Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Lost News

I've been meaning to post this FOREVER but with holidays and the rewatch, I just didn't have time. So... it's probably more correct to say OLD Lost News... but whatever. ;)

If you had the time to check out the Comic-Con videos I posted a couple of weeks ago, you'd have seen at one point a guy named Paul presented Darlton with a velvet painting, and he urged everyone to check out his site, Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear. He gave out the URL, Damon and Carlton tried to rush him off the mike at this point and they repeated it, got it wrong, so he said it again, and it just seemed like a comedian having fun at the podium and Darlton getting a kick out of it.

I went to the site, and the guy was pretty funny, all excited about giving them his painting, etc. But then I went back again, and he was upset, saying someone from inside the production office had told him they'd seen the velvet painting in the trash. When he didn't believe the person, they sent him a picture of it on their cameraphone. So he decided to invade the ABC offices and find out what happened.

And that's when it began to dawn on fans that this guy wasn't just a random fan having fun, that he was actually hired by ABC to star in the new ARG as a random fan having fun. In the following video, he goes to the offices to try to track down Damon and Carlton, and decides that if he can't, he'll go through their trash to find his painting. And what he finds is something else indeed.

If you consider episode titles to be spoilers, then I'd warn you about watching the last 30 seconds of it, because he reveals the episode title to the premiere of season 6. If you DO want to know, scroll down below the video after you've watched it for my take on the title. This is obviously pure speculation, but we've got five more friggin' months. What ELSE are we supposed to do?! :) (Oh, and as for the video, check out the shirt he's wearing -- yay!! and also, EVIL -- and my favourite moments are at 2:20 and 3:05... listen carefully to the latter.)

So there you have it... the episode title for the premiere is "LA X." It's obviously a play on the name of the LA airport, the one where they're all supposed to end up should Jack's whole bomb thing work out. He wonders if it could mean X marks the spot, like that's where they really will end up. We've seen previous videos of America's Most Wanted, where Kate's on the run for having killed someone else; we've seen Hurley's Chicken Shack commercial, where he's returned from Australia and is OK, and lookalikes of Michael and Walt are eating at the restaurant (weird, since they were only heading to LA to board a connecting flight to NY, but I'm being nitpicky). We've been given these hints that maybe Jack was right and they'll end up at LAX and will have never been to the island.

I just don't think it's that simple. Because added to that was Jorge Garcia coming up to the mike at Comic-Con and saying that if they were to pull something like that, it would be a massive cheat and fans would be let down.

So here's my thinking (and while I've NEVER been right on a speculation, I'm warning you that you never know when I might be, so if this turns out to be true, don't blame me for spoiling it).

I think the X is to signify an X THROUGH the word, as if to say, "They ended up in LA and everything was fine." I think the first episode might be a cheat like that, where we start off thinking they'll all have landed. We'll see them go about their daily lives, and we'll see things that might have happened had they actually landed. But somewhere near the end of the episode, something will happen, where they'll all whirl together and it'll turn out this wasn't the case at all, and boom, they'll be back on the island, in 2007, with Jacob and Locke and everyone. I just don't see them having a do-over like that. I'd actually be REALLY interested to see an alternate universe where Kate didn't kill her father, where Hurley's gotten over his curse, where we maybe see the other characters (there are rumours that Charlie, Boone, and several others will be appearing in season 6) only in this alternate scenario, but it won't turn out to be the main one.

The thing is, if it DOES turn out to be a do-over, I have complete faith in Darlton that they'll do it right. I don't think they'll let me down. They haven't done so yet (even when everyone else was complaining about the cages at the beginning of season 3, I was still enjoying myself). So that's my early speculation, with its usual 95% chance of being wrong, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they're actually going to do!

If you want to see more at the new ARG site, go here.


yourblindspot said...

Did you see the Mr. Cluck's cup in his car (appearing, not coincidentally, at 1:08)?

Fred said...

On one of the Twilight Zone shows (the newer colour ones) there is a story where a character saves President kennedy. But the fall out is everything literally falls apart: the Cuban missle crisis turns out badly, Kruschev is killed . . . (you get the picture). So if there is a re-set, mighten all these bad things start to happen as time tries to course correct for what should have happened?

Someone on DarkUFO suggested the "X" refers to crossing over timelines. Maybe Jack does reset things, but the timelines can't diverge too much, and the consequence is they start to cross over. In that case we could read "LA X" as "lost alternative cross-over". Also "X" is a reference to "experimental" so it could also, without too much difference, read "lost alternative experimental (timelines)."

Joan Crawford said...

What did that guy on the cell phone say? "Just make them all dead."? Who bumped his arm walking by? I suck at this.

brent said...

Based on Darlon's comments about how the storytelling method will change once again (ie not flashbacks, flashforwards, time jumping) the only conclusion I can come up with is the stories will bounce between competing timelines, at least for the first 5-8 episodes. They'll fix it but with some consequences to everyone. I believe the universe will still course correct; it will just take longer than usual. Juliet dropped a metaphorical boulder in the metaphorical stream of time.

Unknown said...

Hey Nikki When i read it i assumed the X mean 10 meaning 2010 meaning i think the season 6 premier will take place 2010

brent said...

malibu, yes, I think the final events will take place in 2010. In fact, I firmly believe the series finale will take place on the day itairs, let's say, May 19, 2010, just like the pilot aired on September 22, 2004.

