Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ten Things I Loved This Week

Last week I started a new column on the blog, where I look back on the week in an effort to highlight the positive and find 10 things that made me happy. This was a particularly difficult and stressful week, so I've been really looking forward to writing this post!

1. Pomegranate and raspberry tea from Twinings. I've had a dozen cups of this, and I love it.

2. Getting a St. Patrick's Day card in the mail! I don't think I've ever gotten one before, and I was so excited. And inside was simply written, "I'm so glad you're my friend." Thank you, Rhonda. You totally made my week. xo

3. Getting a postcard in the mail! (What a great mail week I've had. I just LOVE getting things in the mail.) A dear friend of mine moved to Australia several years ago, and she sent me this postcard:

On the back, she explained that it was Uluru, a place of great healing, which Lost fans know from the season 2 episode, "S.O.S." (where you see Rose and Bernard going there in a flashback).

4. I am less than two weeks away from turning 40. And this week I've decided not to see that as one of those "gulp" moments in life, but as an adventure. Who knows what's up next?

5. Going to see Nick Cave in Toronto at Massey Hall. There was a children's choir on stage with him, and my brother leaned over and said, "Do you think they'll be singing backup on 'Stagger Lee'?" (If you don't find that as hilarious as I did, then go here and you'll see why. Make sure there are no children in the room.) The show was mindblowingly good.

6. The new Sigur Ros single. If the rest of the album (coming in June) is as good as this song, it will become my new favourite record.

7. Getting a new person hooked on Archer. First episode, and she loved it. YES.

8. Working on a chapter for Robert Smith?'s new Doctor Who book, Outside In 2, with partners in time Mark Askwith and Sam Maguilli. Our piece is filled with awesomeness, and we've truly discovered the power of three. (And... now you know what episode we're writing up.)

9. Last week HBO said I'd be getting the screeners for season 3 of Game of Thrones. By Friday at 5, I still didn't have them. Bit of a letdown... until the doorbell rang Saturday morning... and it was the FedEx guy. And for me, the first episode was as exciting as I'd hoped it would be.

10. Waking up this morning to my son whispering in my ear, "Good morning, Mommy. I love you more than anything." It really doesn't get any better than that.


Forest City Fashionista said...

Nikki - I am a faithful, but quiet follower of your blog, and I've really enjoyed the addition of this series of 10 things you loved this week. I have done this a couple of times on my blog in an effort to remind myself to take a little pleasure in every day (it could be your last!). Your post has inspired me to do it more often, as my readers really like it.

BTW, your Walking Dead recaps are the first thing I look for on Thursdays!

Ashlie Hawkins said...

So...I'll be over this week to watch GoT?

The Original Scroll said...

I'm one of those quiet and faithfuls as well and I really like this '10 things' thing - this week went so fast and it came as a surprise to me to see this second 10things post so quickly, it seems I didn't have time to have one good thing this week, let alone ten, but when I started to think about them.. there's enough, and thank you, Nikki, for making me realize that.
So: 1) it's been a really long time since I've sewn anything, but today I sat down to make a nightdress to myself which came out so fine (like a partydress from the 20s) that I'm thinking of promoting it to a regular dress
2) I got a whole bunch of books from the post that I had ordered from the Bookdepository with their -10% coupon (I'm almost ashamed, but I actually ordered 13 - I kept telling myself "It's once in a year opportunity" though I still have unread books from last year's order)
3) I was looking through my mother's bookshelves and found two books of mine that had been lost for years (note to self: don't just ask accusing questions from everybody, check their shelves as well)
4) while doing that, I also found lots of original illustrations from the time my mom used to illustrate children's books (ah memories..)
5) I saw Spring Breakers which I really liked - I've got suspecting glances for both seeing this movie and (even more) for liking it, but I stand by my statement, it's good
6) yesterday I spent all day drinking tea and reading first one and then starting with another book (but that's for another kind of post)

Well, not 10 things (couple of Nick Cave concerts short), but still - six good things in one short week is not bad at all.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

The Three Doctors? (Just kidding.)