Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Have a Sword!
Last night’s episode of Heroes had plenty of revelations, as usual. D.L. is back (known to Buffy fans as Forrest, that annoying sidekick to Riley, the even more annoying man-who-could-never-replace-Angel; he’s a much better character in Heroes) and with him he brings a little surprise of his own. I LOVED the scene where he jumped out of the wall suddenly, to grab the Bufficized Niki and surprise us all. But did he kill her?! Or did he only affect one half of her? Could Well-Adjusted-But Meek Niki be OK but Dementor Niki be destroyed? I don’t think it’ll be that easy. I also don’t think they’ll get rid of Niki – she’s just far too intriguing.

So how did Niki and D.L. first come together? Were they put together by some scientists who needed two genetic mutants to breed? What kind of powers does Micah have? (Presumably the abilities only show themselves when the people hit puberty, like most legends – werewolves, vampire slayers, etc.) Could he be the true culmination of Suresh’s vision? Is D.L. really the bad guy Niki thought he was, or was he set up by Buffiki, and if so, then she doesn’t appear to be working in Niki’s best interests after all.

Claire met her biological parents… or did she? I’m thinking Mr. Horn-Rimmed Glasses has probably hired some people to pose as her parents. If they really are her parents, then it would seem she wasn’t born with those powers. Glasses Man didn’t pick her out to be his adoptive daughter because he knew she was a mutant and he wanted to study her; he picked her out because she was normal and maybe he wanted to turn her INTO a mutant. When the mother tells the story about how Claire underwent genetic testing when she was little, I took it to mean he took her to a lab (sans mommy) and turned her into the person she is now. He remains a mysterious person, and I’m still not clear on whether he’s a good guy or bad.

The one instinct I was right on, though, was annoying, perky little Eden McCain. I KNEW she was bad news. No one just hangs with some old guy and gets to know that much about his SECRET experiments and research. Besides, her name is an anagram for “Cad Nice Men,” and she certainly has been a cad to nice(ish) men. Then again, it’s also an anagram for Canned Mice, so maybe that theory doesn’t cut it.

I’m annoyed with how inconsistent Mohinder’s character is. One minute he believes in what his father is doing enough to go halfway around the world to seek out the answers, yet the moment he’s face-to-face with one of the mutants his father had researched and spoken about for so many years (the same type of person Mohinder’s talking about in the opening scene of the series when he explains that people can evolve to a new level), he calls them a liar, refuses to listen to them or follow them to find out where they’re going, leaves them, and goes back to Perkyville to complain to Eden that Peter’s full of crap. Huh?? It doesn’t make any sense, and I find his character to be a real disappointment.

Peter gives his message to Hiro, which sends Hiro and Ando into ecstasies about how much of a hero Hiro will eventually become. While Hiro muses on how he has a sword (a hilarious scene) they back out and bump into the guys from the casino. I found that scene far too contrived, a way to just bring them back to the room where Buffiki will eventually show up (presumably) like some crazed banshee. The casino scene was originally a funny demonstration of Hiro’s powers being used for “evil” (complete with a little homage to Rainman in their matching suits) but it turned into a dragged-out storyline. I did like, however, Hiro’s crisis of conscience when he realizes that maybe his powers can help make them some money, but he’s inept when it comes to helping people. A true hero can only be filled with sadness (see Buffy, Angel, Batman, Superman, etc.) and this is the beginning of Hiro’s true character building.

The episode didn’t have any Nathan or Matt, and the latter was missed. I hope they go back to his story next week. So far episodes are listed up to November 13, and then maybe they’re planning on breaking for the Christmas hiatus. Sigh. It’s going to be a boring December.


The Chapati Kid said...

Me too! I was so suspicious of that neighbour, and when I saw last night's episode, I felt completely vindicated. I definitely think the parents were hired -- you could tell by the way the "father" asks bad glasses man if it went well. And also when the mother tells Claire that the dad had never been able to find them before. And I don't know if he mutated her -- I think she was already mutated (which is why the mum says something was wrong with her chromosomes when she was a baby and they had to keep taking her for testing.) And did you see Claire's expression when her dad hugs her? It seems like she's on to something -- she's definitely starting to get really suspicious of him.

I was a little disappointed by the Peter-Isaac storyline in this episode. So brief and bookended, I guess to bring us back to Hiro. I LOVED the Niki/ikiN and D.L storyline. This is my theory: B\now that D.L.'s shown his mettle, ikiN knows she's met her match, and makes a deal with him. Niki also realises that she has superpowers, and so they team up once they figure that they're in this together. I think something will happen so that clearing D.L.'s name will become secondary to the storyline, and Micah's safety will be paramount. They're going to be like the Incredibles!

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh, and addendum. I think bad glasses man is really a good guy. It's Sylar they're going to team up against. Remember how when Canned Mice calls him and tells him the whole "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" thing? (By the way, how cheesy does that sound. Yeah, let's just baton-twirl our way to avoiding a nuclear disaster.) Anyway, do you see the look on his face when he hears that? He TOTALLY realises that Claire's life is in danger and he's worried. I think he's getting all the superheroes together not only to help them get their power potential, but to save Claire too.

Nikki Stafford said...

I think it was the third episode where my husband called it, and said, "I think the guy in the glasses is a good guy" and I said "No, no... silly man." But he called it before anyone else did, and now I'm starting to think he's right.

Anonymous said...

I had a mind blower of a momenr when I saw Niki's tattoo being uncoverd on the painting-- she is Claire's mother- or rather, evil Niki is.
The way glasses man said cool" when he heard of Hiro's time travel made me think yeah, he could be a good guy.
Relly like the character of D.L. MUCH more than Buffy's Forest.
All in all, enjoying this show SO much!
Kathy T

Anonymous said...

i'm holding on to Claire's dad being bad. maybe not absolute evil, super villain bad but bad nonetheless. we know he's comfortable kidnapping people, experimenting on them, and erasing their memories as well as deceiving his wife and Claire so...can't be all good there.

on to v.mars, i am SO scared that the last minute of tonight's episode means that the Evil Feminist theory is coming true! Nooooooo!

Anonymous said...

So glad you two are watching Heroes and even more so that you are blogging on it.

Thoughts: I still think Claire's dad is evil and that she naturaly gifted - i.e. not been operated on. But I agree those weren't her parents.

I like that Niki's alter ego is evil (hee hee - aren't all alter egos?) and that maybe not all the powers are being used for the best reasons. Hey, did you notice the Roy Lichtenstein imagery when the cop was talking to Niki through the screen door? I love this show!

The Chapati Kid said...

Miss Calhoun,
I thought of you during last night's last minute of VM. I thought, OMG, Calhoun was right! Oh noooooooo!

I stand by my belief (and Rob's) that Claire's "dad" is good. And I think Niki will go through a trial by fire and ultimately learn to control her bad side to make it a lethal fighter. And I think D.L. is HOT. Look at his mouth. Sigh.