Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Heroes Ep. 3: Kindred
Sylar's back, Takezo's on his way to becoming a hero, and Candice is Michelle. Hmm... I thought this week's ep was pretty good, but unfortunately, so much of it was predictable.

Peter: The Oirish clan decides dey're gonna look for da pot o' gold at de end of da rainbow, and dey need Peter ta help dem. Dey remind Peter dat dey're brudders, BOYO (love how they throw in that word to make it "authentic") and dey all have da family crest... but Peter hears that one of them is traitor, and boom, by the end of the ep, he's a traitor, and Peter becomes a brudder.

Claire: Crazy flying guy calls her a "lizard girl" in class, and then we're subjected to one of the cheesiest moments I've seen on this show (what was WITH that crapola piano music that played when he flew through the air with her???) Ugh. Anyone else think he's a drippy doofus? Only interesting thing is finding out that HRG hunted him and marked him. Oooooh....

Candice: "They're looking for me, so I had to take on a new identity." Truth: "The actress who plays me moved over to star on Reaper, so the producers had to replace my character. Luckily, I'm an illusionist!" And, apparently, an overweight girl who couldn't deal with her looks so she created a new persona. Not sure how to feel about this.

Hiro: I was actually intrigued by Hiro's story; I love the idea of him leaving little scrolls of his story in the shaft of the sword, although it's hard to believe 300 years went by with no one finding the scrolls in the shaft, especially when the instructions to open it were right on the bottom. But that nitpick aside, I liked the idea of telling the story that way. Takezo takes on the 90 Angry Ronins (his comment, "Just how angry ARE they?" was hilarious) and wins, or so it seems (you never know with that guy) and he's turning into the hero that Hiro wants him to be. Unfortunately, he's taken a shine to the swordsmith's daughter, and now can't time travel until he can close this chapter in his life.

Mohinder: He's under constant supervision by Bob (by the way, awesome Buffy connection: Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays this guy, was the original Principal Flutie in the unaired Buffy pilot, but by the time the WB picked up the show, the role was being played by Ken Lerner. Every time I see Tobolowsky I think of Flutie). He finds the final painting that Noah's been looking for.

Noah: The final painting has his death, and it looks like it's perpetrated by Claire and Flying boy. Eek. But they've been able to change Isaac's paintings before, so let's see what they do here.

Niki and Micah: DAMMIT I was so enjoying this show without them. Niki is off to see Bob, who's promised her a cure (and she hasn't learned her lesson about not talking to strangers) and she drops Micah off at Uhura's house in Louisiana. (Apparently there's only room for one Trek actor at a time, and they have to kill off one before bringing in the next.) She opens the door mysteriously and then says, with a little too much excitement, "WELCOME to Nawlins!" and then looks at them and the camera holds her for a little too long, that same way they segue out of soap opera scenes by holding the camera too long on them and they make painful expressions.

Alejandro and Maya: What's up with these two? This season I find their story the most intriguing (which is why they need to hurry up and introduce some new people, because discovering all the new people last season was the real fun of the show). She does terrible things, and Alejandro then sucks the evil out of her. What is it doing to him? Is he absorbing the badness and is it killing him? Is he turning evil? Could he become a Sylar-type? Until now Alejandro seems to go away from her, and she's unable to stop the blackness from coming on. But this week she actually wills it. Eek. What's up with her? Good guy or bad guy?

Sylar: Speaking of bad guys, looks like Sylar's lost his mojo. LOVE having Zachary Quinto back, but he's a bit impotent, so to speak. Lets see how long it takes him to get it back.


Anonymous said...

You know one of the Irish guys is Dominic Keating - one of the Watchers from Helpless. More Buffy crossover trivia.

Brian Douglas said...

The overweight thing with Candice is nothing new. Too bad they couldn't get Missy Perregrym for even just one episode if they were going to kill off the character.

I don't trust "flyboy" at all, although I'm not sure that it was him in the painting. In fact, I wonder if the painting might be a fake planted for Mohinder to find?

Loved seeing Sylar back! Speaking of which, I'm waiting for Leonard Nimoy to play Sylar's father. :-)

So are Mohinder and Matt gay now, or what?

Anonymous said...

go to http://gregbeeman.blogspot.com/
to find out why they couldn't get Missy. I was in geek heaven reading the producer's blog
after the episode.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Candice being overweight was alluded to in one of the episodes last season...I think it was a cool touch. If I could trick people into seeing me however I wanted them to, I would make a few improvements as well.

I dislike the flying-boyfriend. And my boyfriend almost threw-up at the stupidest scene the show has ever aired (the cheesy flying with Claire scene). What if Claire and flyboy are related? Wouldn't that be a strange plot-twist! Maybe they would produce a SUPER hero...

Overall though, I enjoyed this episode. I love Monday! :)

Anonymous said...

If you want some background on Candice (Betty), you can go through the online graphic novel:


Daisy said...

I'm totally with you on the Claire & flying boy piano music.

I thought the reference to Candice being overweight and having to transform herself into a hottie was totally offsides. Bad, Bad, Bad. We have enough poor self-esteem issues in our society, this doesn't help.

I'm intrigued by Maya and Alejandro. I finally got it last night when she brings death, he brings life. Interesting to see what the writers do with these characters.

I'm also SOOOOOO tired of Nikki. Come on already and kill her off! :-)

By far, my favorite vignettes (?) have been Hiro and Peter. But, I have to say, the tattoo thing was dumb.

I agree with Brian -- what's the deal with Matt and Mohinder? And, they just happen to "adopt" Molly and social services gives an 8-year old girl to a single GUY? Yeah, right.

Looking forward to next episode!

Chris in NF said...

Technical question: can a guy with regenerative tissue GET a tattoo? wouldn't the ink just be rejected and expelled like the bullets?

Brian Douglas said...

Chris: that's why it faded.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of this season. It seems unoriginal. I can see everything coming from a mile away. And why another person that can fly? Why couldn't he have super speed or the ability to I don't know - clean my house?

Anyways, I am not a fan. And I am sure I will keep watching but seriously, it needs something to kick it back up!

Chris in NF said...

Ah. Must have been doing something else when that happened.