Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Great Buffy Rewatch Archive

UPDATE: With the Buffy Rewatch over, I wanted to pull this archive post (which originally appeared in March) up to the top, for anyone who wanted a quick reference guide of where to find what episode, and also for anyone who is now finished and wanted to go back to see the spoiler posts. Quick word of caution: there's some Angel S5 talk in there, but it's mostly near the end.

At the behest of many people jumping in partway (and wanting to quickly catch up), here's your one-stop clickthrough guide to the Buffy Rewatch so far. I'll update this weekly so you can go back to any of the previous entries you may have missed. For first-time watchers, this will be a handy guide if you'd like to go back to the beginning when you're done and check out some of the spoilery comments on the other boards (or check out what I've been hiding under the invisible ink!).

For each week I'll provide the link to both the main post and the spoiler post (in some weeks, there's a large post on the spoiler board). An asterisk (*) indicates the names of the guest hosts for that week.

Week 1 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 1 Spoiler Post

1.1 Welcome to the Hellmouth
1.2 The Harvest
1.3 The Witch

Week 2 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 2 Spoiler Post

1.4 Teacher’s Pet
1.5 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
1.6 The Pack
*David Lavery

Week 3 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 3 Spoiler Post

1.7 Angel
1.8 I Robot, You Jane
1.9 The Puppet Show
*Matthew Pateman

Week 4 Non-Spoiler Post, Part 1
Week 4 Non-Spoiler Post, Part 2
Week 4 Spoiler Post
1.10 Nightmares
1.11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
1.12 Prophecy Girl
*David Kociemba, Jennifer Stuller

Week 5 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 5 Spoiler Post

2.1 When She Was Bad
2.2 Some Assembly Required
2.3 School Hard
*Becca Wilcott

Week 6 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 6 Spoiler Post

2.4 Inca Mummy Girl
2.5 Reptile Boy
2.6 Halloween
*Chris Lockett

Week 7 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 7 Spoiler Post

2.7 Lie to Me
2.8 The Dark Age
*Cynthea Masson

Week 8 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 8 Spoiler Post

2.9 What’s My Line? Part One
2.10 What’s My Line? Part Two
2.11 Ted
*Evan Munday

Week 9 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 9 Spoiler Post

2.12 Bad Eggs
2.13 Surprise
2.14 Innocence
*Tanya Cochran, Stacey Abbott

Week 10 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 10 Spoiler Post

2.15 Phases
2.16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
2.17 Passion
*David Kociemba, Rhonda Wilcox, Janet Halfyard

Week 11 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 11 Spoiler Post

2.18 Killed By Death
2.19 I Only Have Eyes for You
2.20 Go Fish
*Ian Klein

Week 12 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 12 Spoiler Post

2.21 Becoming, Part One
2.22 Becoming, Part Two
*Nikki, Janet Halfyard

Week 13 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 13 Spoiler Post

3.1 Anne
3.2 Dead Man’s Party
3.3 Faith, Hope and Trick
*Cynthia Burkhead

Week 14 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 14 Spoiler Post

3.4 Beauty and the Beasts
3.5 Homecoming
3.6 Band Candy
*Jennifer Knoch

Week 15 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 15 Spoiler Post

3.7 Revelations
3.8 Lover’s Walk
3.9 The Wish
*Suzie Gardner, Stacey Abbott

Week 16 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 16 Spoiler Post

3.10 Amends
3.11 Gingerbread
3.12 Helpless
*Rob Wiersema, Janet Halfyard

Week 17 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 17 Spoiler Post

3.13 The Zeppo
3.14 Bad Girls
3.15 Consequences
*Ensley Guffey, Michael Holland

Week 18 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 18 Spoiler Post

3.16 Doppelgängland
3.17 Enemies
3.18 Earshot
*Suzie Gardner, Tanya Cochran

Week 19 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 19 Spoiler Post

3.19 Choices
3.20 The Prom
*Kristen Romanelli

Week 20 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 20 Spoiler Post

3.21 Graduation Day, Part One
3.22 Graduation Day, Part Two
*Jennifer Stuller, Janet Halfyard

Week 21 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 21 Spoiler Post

4.1 The Freshman
4.2 Living Conditions
4.3 The Harsh Light of Day

Week 22 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 22 Spoiler Post

4.4 Fear, Itself
4.5 Beer Bad
4.6 Wild at Heart
*Janet Halfyard
*Beer Bad Battle: David Lavery, Crissy Calhoun, Stacey May Fowles, Matthew Pateman, Evan Munday, Elizabeth Rambo, Cynthea Masson, Jennifer K. Stuller, Ensley Guffey, Dale Koontz, Kristen Romanelli, Ian Klein

