Thursday, January 01, 2009

My New Year's Resolutions

I'm tired of lists of resolutions I'll keep for 7-10 days, so I'm attempting a new tactic this year. Here goes...

1. Watch more television.
2. Eat more junk food.
3. Talk about my kids even more than I do now. Target people who don't have kids, don't like them, and REALLY don't want to hear about mine.
4. Don't clean the house.
5. See how high the piles of stuff on my desk can get.
6. Recruit more people to watch The Wire.
7. Recruit more people to watch Buffy. First victim: the intern who works in my office and said she "used to be" a Buffy fan. Horrified, I said to her, "There's no past tense in Buffy fandom!!!" but she said she stopped near the end of season four. Victim two: the other co-worker who chimed in and said she couldn't make it through season one. Sigh... time to break out "Hush."
8. Find even less time to read books.
9. Allow several days to pass without updating my blog, yet every time something happens, think, "I totally have to write that up on my blog." Then... don't.
10. Become obsessed with this show on TV everyone is talking about called "Lost." Apparently it's pretty good.

Whew. I should probably stop there. These are going to be really tough to keep. I'll need y'all as my support group.


Anonymous said...

I have fulfilled all your resolutions already (though I've only seen the first season of The Wire, I'm quite open to watching the rest).

A.G.Wooding said...

My resolution was to finally watch all of those seasons that people rave first port of call, The Wire and then maybe Alias, 24 and Prison Break

Katy Boose said...

Your resolutions list sounds impressive. Especially about recruiting more people to watch buffy. Definitely adding that to my list. On top of recruiting Lost fans too.

poppedculture said...

I bet you break #8. I'm all over the TV and junk food resolutions - may go do that right now. Make one other resolution - don't be so hard on yourself - and you'll find keeping all the others so much easier.

Jim Wood said...

Success on number 6. Just started season one on DVD!

JK said...

I think that intern will be a pretty easy sell...Perhaps she'll even borrow Bite Me (the only Buffy guide that matters) for the ultimate viewing experience.