Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Buffy Rewatch: Nikki Fuller

An Ode to Anya

Whenever I think of “Chosen,” I see that final smile on Buffy’s face. It makes me smile. However, we die-hards know it doesn’t end there. I won’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t cracked open the comics yet, but the truth is we didn’t really have to say goodbye to our beloved Slayer, Giles, or the core Scoobies. We didn’t even have to say goodbye to Andrew. There’s only one character we really had to say goodbye to, and because there was no time to grieve for her in the final battle, I wanted to write about Anya. I think she was one of the strongest characters in the series, and she was amazingly well-written. While it may have seemed at first that she was a plug-in for killer one-liners after Cordy went to work for Angel Investigations, Anya had more depth than even Joss had imagined when he originally created her for a stand-alone episode. She bravely portrayed some key human struggles we all face from time to time: mortality and insecurity. She tapped into the very heart of the human condition and was not afraid to ask questions and express what was on her mind. She was bold, she was beautiful, and she was brave. Xander was proud of her in the end, and so are we. May you never look at bunnies in the same way!


Christina B said...

Hear, hear, Nikki!
While I wasn't a HUGE fan of Anya, the show wouldn't be the same without her (especially her speech in The Body. *tears!*).
She definitely deserves to be mourned by us, her fans!

To Anya! Always doing the stupid thing! *raises glass, wipes away tears*

Dusk said...

To Anya.

Hard to believe two of the biggest characters were supposed to be just bit characters, and they both have a death in the last episode.

Also, personal opinion here, and I want to be Super Spoiler Careful, but for a number of reasons I see the comics as spin-off books.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Do you know, it wasn't until this rewatch when I realized the stupid thing Xander was referring to was dying saving Andrew?

Marebabe said...

I spent a few moments wandering around in my memory, looking for the words I wanted to say concerning Anya. I think what I liked best about her was the fact that she had absolutely no filter in her brain. Whatever she was thinking came rolling on out! Usually it was funny, but as several people have mentioned today, in “The Body” it was HER confusion and grief that tore our hearts out, almost more than anyone else. She was always pure Anya!

Suzanne said...

Even though I didn't appreciate Anya as much as some people seem to the first time I watched Buffy, I really got it this time. She is amazing, and your tribute to her, Nikki, does her important role in the show justice. I have to say that even the first time around, I should have realized how great she was since her breakdown in The Body is the only time I really had tears streaming down my face during the whole series. Yes, I had some wetness for other moments like when I saw Spike crying at the end of The Gift and when Xander saved the world at the end of Season Six, but the tears really flowed with Anya's moment of dealing with death. I am not much of a crier when it comes to watching fantasy television, so I guess the "realness" of this moment gets me every time.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

I will always laugh when I remember Anya with roller skates, 70's short shorts (we wear short shorts), a tight t-shirt and Farrah hair as her costume for halloween dressed as an "Angel." She was SO funny and literal. She is my second favorite Buffy character.

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