Week 23 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 23 Spoiler Post

4.7 The Initiative
4.8 Pangs
4.9 Something Blue
*Michael Holland

Week 24 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 24 Spoiler Post

4.10 Hush
4.11 Doomed
4.12 A New Man
*Evan Munday

Week 25 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 25 Spoiler Post

4.13 The I in Team
4.14 Goodbye Iowa
4.15 This Year’s Girl
*Elizabeth Rambo, Lorna Jowett

Week 26 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 26 Spoiler Post

4.16 Who Are You?
4.17 Superstar
4.18 Where the Wild Things Are
*David Kociemba, Cynthea Masson, Tanya Cochran

Week 27 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 27 Spoiler Post

4.19 New Moon Rising
4.20 The Yoko Factor
4.21 Primeval
*Christopher Lockett

Week 28 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 28 Spoiler Post

4.22 Restless
*Matthew Pateman

Week 29 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 29 Spoiler Post

5.1 Buffy vs. Dracula
5.2 Real Me
5.3 The Replacement
*Cynthea Masson, Stacey Abbott

Week 30 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 30 Spoiler Post

5.4 Out of My Mind
5.5 No Place Like Home
5.6 Family
*Tanya Cochran

Week 31 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 31 Spoiler Post

5.7 Fool for Love
5.8 Shadow
5.9 Listening to Fear
*Rhonda Wilcox

Week 32 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 32 Spoiler Post

5.10 Into the Woods
5.11 Triangle
5.12 Checkpoint
*Bryan Curry, Lorna Jowett

Week 33 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 33 Spoiler Post

5.13 Blood Ties
5.14 Crush
5.15 I Was Made to Love You
*Kristen Romanelli, Tanya Cochran

Week 34 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 34 Spoiler Post

5.16 The Body
*Ensley Guffey and Dale Koontz-Guffey, Suzanne Kingshott

Week 35 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 35 Spoiler Post

5.17 Forever
5.18 Intervention
5.19 Tough Love
*Nikki Stafford and Nikki Fuller

Week 36 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 36 Spoiler Post

5.20 Spiral
5.21 The Weight of the World
5.22 The Gift
*Rob Wiersema, Tanya Cochran

Week 37 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 37 Spoiler Post

6.1 Bargaining, Part One
6.2 Bargaining, Part Two
6.3 After Life
*Elizabeth Rambo

Week 38 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 38 Spoiler Post

6.4 Flooded
6.5 Life Serial
6.6 All the Way
*Graham F. Scott

Week 39 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 39 Spoiler Post

6.7 Once More, With Feeling
*Janet Halfyard (analysis)
*Group singalong!:
Going Through the Motions (Nikki Stafford)
I’ve Got a Theory (Nikki Stafford’s family)
They Got the Mustard Out (Matthew Pateman)
I’ll Never Tell (Ensley Guffey and Dale Koontz-Guffey)
Parking Ticket (Rhonda Wilcox)
Rest in Peace (Cynthea Masson et al)
What You Feel (Nikki Stafford)
Standing in the Way (Robert Thompson)
Walk Through the Fire (Tony Burgess)
Life’s a Show (Nikki Stafford)
Where Do We Go From Here (Nikki Stafford’s action figures)

Week 40 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 40 Spoiler Post

6.8 Tabula Rasa
6.9 Smashed
6.10 Wrecked
*Dale Koontz-Guffey

Week 41 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 41 Spoiler Post

6.11 Gone
6.12 Doublemeat Palace
6.13 Dead Things
*Stacey May Fowles

Week 42 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 42 Spoiler Post

6.14 Older and Far Away
6.15 As You Were
6.16 Hell’s Bells
*Graham F. Scott, Lorna Jowett

Week 43 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 43 Spoiler Post

6.17 Normal Again
6.18 Entropy
6.19 Seeing Red
*Alyson Buckman, Cynthea Masson

Week 44 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 44 Spoiler Post

6.20 Villains
6.21 Two to Go
6.22 Grave
*Nikki and Robert Thompson

Week 45 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 45 Spoiler Post

7.1 Lessons
7.2 Beneath You
7.3 Same Time, Same Place
*Elizabeth Rambo

Week 46 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 46 Spoiler Post

7.4 Help
7.5 Selfless
7.6 Him
*Nikki Stafford

Week 47 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 47 Spoiler Post

7.7 Conversations with Dead People
7.8 Sleeper
7.9 Never Leave Me
*Crissy Calhoun

Week 48 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 48 Spoiler Post

7.10 Bring on the Night
7.11 Showtime
7.12 Potential
*Jennifer Stuller

Week 49 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 49 Spoiler Post

7.13 The Killer in Me
7.14 First Date
7.15 Get It Done
*Elizabeth Rambo

Week 50 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 50 Spoiler Post

7.16 Storyteller
7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me
7.18 Dirty Girls
*David Lavery, Lorna Jowett

Week 51 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 51 Spoiler Post

7.19 Empty Places
7.20 Touched
7.21 End of Days
*Cynthea Masson

Week 52 Non-Spoiler Post
Week 52 Spoiler Post

7.22 Chosen
*Nikki Stafford


Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much, this is just wonderful. You are fabulous. Cheers!

EsDee said...

This is awesome, thanks so much! I plan to do all vampires this summer with True Blood and Buffy. I just got the Buffy season 1 box set from a friend (to borrow).

Blam said...

Cool! I've been wanting a post like this to link to from my own blog.

VW: distendee — A swelled guy.

Anonymous said...

There's invisible ink?!?!

EsDee said...

Hey, Nikki, I have finally embarked on watching Buffy and am up to the end of Season 4. Loving it, by the way. No wonder you all have been gushing all these years! Anyway, when I go to the past rewatch posts, it only goes up to part way through the 4th season. Am I missing another link?
Thanks for keeping these up on your site. The analysis is unbelievable. Here I thought I was just enjoying a cool TV show...

Nikki Stafford said...

@EsDee: Oh my gosh, no, that's just me being terrible at updating the archive!! Thanks for the nudge... we're nearing the end of S6 now, so I'll get it updated. ;) (If you go down the left side of the page to "Buffy Rewatch" and click on that label, you'll see all of the posts.)

Cynthea said...

This list is great, Nikki. I can work my way gradually through all the entries I haven't had a chance to read because of various work commitments.