Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ten Things I Loved This Week

This is going to sound cheesy and New Age-y, but this week I saw a bit too much negativity around me, and I know I have a tendency to do it myself (why move past something when you get SO much more mileage just bitching about it?) ;) So I thought I'd try to come up with things I loved this week. And I'll try to do this as often as I can.

1. Watching season 1 of Downton Abbey with my husband. He's resisted my attempts to make him watch until now, thinking it's just a silly soap opera, but we are both deeply in love with it. It's just so darn likeable. And the Dowager is as quotable as everyone told me she was. "First electricity and now a telephone?! I feel like I'm living in an HG Wells novel!"

2. Playing Plants vs. Zombies with my son. He chooses the plants, and hoots and hollers by my side as we take out those nasty walkers together.

3. Despite the pouring rain, I loved the 14-degree temperatures at the beginning of the week.

4. Reading a book with my daughter. I always love watching her face light up when we're reading. And after reading this book for what seems like an eternity (Skellig by David Almond), we finished it this week, and I got a lump in my throat and she clasped her hands together with glee at the end of it.

5. Going to the library with my son and him telling me how much he loves going to "our special place."

6. Hanging out with my best friend and having dinner and wandering around various stores one evening, just for the hell of it.

7. Getting to sleep in a bit longer every day, since it was March Break with the kids.

8. Seeing how wonderful my daughter is while taking care of our neighbour's dog (they were away all week). She's been driving us crazy to get her a dog, and all week was rather incredible with this giant, very strong German Shepherd who could knock her down (and often did). She lavished so much attention on him he was probably sad to see his owners come home.

9. Editing the Doctor Who book I'm working on (yes, I'm counting work among the fun!) because the authors just crack me up constantly.

10. Going to see my children on the last day of their skiing lessons (care of my amazing stepmother, who took them over to lessons for the week — she enrolled my daughter, and taught my son herself) and being completely shocked to see both of them come flying down the hill to impress all of us waiting and applauding at the bottom of the hill. My son was still having problems standing up on the skis on Thursday, so the fact he was doing that on Friday was rather extraordinary. It was probably my happiest moment of the week.

Now it's your turn! Can you tell me one thing that made you happy this week?


Christopher Meades said...

My favorite thing this week: watching the classic Gummi Bears TV cartoon with my kids. Good times...

JennM said...

I am also going to count watching the first three episodes of Downton Abby as one of the happiest parts of my week. Can't wait to watch the rest of the season. Unlike yours, my husband refused to have any part in this, so it's my "show that I watch when Husband works afternoons" show:)

Blam said...

One? I can do ten.

1. Veronica Mars

2. Spending my mother's birthday with her and my grandmother — a quiet, understated hoot at almost 97.

3. Finally reading Marbles before giving it to my mom.

4. Just two weeks 'til Opening Day! (This is not the opposite of Boxing Day. It's the start of the baseball season. I think in Canadia you call it "soccer".)

5. My cat.

6. [warning: massive plug] Giving a soft launch at long last to my repository of past and future writing on comics, Adventures in Comicology.

7. Lots of TV being in repeats so I can catch up.

8. A scrum of comments on the Facebook photo of the cast and crew from my high-school production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, posted by the woman who played Lucy to my Linus.

9. Hearing the reason my nieces were distracted on the phone: "They're watching Batman."

10. Veronica F---ing Mars!!!!!!! [scatological hyperbole, not dirty Archie/Greek-mythology fanfic]

Fred said...

Ten things this week:

1. Watching the green stalks of the tulips, and knowing we put enough fencing around so they won't be eaten by deer, and in a month seeing over 100 tulips in the garden.

2. Realizing people can still be moved by religion, when watching St. Peter's at the selection of Pope Francis I.

3. Proving our neighbour wrong about his "outdoor" cat while he is away. I've never seen a cat sleep so much on the couch.

4. Welcoming back Grimm on Friday nights to replace Fringe.

5. Chasing away a Cooper's hawk from the birds round the feeder.

6. The increasing number of days with sunshine over rainy, cloudy days.

7. Ordering books and music from Amazon for summer. Looking forward to Karajan's 63 and 76/77 recordings of Beethoven, Debussy set, Dexter's Go, Bill Evans' Waltz for Debby and so much more.

8. Knowing the semester at university is rapidly coming to an end. Looking forward to hiking with a geologist friend of mine round the islands and hills.How often do you look at a hillside of sand and are told it is pre-glacial, or find a firepit with a shell midden?

9. Participating in the craziness of St. Patrick's Day.

10. Plum trees blossoming.

EvaHart said...

1. Spending a weekend with good company in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

2. Finally finding someone to have a massive geek-out with about all things Whedon and general awesomeness.

3. Coming back home from Uni to see my family, friends, cats and tortoise.

Nikki Stafford said...

I love your lists!!

Blam: Immediately after posting this, I thought, "Gasp, I forgot Veronica Mars!!" I'll do a separate post just on that.

Eva: If you ever want anyone to geek out on Whedon with, this is the place to do it!!


Blam said...

@myself: [scatological hyperbole, not dirty Archie/Greek-mythology fanfic]

I don't know how I made the mistake, but before Efthymi
a shows up I should amend that to "dirty Archie/Roman-mythology fanfic".

The Original Scroll said...

My ten best things this weeks had all to do with getting my old cupboard/bookcase back (it's from the 30s, belonged to my mother, came to me when I went to the university and has been in storage for the last ten years while I was away): reading books about how to fix old furniture and wondering if it's possible to screw it up completely and then buying all the stuff and feeling very workmanly and then fixing and glueing and polishing and coating it with different paints and varnishes and then also (as I had started already) painting one other, simple bookcase TARDIS-blue and then sitting and admiring how absolutely beautiful they both are now and then arranging and rearranging my books and things this way and that and then with the admiring again. Didn't mess it up at all!

And indeed, Veronica Mars!!

EvaHart said...

Of course this is definitely the place to talk Whedon :)
But it's very rare someone replies: 'I'm really into Joss Whedon's work' after I ask them what sort of films and TV shows they are into. So that kinda made my day. :D