Friday, October 12, 2007

And that's an order.

I just watched the second episode, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with this show. I feel like it was written just for me, with an Edward Gorey/Tim Burton feel to it that I adore. The second episode was fantastic: Olive broke into Olivia Newton John's "Hopelessly Devoted" in the middle of The Pie Hole (how much do I love the name of the restaurant, seriously...), but kept getting interrupted, which was hilarious; Ned and Chuck shared a kiss through body bags that was more romantic than any other kiss I've seen this season; Ned installed a protective guard in his car between the passenger seat and driver seat so Chuck could ride shotgun without dying... and he included a little glove so they could hold hands (squee!); Emerson is a knitter, and it actually gets them out of a tight fix... he was the highlight of the ep for me, knitting his little gun cozies, almost making a comment about Ned and Chuck being the real dummies but keeping it to himself, using his knitting needles to get them out of a tight fix, and giving the single most hilarious face in the episode when the car in front of them explodes and a fiery box of laxatives lands on their hood...

If you haven't watched the ep, this will all sound seriously insane, but this is my fave show that's on right now (and yes, I'm officially putting it ahead of a lacklustre Heroes this season...). I can't wait for next week.

News: Fisher Stevens -- i.e. that guy who was once engaged to Michelle Pfeiffer back in the 80s, and then... I dunno, did he do something since then? -- has been cast on Lost as the guy you heard talking on the sat phone at the end of the finale last year.

Bionic Woman, Cane, Journeyman, and Life have all gotten requests for more scripts. It doesn't meant they'll get full-season orders, but this is a good sign! Gossip Girl has been picked up for the full season, and is the first show to have gotten the order. Yay!

Other shows I'm watching:

Heroes: Did I mention lacklustre? I still love it, and enjoy it every week, but I need some new heroes, quick (Kristen Bell doesn't show up until week 5 so I have 2 more weeks to wait).

Cane: Is still great. I've seen the first two episodes, and Jimmy Smits' character has that same moral ambiguity of Angel or Spike, but without the camp. You do NOT mess with him, yet as the protagonist he gets us to cheer him on, even as he's doing terrible things to people. Please don't cancel this show...

Reaper: Still hilarious, but it might be one I drop, only because it's SO much like Chuck, as I've mentioned, that I'm starting to mix the two up in my head, and Chuck is far superior.

Chuck: In this week's episode, Chuck goes to a fancy ball with an art auction, and as he's drawn to the one painting, a woman comes up to him and asks what he thinks, to which he replies, in a fluster, "It has a certain... Bob Ross-ian quality to it." I nearly fell off the couch laughing. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been on the couch on a Saturday afternoon channel-surfing, and stopping when I see a white guy with a giant afro standing on an entirely black stage with a single spotlight on him, painting and talking about inserting "a happy little tree." At least, now I know Chuck has also sat and watched this guy transform a white canvas into a painting of an outdoor landscape that I would see hanging in my grandparents' home. Best line of the week.

Gossip Girl: Still awesome, and I'm enjoying the ongoing tension between Serena and Blair. Does anyone else get the feeling that Dan is Gossip Girl? I know that's probably not the case, but I swear he's standing right there whenever you hear Gossip Girl's voiceover.

America's Next Top Model: Not awesome. Boring, in fact. I think I'm watching it out of habit at this point. This week was makeover week, traditionally a great ep, but they showed us the digital image of what each girl would look like, taking away the final result so it's not a surprise. Wah.

Dirty Sexy Money: In last week's ep, there's a quiet scene at the end of the episode where Nate Nick tells Tripp that he can't get his dad's briefcase open. Tripp, gazing out of the window, suggests he try 712, which is his wife's birthday. As Nick sets up the numbers and pushes the button, the loud click of the briefcase causes Tripp to close his eyes in pain. The moment he's dreaded for 40 years -- proof that his wife had been having an affair with his best friend -- has finally come. Sutherland is terrific in this scene, and this is coming from someone who's not a big fan of his. This week he's just as good, when he explains to Nick that he probably knew deep down about the affair, but didn't actually know know. Jeremy and Juliet continue to intrigue me (Jeremy's hot in a going-nowhere kind of way), though the scene at the end where Juliet finds out Jeremy bought expensive jewellery for her nemesis featured the worst acting I've seen on the show yet. I really like the scenes between Patrick and Carmelita (played by Candis Cayne, possibly the most beautiful and believable female impersonators I've ever seen). They could have gone the route of the outlandish with this plotline of Patrick -- the guy running for senator -- sleeping with a transsexual, but instead he's really in love with her, and she's pretty amazing.

Ugly Betty: Continues to make me laugh. Too bad Papi's back (I don't like him very much), but the scene this week of Henry telling off Marc and Amanda and Marc saying he can't remember ever being so turned on was a riot.

