Remember, Let go, Move on
Was Jack's final fix

JS said...

"You were a great 2"
"It was my pleasure to serve.
And share candy bars."

JS said...

How will Smokey die?
"I saved a bullet for ya!"
Kate to the rescue!

JS said...

Well, we came, we fought
We destroyed, we corrupted
Ma hates the playas

Always ends the same?
Nah, love and faith changed the game
It only ends once

Joan Crawford said...

Magic Glowing Cave
All men want to enter it
Hmm, what say you, Freud?

Batcabbage said...

Ooooh, a haiku post? Delicious.

Jack's the new Jacob,
Then Hurley's the new Jack and
Ben's the new Richard.

I don't know. I don't
Think guyliner would look too
Good on Ol' Bug Eyes.

Two nods to Star Wars
In the first five minutes? Oooh.
Total geekgasm!

Hurley with the tranq
Gun. So casual, so cool.
Hurley is badass!

Anyone else see
Charlie on Chuck? Tranqued many
Times. Oh so funny.

Has an episode
Gone by without Ben getting
King hit in the face?

Every time I
See Cool Hippie Bernard I
Think 'The Dude abides'.

I fully forgot
That Sawyer calls Hurley Big
Foot! I miss them all. :(

The scene where Jack tells
Flocke not to reminisce just
Confirms my man-crush. :)

The Claire-Charlie kiss
Had me crying like a small
Girl. Again. Damn show!

The Jack-Flocke fight is
One of the best scenes ever.
Go Jack! Kick his ass!

The end of the show?
Perfect. Bookends. Sadness. And
now? I say REWATCH!

That's all for now. I'll think of more, I'm sure, but I'm watching the end of Supernatural season 3 right now, and can't concentrate on haiku. Anyone who hasn't watched this show must start now. Oh, and YAY LOST HAIKU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Old friends reunite
Lovers find what they had lost
The rest is silence.

LittleMo said...

This is my first Haiku
It is not so easy to do
Can you tell ?!

It all ends bad,
It all ends good
you choose - all viewers are happy !

LittleMo said...

ok - so the second one is a syllable short

all praise to the excellent Haikus above this !!!

Fred said...

"Sob" the end at last.
No more Desmond smacks, or Jack
Jeers--the end, alas.

Jack, Locke in conflict,
I had hoped John would say, "Jack,
I am your father."

The island is Freud's:
Kate gets a gun, Desmond a ...
Well, we won't go there.

Hurley, Ben, number
One and number two. Bad choice
Of nick-names as toddler's know.

humanebean said...

Oh! My heart explodes
with a ringing joy. At last
LOST haiku returns!

humanebean said...

"Previously on
LOST... er.... ah... hmmm... the... wait-how
much time do I have?"

Nikki Stafford said...

When Jacob said the
island was a cork, who knew
it was literal??

humanebean said...

Throughout six seasons,
we charted the course for all
of our Lostaways

Some left early on
Others came and went
(some by DUI) ; ]

But all of the ones
we cared about most stayed on
'til the bitter End.

And the one whose eye
was alpha and omega
proved we did know Jack

So, here's the lesson
from the Sideways Universe:
"Let go to move on"

Oh - and in The End
the Jack you take is equal
to the Jack you make

humanebean said...

Cynicism is
Miles' middle name - but he
believes in duct tape!

Fred said...

Oh how like Flight of
The Phoenix
the plane rose, and Jack saw it go.

A strange errie fact,
There's no fix for being dead,
And no going back.

No Pearly Gates, but
Two doors to a white light, and
In The End it works.

TM Lawrence said...

Only TV Jack
left worth watching? Donaghy.
Haiku well ran dry

when Des, Ben, and James
cozied up with the Big Bad
one time too many

for water cooler
style chats, winding up ropes,
that never played out.

Just like the plot lines
for escapist Grandpa Ray;
Shoe Two never dropped.

Not by questions left
unanswered, but by promise
abandoned, fallow,

have I been prodded
to let it go, to move on:
after all, Lost was:

Too good to survive,
Too intelligent to thrive,
Too pretty to last.

humanebean said...
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humanebean said...

Always knew that we
could count on TM Lawrence
to come through - haiku!

Kate has the last word:
"Hey Smokey - a bullet saved
is a bullet earned".

Scenes within the cave
really deserve their own show:
"Desmond Unplugged"?

Jack did fine work on
his restoration of the
"Hot Tub Time Machine".

I feel for poor Claire -
just how many times must she
have the damn baby?

Ben: "I don't think you
need that chair, John". Locke: "DON'T TELL

Christian: "Yes, I'm real".
Jack: "I could've sworn you were
a smoke detector".

Anonymous said...

Nikki's dinner rocked
Good friends and conversation
The nachos were nice.

Rainier said...

In The End, I say
all faith and no more science
makes Jack a dull boy.

Rebecca T. said...

It seems clear to me
that in "The End" what matters
most is love, of course.

No tears came until
Aaron was "reborn" to Claire
and Kate and Charlie

"Still have things to do"
quoth Ben. Like hanging out with
Danielle and Alex?

Yeah! for Lost haiku!
How I will miss the weekly
fun and awful puns :D