Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost Rewatch Update

The rewatch is still going strong. If you're just joining us, or want to jump in near the beginning of season 2, come on over. We're already starting to see little hints of what's to come in seasons 5 and even 6:

2.05 "...And Found"
Sun freaks when she loses her wedding ring, and Jack awkwardly tries to convince her that it doesn't really signify that anything bad will happen:
Jack: "Don't worry, Sun, I lost MY wedding ring once, and it signified nothing. I got a fake ring, my wife stopped trusting me, I became a paranoid freak, and she left me."
Sun: "Please stop trying to cheer me up, Jack."

2.06 "Abandoned"
Shannon falls apart in the jungle and tells Sayid that she believes he's just going to leave her like everyone else did. He decides to eschew what his gut is telling him to say -- "Probably... but I can assure you that I will make it worth your while, while it lasts. Now, stop this foolishness and go back to my Love Tent that I have built for us." -- and tells her that he'll always be there. For the next 20 seconds of her life. (Thanks to Joan for that quote... I just had to use it!)

2.07 "The Other 48 Days"
People are kidnapped, people die, Ana Lucia goes nuts, paranoia rules the day, we see Jacob's list... and I realize THAT'S where I left my glass eye! Seriously, I have the WORST time keeping track of that thing...

2.08 "Collision"
Jack, whose memory is a freakin' steel trap, proves that not only can he remember some sweaty Scottish guy he met five years ago running through a stadium, but a woman he met in an airport bar and chatted up for three seconds before catching a plane. It's probably because nothing monumental has happened to him since then.


The Question Mark said...

I swear, i wanna print out all of these, get 'em framed, and hang em on my wall.
Love the Sayid quote too, Joan! I remember my friend and I once wanted to emulate Sayid's gentlemanly dialogue, so we spent a whole month saying "You are quite welcome" instead of just "You're welcome".

Still didn't land us any dates...maybe we were missing the key element: a surprisingly sturdy, tight-fitting black tank top.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Dear Nikki,
I love you. You are hilarious!
Keep 'em coming, please!

Kate said...

Hahah, brilliant recaps! They should print these in the DVD boxset as the episode descriptions. I love Joan's quote---"the love tent" XD

Joan Crawford said...

Wooh! I got on the front page of my favorite blog! Thanks, guys, I am glad I made you laugh!

Rebecca T. said...

Seriously. These are the best episode recaps ever. Totally made my night :D

Marebabe said...

Thus spake Polonius in "Hamlet": "Brevity is the soul of wit." He was right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Question, the tank top has quite a bit to do with Sayid's charm. (Though he looks pretty good in a leather-fetish suit while blowing away some foreign guy, come to think of it.) Still, kudos to you for giving it the ol' college try.

The Question Mark said...

@ studiorose: You're right. Next time, I'm investing in a tank top. Either that, or I'm switching to a Scottish brogue and getting myself a seriously sexy royal blue dress shirt (top 3 buttons undone, of course).