Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday Night Funnies
My Thursday nights on NBC are complete again, now that 30 Rock is back!

Last night's 30 Rock was an instant classic. Jack incorporates "Seinfeldvision" with all of the NBC shows, using old footage of Jerry Seinfeld, manipulated by a computer to be inserted into any NBC show, allowing him to bring Seinfeld back to the network. It was HILARIOUS. (They show him inserted into Heroes, calling Hiro and Ando on the phone and whispering, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!" with his big fuzzy hair from the Seinfeld days.)

Fave line (y'all knew I was going to choose this one): Jack asks Jerry to work with him, and says just pick the show and I'll let you cameo on it, and Jerry says, "I like Lost. Do you do that one?" Hahahahahahaha...

Other fave moments:
Ken doing the Seinfeld theme on the elevator, and Jerry saying, "Seriously?"
Liz wearing the wedding dress and Tracy seeing her and saying, "oh no, did a Korean person die?"
Jack saying you could buy NBC for $4 million.
Jack's plans to kill Jerry.
Ken becoming Tracy's work wife.

The Office was a good one, too... Jim and Pam were outed inadvertently by Toby, who looked crushed to find out Pam was with Jim for reals. Angela referred to Pam as "the office mattress" (!!!!) which is cruel even for Angela. Ryan came back, and Kelly told him she was pregnant, which was a lie, and then was shocked when he was angry about it. Poor Toby not only had to deal with Pam and Jim coming over and asking if they needed to sign an office love statement, but his old nightmare of Kelly and Ryan yelling about their relationship in the next cubicle was relived. Dwight and Michael upped the awkward ante by going around to businesses that had left Dunder-Mifflin and begging for them to come back, offering them gift baskets. The joke was that gift baskets were a thing of the past, but I can tell you, working in an office where we get giant gift baskets from certain suppliers every Christmas, we definitely learn to love those people more. There's nothing like a tower of Ferrero Rochers to buy my business. :)

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MC said...

Tina Fey looked damn good in that wedding dress.