30 Rock: Last night's ep was as brilliant as the week before: Jenna deciding to "keep" her belly roll as if it's a baby; Liz eating the steak WAY too fast and saying with a straight face that a dog came into the room and took it from her; Jack taking a little too long to save Will Arnett from choking to death; Tracy sending Kenneth as a gift to his wife; Kenneth telling Angie that he's really good at the "sex stuff." I love this show.

The Office: Finally back to its original form. The scene where Meredith walks up to Jim and has him sign her pelvis cast had my husband laughing so hard we had to pause it (by the way, I'm positive he signs "John Krasinski" and not "Jim Halpert" in that scene... did anyone keep the episode so they could pause and look?). Dwight's computer becoming "self-aware" was pure prank classic (and it was sweet that Pam felt sorry for Dwight and was nice to him, but she said he "mercy-killed" Angela's cat, and there was really nothing merciful about what he did...); Kevin saying Alfredo's pizza is like eating a "hot circle of garbage" had me howling (now... why didn't Michael just send the kid away with his pizza and not pay for it, since he was going to order pizza from the other place anyway?); Phyllis trying to use psychology on Angela's bitchiness; Stanley grooving to the Infinity Web site music; Michael giving a speech and everyone in the office just watching the TV screensaver hoping it'll go straight into the corner slot (ok, I've TOTALLY done that with the computer windows screensavers); Andy getting his Barbershop quartet on the phone and doing ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me" (HA!)... how could Angela not fall for that, even when the guy is Andy?; . This was a great episode.

Journeyman: I liked this week's ep more than the previous, but like I said last week, I want a little more tension in the present. Luckily, Katie discovered at the end that one thing Dan is doing in the past is seeing Livia, and if that doesn't cause serious tension, nothing will. I was talking to someone who knows the writer on this coming week's ep, and said it was going to be a high-concept episode. I'm intrigued.

Moonlight: Week 2 was a vast improvement over week 1. However, the writer was David Greenwalt (i.e. the guy who created the Angel character on Buffy, and helmed the show Angel in the first season it was a spinoff). What is he doing writing for this show? A) doesn't he recogize it's ripping off his baby? B) doesn't it kill him that all of the vampire tendencies/myths/belief systems have been thrown out the window to make the writing easier? What is he thinking?
Anyway, all that aside, I liked it a lot more, but by 3/4 of the way through, thought this was it, and I'm not tuning in beyond this. And then in the final 5 minutes, I changed my mind: when Beth walks into Mick's apartment and finds him greedily sucking back blood from blood bags and his eyes all white and the teeth showing, she discovers that he's a vampire. That's going to put things in a new direction. I'll give it one more week...

Aliens in America: HILARIOUS. If you're not watching this show, please do. There's a scene where Justin turns to his bitchy sister to find out how to distance himself from Raja (after Raja has stood up in class and announced that if he were trapped on a deserted island, the only thing he would want is Justin, prompting people to say they were a gay couple), and she says, "Just do what I do: I told everyone you were my brother, and we adopted you from a retarded family." He stares at her and says with a dead voice, "You had to make my WHOLE family retarded." I was in stitches. I love this show.

Everybody Hates Chris: Something's been lost with this show. The scenes at home are still funny, and there are still moments in Chris Rock's voiceover that make me laugh, but it just doesn't compete with The Office or Aliens in America. But I've been watching it for 2 years now, so...

Torchwood: I checked out this series last Friday when it premiered on CBC. It was intriguing, and had some interesting twists, but I don't think I'll stick with it. A little too Doctor Who, without the Daleks. Not that that's a bad thing, but it just didn't feel original.

The Tudors: Holy Henry Hotness! I've just watched the first ep of this show, and it was great. And Henry is one fine-looking dude. This is the pre-50-inch-waist years. Thank god.

Dexter: Still creepy as hell... this week's was hilarious and tragic, as Dexter tries to get his killin' mojo back. His voiceovers are still SO great, as they're usually ironic or sarcastic commentary on what is happening on the screen. He had to put his brother to rest, finally, though I felt it was done a little quickly (I was hoping his bro would dog him for the season, and maybe he will reappear, but the final scene seemed pretty... final). The scene of Dexter being pulled away from his brother when they're in that carton was heartbreaking... what kind of cop would take only one child and leave the other one in that horrid place?? It made me cry.

Friday Night Lights: Yay, it's back!! I was talking to a friend who was pretty disturbed by what happens with Landry and Tyra (she's not alone), but I actually found it pretty believable, and in keeping with how they might react to the situation. If you didn't like it, and thought it was contrived, Jason Katims has said in an interview that this week's episode will change that, and offer more explanation. I love love this show. And I'm still in love with Coach Carter...

Bionic Woman: Hmm... I wanted this show to be better... here's still hoping.

Kitchen Nightmares: Haven't seen this week's ep yet. See above.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: OK, this show was supposed to have been finished after last season, and that's what Larry David said, and then, like the Who, the show came back. But I'm so glad... it's the same horrid discomfort that the show's always done best, and I love it. Larry meets the "Black family," who happens to be black, and blurts out that it would be like his last name being "Jew." Larry is late getting home, and drives past the site of his best friend's mother's recent death, which is covered in flowers, and actually steals some flowers from it to take to his wife as an apology. Yeowch. Only Larry...

