Monday, October 15, 2007

Saving the World: A Guide to Heroes
'Tis Monday, the day where we all hope that this week's Heroes will be better than previous weeks this season, and then discuss it tomorrow when I finally get my act together and post something quick on it. (Gone are the days of my long posts... sigh... okay, don't scroll down and discover that's a total lie.)

So in the meantime, I wanted to mention a new book that's out in stores now called Saving the World. This is a sometimes-academic, sometimes episode guidey companion to the show, and it's great. Full disclosure: I worked on it and helped edit it, but I work on half a dozen books a year and I only mention books occasionally on my blog. Here's the cover:

I also want to mention proudly that I'm in this book as part of the "Finale Face-Off." My blog entry on that disastrous finale appears, followed by a rebuttal by author David Lavery, and then I get the final word. So if you liked the finale and hated my post on it (or if you totally agree with me that it could have been WAY better) then check out this book. There are also chapters comparing Heroes to Lost, on how Hiro follows the journey of a question hero, on the kaleidoscope of themes, on the comic book ties of the show, and lots of tables, episode guides, encyclopedic entries, etc. It's definitely the perfect companion going into the show, and I felt much better tackling season 2 after having read it. :)

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