Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dr. Horrible Hijacks the Emmys

If you watched the Emmys on Sunday night, you've already seen this. I, on the other hand, think awards shows are best watched on the PVR, jumping through the inordinate number of commercials in record time and reducing the length of watchable material to about one hour or less. So I watched it last night. While I'd already heard about this, it was still really hilarious to watch (especially Hammer saying his favourite show is CSI:Miami, haha!!) Can Neil Patrick Harris host the Emmys EVERY year??? PLEASE??

For me, the other highlights of the Emmys were:
-Jimmy Fallon singing through the auto-tuner: I generally can't stand the guy, but I was laughing so hard at the sound of his voice when he fell that I couldn't breathe
-the naming of the writing staff for the variety shows. HELLO?? That is usually the worst part of the night, as they say, "For The Colbert Report" and then list 17 people's names from the writing staff... but instead, the writing staff of each show came up with the way they'd present their names, from the Colbert Report writers standing in front of the Letterman marquee, to the Daily Show writers being represented by clunker cars, to Billy Crystal singing the writing staff names for Letterman, and, my personal favourite, Conan O'Brien clicking through the writer's names on his laptop, hitting Ignore for all their Facebook friend requests. HAHAHA!!
-Ricky Gervais. Isn't he always a highlight??
-NPH's reaction to being beaten out for the Supporting actor award by Jon Cryer (I'm sorry... that was just WRONG) and promising it wouldn't be awkward, then making it awkward
-the Big Bang Theory guys (and gal) presenting an award
-John Hodgman's fake colour commentary
-the writers talking about why writing is fun (and Matt Weiner telling one of his writing staff he doesn't care about them, while Carlton Cuse clocked Damon)
-pairing Angel and Bill as vampire presenters

Actually, MANY of the nominee lists were the best part of the evening! After the Oscars attempted a new way of listing nominees -- where former winners stood on stage and told them how awesome they were -- and it COMPLETELY fell flat and extended my already extended evening too long, this one got it right. Considering Neil Patrick Harris was a producer of the telecast, I'm thinking he came up with a lot of the bits.

This was probably the first award show where I really didn't care about the winners, and just watched the show for its own entertainment value. Who can say that about awards shows??


Blam said...

Hey, Nik! I miss you and promise to drop into the Rewatch ASAP. Re Emmys: The Variety/Comedy Writing nominees are usually a highlight, actually -- clever bits are a tradition there. I thought NPH did great, the use of John Hodgman was inspired, and Ricky Gervais is destined to host the Oscars as soon as producers stop worrying if his humor is too "inside".

Joan Crawford said...

I know, it was a great show! I have actually never sat through am entire Emmy Awards show before. I loved NPH "It's not going to get awkward..."

Haha! I will have to use that in my one of my many strained conversations I have with the general public.

Greg Tramel said...

NHP did get his well deserved Emmy for Dr Horrible

I'm a GLEEK so we need more musicals on TV/Webisodes

Austin Gorton said...

Your highlights were most of my highlights too (Jimmy Fallon has never been funnier). It was definitely an award show I enjoyed just on the strength of the show (especially since the two shows that won the most awards are two shows I don't watch. I know, I know...).

I would love to see NPH tackle the Oscars. First the Tonys, then the Emmys, then the Oscars, then...the WORLD!!

Amy said...

I also really enjoyed how NPH would introduce the presenters, naming some obscure role they had instead of naming big hits or calling them award winners.

asiancolossus said...

I thought NPH was a breath of fresh air, MUCH better than having multiple hosts like they did last year. He is so much fun to watch.
Did Jimmy Fallon sound like Cher and Believe when he did his little number? NPH is right up there with Hugh Jackman in terms of hosting, still a little ways to go in terms of stage presence but definitely getting there!

Rebecca T. said...

Having just discovered Dr. Horrible, I was so glad I found it BEFORE the Emmys so that I could laugh all the way through the hijacking rather than thinking, what is going on?!

And totally loving NPH :) I definitely vote he does it again.

Paithan1 said...

Speaking of Dr. Horrible and Joss: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20302134_20307632,00.html

Just had to get that in somewhere.