OK, I think that's it. Well, I'm also watching EastEnders (where Michelle Ryan is NOT bionic) and loving it, but it's too far behind (I think they're in November 2005 at this point) to comment on it.

I think I need to cut down on my TV. Thank goodness for long periods of feeding my newborn son on the couch. :)


Crissy Calhoun said...

how do you watch so many shows?? i am in awe.

30 Rock: My #1 favourite part was the novelty party song by Tracy Jordan: "Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!"

Pushing Daisies: As we've already discussed, yay on this show. I really really hope it isn't cancelled. It's just the perfect mix of funny and morbid and romantic. Lurve.

And Heroes really needs to step it up. The only plot line that's holding my interest is Peter's and I think that's cause I love the Irish (even the horribly fake Irish) and his continued shirtlessness.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this about Buffy and sing-a-longs? I find this offensive. DAMN FOX!!

As for shows Pushing Daisies is the big winner. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Ann said...

Have you seen previews for Wraiths of Roanoke? It is on the SciFi Channel this Saturday the 13th. From the previews it looks good.

No favorite shows for me yet this season. I'm waiting for LOST! My daughter loves Gossip Girl and my sister loves Pushing Daisies.

Thanks for the info on the new character. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Torchwood gets better as the season goes on.

When do you find time to change diapers? You have more shows on your list than I do.

Greenwalt wrote the episode when he was briefly the show runner for Moonlight. I can see why he didn't stay. But it's not Angel. It's Forever Knight. I can't stress this enough :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Nik, on last week's "Moonlight." I don't find the mystery/crime part particularly great, but there are just a few moments where they pull me back in. And that last scene did it for me. Alex O'Loughlin does a really good job of playing strong-but-broken just when I need him to.

Plus, I liked the girl much, much better last week. Instead of playing the typical Hollywood "perky reporter girl," she brought some depth to her character.

I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but I am very curious as to what the girl's reaction will be to finding out the guy's a vampire.

Does anyone remember the montage of scenes from the end of the pilot? They put things in there that didn't happen in the 2nd episode. Stuff that looked very good. I will stick with this show some more to see if they improve even more...

Chris in NF said...


Ahem. And that's my reaction after seeing only the one episode this week. I love love love the voiceovers -- for me, that's the best part of the show, and that's saying a lot ... considering how amazing all the other elements are. (Check out the recap of the first episode on Television Without Pity -- the writer does this very funny bit imagining a proper British actor getting increasingly weirded out by the plot as he narrates it).

And the Tudors is my other new fave -- how brilliantly has it been cast? Sam Neill as Wolsey, and my favourite Canadian actor Henry Czerny as Norfolk. And Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas Moore. I don't mind admitting: I am totally queer for Jeremy Northam. Though I do hope the writers stop prefacing his dialogue with "well, as a humanist ..."

Nikki Stafford said...

Colleen: How do I change diapers? The changetable is the, um... couch. In front of the TV. Hee.

Seriously, no one should be in awe of me. I have to feed my son every 2 hours, for about 45 minutes each time. So if I plant myself on the couch that means I can get through about 4 shows a day, being 45 min each without commercials, and then I can usually watch one in the evening before hitting the bed at 9:30, anticipating a lot of wake time at night. I'm in awe of people who are watching a lot of shows and working all day... So that's how I watch so many shows. :)

Sarah: Thanks for the link; I'll definitely have to post on that.

Crissy: I TOTALLY forgot that novelty song, but Rob and I actually rewound to watch it a second time, we were laughing so hard. BRILLIANT.

Chris and Crissy: Yay, two Pushing Daisies fans!! I need everyone to watch this so it doesn't get cancelled. :) LOVE IT.

Ann: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to wait to see if it airs on Space here in Canada (we don't get the Sci-Fi Channel).

Anonymous: I'm halfway through this week's Moonlight, and so far, intrigued. Lots of vampire lore in this one. Man, every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in. ;)

Chris: Also love the Tudors. Just finished the second ep. SO happy Czerny is in it. He's great in everything he does. :)

K J Gillenwater said...

Okay, Moonlight ep. 3 was even better. I am seeing steady improvement in this show. And this time, the mystery wasn't really a crime solving thing, so much as learning more about vampires and how they operate in this particular fictional world.

There was a little bit of a forced dialogue at the end, but it did allow for some good character interaction.

Bev (or is it Beth...?) is getting better, too.

And Alex O'Loughlin is still pretty to look at...

Nikki Stafford said...

Kristen: I TOTALLY agree; in fact, I just finished watching it this morning and was going to post on here saying, "Kristen? Did you see the third ep?" Man... it was SO good I think I'm hooked now. It still doesn't hold a candle to Angel, but I miss vampire stuff on my TV and will pretty much take this as the next best thing. :)