Friday, January 09, 2009

Calling All BSG Fans...

Just a quick note for the Canadian BSG fans out there... tonight on Space, there will be a fan forum at 10pm about the first half of the fourth season. Among the participants will be author Jo Storm, who wrote the companion guide to BSG, Frak You, a book I worked on. Jo is brilliant and very funny, so I'm very much looking forward to watching this. And, as I was disclosing to a reader who emailed me a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that despite what I'd thought, I'd actually missed the final episode of BSG. He's been bugging me since to watch it, and now I have to say I'd actually missed THREE episodes. Two down, one to go tonight, and I am ADORING it.

For those who, like me, need some refreshers on where we're at before the second half of the final season begins next week, tune in to Space all day next Friday for a marathon of season 4, plus the webisodes, an hour of interviews with Moore and Eick, and a repeat of tonight's fan forum. The first of the final 10 episodes premieres next Friday at 10pm. Squeeeee!!

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yourblindspot said...


I just rewatched 'The Hub' myself a few nights ago, and whoa baby, I love 4th season. The nomination snubs Mary McDonnell received from absolutely everyone across the board this year go a long way towards proving the longstanding theory that awards mean frak-all.

I checked for you, and the new webisodes are available on Space's website (and can be seen HERE:, or I believe all but #10 are available on YouTube now (beginning HERE: A pretty good half-episode, if you asked me, and actually reveals a piece of information that I myself have been VERY curious about (but, of course, waits until #9 to do it).


Cannot come soon enough.