Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The wait isn't over yet...
Just a warning to Lost fans thinking this week's episode will finally reveal how Hurley got back to the beach and if Locke, Eko, and Desmond are OK and what happened after Charlie and Claire kissed, etc. etc. The backstory tonight is on Sun and Jin, and the island story will focus on the two of them and Sayid on the boat. In fact, next week's ep, where the backstory will focus on Locke, was originally slated to be the second episode, and they switched these two around. There's only one way a show as tight and complicated as this would be able to actually SWITCH the order of two episodes, and that's if there's no crossover at all between them. We'll still see some of Kate, Jack, and Sawyer, presumably (I mean... there's only so much we can watch on a boat), but no Locke, et al.

Last night's Veronica Mars was still fun, though I'm a little worried about how militant they're making the feminists on the show. We all had those ones at our universities -- at mine, the militant lesbian who fronted the on-campus gay/lesbian group was SO aggressive she marched into the student newspaper, grabbed a reporter whom she didn't like, dragged him into the hallway by his tape recorder, and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. But she was an unfortunate example of the activists. I hope, as my friend Crissy said to me today, that it doesn't come out that the feminists are somehow behind the rapes in an attempt to shed more light on their Take Back the Night campaign.

I watched the October 1st ep of Studio 60 (yes, I'm behind already) and it was good, but I'm starting to think more and more that this show is pretty contrived. Couldn't Sorkin have tried to mix things up even a little bit? Someone told me about Amanda Peet's character's DUI and that after that, she gets much better on the show, but... nope. Not for me. She's still dull. And honestly, I'm not too crazy about the Bible-thumper, either. They're all just watered-down people to me. I'll still watch. Occasionally the show makes me laugh out loud.

Finally, a shout-out to my friends Jeremy and Gill, whose son Tristan was born last week (two days after a huge party they held with over 200 people... does that kid have perfect timing or what?!). I went over to see him last night and he's ADORABLE. I couldn't believe my daughter was ever that small... and then I realized he's about 6lbs10, and when my daughter was born she was 8lbs4. So, in fact, she wasn't ever that small. Go over to Jer's blog where he's turned from Mr. Pop Culture to a full-on daddy. It's so cute. :)

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