Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Up, Up, and AWAAAAAY!!
Sorry I’ve been sort of… gone. My 2-year-old daughter has moved to a “big girl bed” and has decided that rather than go to sleep around 8:30, like she used to, it’s WAY more fun to jump up and down on the bed, run around the room, play with her teddies (in the dark), put them under the blankets, then uncover them, the complain that they’re cold, sit in the bed and sing songs, say nursery rhymes, all the while insisting that I stay in the room and not leave her or she gets upset. (I tried sitting in a part of the room where she couldn’t see me last night, and she got up, walked over to the bookshelf in total darkness, tripped and banged her head on the bookshelf. Sigh.) So she’s not falling asleep until 10 or 10:30, and then I come downstairs, exhausted, try to watch a show, and then go to sleep. So I’m writing this in the morning while she’s jumping around and watching her Winnie the Pooh movie. (Soon to come: my recap of The Heffalump Movie.)

So I’m late to talk about Heroes, and I’m sure it’s all been talked about before, but I loved it, as usual. Nathan’s superfast ability to fly (WHOA…. Superman’s got nuthin’ on him) was awesome to see. I loved the way Peter commented that all of Isaac’s pictures put together look like a huge comic book, which was a real metatelevision moment, commenting on the fact that this show has its solid roots in comic books, and it’s like they’re all characters in one.

The guy in the glasses is more and more intriguing to me. As I mentioned last week, my husband thought he was a good guy, and this week there seems to be more of that feeling. He took all of Brody’s memories, which was pretty cool (since Brody appears not to have a conscience about anything, it’s not like it’s going to make him a WORSE person), and watching him threaten Brody made me like the guy for the first time. Maybe his function is to help the superheroes reach their full potentials? After all, with Matt, when he told the black guy to “clean him out” he appears to have cleaned out anything standing in the way of Matt reading someone’s mind. Unfortunately, he’s turned him all into Earshot Buffy, where Buffy almost goes insane because she can’t turn the voices off in her head. Where before, Matt could zoom in on one person and concentrate hard enough to hear their thoughts, now he has no choice and is bombarded by everyone’s thoughts, whether he wants to hear them or not. It certainly helps him in the bedroom, but not when he’s going out for some munchies afterward.

Niki’s hubby is back, and the ending of that story was creepy cool. I’m hoping she goes all Buffiki on his ass again, and then we can have some more fun times. Poor little Micah; his dad is a criminal; his mom is…. Well, sumthin.

Hiro continues to be one of my favourite characters EVER, and the look on his face as he sat at the diner and watched Nathan land was absolutely priceless. Someone asked in one of my comments why he can’t teleport himself from Las Vegas back to wherever he wants to be, but I think he can only teleport through time, not just from point A to point B. He teleported from Japan to NYC, 5 weeks later; then he teleported 5 weeks back. He’s teleported from the distant future back to see Peter on the subway car. I don’t think he knows how to move laterally without changing the time he’s in, so that’s probably why he decided to drive the car.

I didn’t notice last week that Hiro’s hair was so long when he approached Peter on the subway, so clearly it’s much further in the future than I thought.

I need to sit down and seriously work through this in my head, but right now I’m just posting to catch up. More posts to follow, and of course, my Lost one tonight. :)


Anonymous said...

my wife thought that nikki's husband was the same man as the "mysterious haitian"...that was an interesting theory, but i see that there are separate men credited in the roles, so guess it's unlikely.

great show, as usual...

Anonymous said...

Did you notice when Hiro came from the future on the train, he had an American, not a Japanese accent??
So getting in to this show!