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan: The guy on the cellphone was Damon Lindelof. :) And he's saying, "I don't care what his motivation is, just make him dead." HAHAHA!! (The guy who bumps his arm is Carlton.)

Nikki Stafford said...

malibu: I've since read that theory (I posted mine without actually checking out what other people were saying) and it's definitely an interesting theory.

brent: Ooh, I like it a LOT. I would love for the end date to be the actual date. How creepy.

Joshua: Yes, I totally saw that, which I think is the first tip-off that it's all set up (if Darlton didn't do the trick) since there isn't actually a Mr Cluck's. ;)

Fred: Interesting thoughts on the crossover of timelines. I definitely think it'll be something like that, which is similar to what all of us are saying -- that there WILL be scenes of a do-over of sorts, but it won't be the definitive timeline.

scotminusT said...

brent, I've been mulling over exactly the same scenario: that the parallel timeline will be the new parallel storytelling device, unfolding over the first several episodes (in accelerated fashion along the lines of The Other 48 Days). I suspect that LA X will unfold a la Through the Looking Glass (appearing to be one thing and then revealing another).

Of course part of me hopes it will unfold in a completely different, unforeseen way. ;-)

brent said...

The bottom line is that as we get closer to the end we get a better idea of how it will all end. Right now, we are still guessing, but Damon said that we would have a pretty good idea by the end of the season 6 premier.

I would also love it if LOST could film the final 5 minutes of LOST live. That would be awesome.

Joan Crawford said...

Thanks, Nikki :) - I felt all old there. I was all "Huh? Whadya say there, Sonny?" and squinting to try and make out faces! :P

mgkoeln said...

I originally had the same idea for the opening episode (or even only the opening scene) as Nikki had - but since then came to the conclusion that they won't waste the alternate reality setup on a single episode (or even just a few scenes).

So yes, I totally agree with the alternate timelines / realities lasting for a huge part of the season - for this is also a great device to have all the deceased characters pop up now and then instead of having one cheesy reunion episode.

It might even be more realities than just "to crash or not to crash". Without going into detail I read a recent spoiler about a piece of the set being sighted on Hawaii which strongly indicates that they're going for an alternate island reality happening after the crash as well.

I still expect the purple sky at the end of season two being a major point in the storyline where maybe realities did already split without anybody noticing.

Oh, and by the way, I still want to know who followed Sawyer & co. in the kajak in last season's premiere. I was quite surprised that they didn't come back to that scene in the season five finale. This had to be of some significance, hasn't it?

Shelb said...

Nikki: GREAT theory! I never thought of it like that: A "What If?" alternate universe episode that begins with what WOULD'VE happened had the bomb worked... but then half way through it's revealed it didn't and the alternate timeline was nothing but a tease. I think it could be Jacob's death that effects the timeline from fully changing.

Well, firstly, Foxy says that the first episode will confuse everyone at first. So that goes with that theory.

Of corse, the season premiers always like the blow our minds (although if they continue as they have been, then it'll take place somewhere and then WTFPOLARBEAR, which wouldn't fit that).

It gives both pro and con "Jack's plan" folk a glimpse at what they want, leaving episode 2 for us to find how who's correct.

Chuck Power said... has been taken over by Ronie Midfew Arts. They are selling limited edition prints and have told Paul that he can't sell his velvet paintings. Their logo says "15 will be lost, the 16th will be found". I assume that they are referring to the 16 prints that are available. The 16th has a red question mark in it. I'm sure that it also means something else but I don't know what. Guess what? Ronie Midfew Arts = Widmore Fine Arts.

There is box at the bottom of the page labeled "hub". It takes you to a photo gallery. The bottom photo is an add for a DJ party that is sponsered by the Dharma Initiative and it has a pic of the statue foot on it. I went to the Myspace address on the poster and it is for the DJ. There is a video above the same poster that is labeled with a date and LAX. I think it might be the name of the club, but it is also the name of the first episode (LA X) so I'm not sure that I know what to think anymore. I love this crap.

Chuck Power said...

Oh, by the way, I totally agree with the other people who think that his will be the "what if?" season. I also think that it will have a Christmas Carol vibe. Desmond should like that. They will become aware of the changes that their decisions have created. I don't know what the pay-off will be but I have complete faith in team Darlton. Bring it on.

Carina Menaker said...
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Carina Menaker said...

What if LA X means: The variable "X" from Los Angeles?

As in Person X in LA + a flight back to the island= a new story.

What do you think? What other math could we do with this variable?

Rebecca T. said...

Dude. Craziness. I don't have enough time as it is... but I will squeeze this in somewhere (who needs sleep, right?)

Austin Gorton said...

I just don't see them having a do-over like that.

I hope you're right Nikki.

While I do have complete trust in Darlton, the idea of a completely "what if" sixth season just doesn't sit right with me. If they want to play around with the notion for awhile, tell "flash parallels" detailing events in the alternate time or whatnot, fine, but I really hope if they do, they find a way to answer some of the lingering questions while doing so.

After all, we all wonder if 16 episodes is enough to wrap everything up as it is. Now imagine if they've only got 8 or less episodes, because the first half of the season is all about establishing this new reality and then getting back to the original one.

Let's just say that while I have complete faith in Darlton, if they do go the route of full on reset, then they'll really have to knock it out of the park to get me excited about it.

PermutedPress said...

I can't imagine they'll end up "resetting" everything if for no other reason than it seems to lead to a repeat of season 5. Surely they won't land in LA just to have to begin the process of finding the island again...