Sunday, September 20, 2009

True Blood Revisited

I apologize that it's taken me a week to do this write-up, but better late than never. Last weekend was the season 2 finale of True Blood, which, similarly to the way season 1 ended, wrapped up the season's storyline in about the first 10 minutes, and then spent the rest of the episode in a denouement, ramping things up again for a cliffhanger to keep us on the edges of our seats until season 3.

As you know from my other posts on True Blood, there was a lot to love about this season. I didn't feel that it went out in the blaze of glory that it could have (the episode with Godric's death had more of a season finale feeling than this one did) and I was a tad disappointed with how things played out. But that could have been because there wasn't enough Eric in the episode. ;)

I also felt like Bill was rather neutered this season. At home he mopes around unable to deal with his the teenage virgin he'd turned into a vampire in season 1. When they went away to the vamp hotel he was held hostage by his maker while Sookie was trapped in the Fellowship church and was unable to help her. As Sookie is discovering that things are pretty grisly in Bon Temps, he's stuck with the Vamp Queen of Louisiana playing Yahtzee. He just seemed sort of useless as the writers came up with one thing after another to keep him away from Sookie so either Eric could use his influence or Sookie could deal with things on her own. It was an unfortunate use of that character.

And that Vamp Queen... I don't know what it is about her, but I didn't like her. I didn't actually recognize her at first (I kept saying to my husband, "I know that actress from somewhere") and didn't realize it was Rachel Leigh Cook, but all I could see were the pimples on her chin that someone had heavily covered in makeup. I think using an unknown actress would have worked better in that scene, and not someone who looks so familiar (and young... if you're a vamp and can heal yourself, can't you heal a zit?) She just didn't do it for me. Her purpose was to keep Bill away from Sookie, and then Eric away from Sookie. Though watching Bill and Eric playing Yahtzee endlessly was pretty funny.

These are small quibbles in an otherwise grand season. I'm glad Tara's back to normal, but next season will see her trying to come to terms with Eggs' death and her mother once again. Bill's disappeared, and it's not clear who's taken him (ooh, the big season 3 mystery!) and Eric is a part of both Sookie and Lafayette, which will probably take on greater significance next season. I'm excited to see it, and overall I was content with the way things finished up. I loved Michelle Forbes, even though Maryann was hot and cold for me at times. What show will she show up on next??

What did you think of the finale?


Hunter said...

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I hated everything about Michelle Forbes storyline. It just never clicked for me. It may be because I just didn't like how silly it made everyone act. I don't mind some silly, campyness but this was over the top.

I'm also pretty certain that it's Eric who took Bill. Wasn't he ordered by the Vamp Queen to take out Bill?

Nik, I think you meant Evan Rachel Wood not Rachel Leigh Cooke.

allison-lee said...

In the book Sophie Ann is supposed to be very young (turned around age 14), so that's probably why they chose a young actress for the role.

Jen said...

Hunter, I agree with you on the Michelle Forbes storyline. I thought it drug on way too long.

Jazzygirl said...

Ooh pick me pick me! I know what's coming up in S3!! :) The Weres are coming! The Weres are coming! One of the things I loved about these books is that it encompasses a lot of Supernaturals (aka Supes). And, going off the book, I know who took Bill. I won't say it here to spoil things. But suffice to say don'tcha think it's a little TOO obvious to be Eric? ;)
And I agree Nikki...not enough Eric air time! That will be rectified soon enough as he plays a WAY more pivotal part in the upcoming books, and assumingly, seasons. The interview I read with Alan Ball regarding S3 made me feel really good about the storylines. And how/why he does the changes he does with the story vs the books. As I've said before, I love them both.
As for Sophie Anne...good God I couldn't agree more. The actress was TERRIBLE. Yes, she's an eternal teenager but she does NOT act that immature in the books. She's actually a force to be reckoned with in a silent but deadly way. And I also agree about what has been done to Bill's character. Unfortunately, his character becomes more background in the later Sookie books so I am not sure what they'll do with that. But he should be significant in S3.
The way I see it, here's my life for the next year....LOST re-watch Fall/Winter 2009. S6 LOST in Jan 2010. Re-read the Sookie Stackhouse novels Winter/Spring 2010. Cry and throw a tantrum over losing LOST in May 2010. (What was my life like pre-LOST? LOL) Watch S3 True Blood June 2010 which will heal my heart a little over losing LOST. Because as we know...Eric sure can heal a heart. :D

Robert said...

I agree that while True Blood had a lot of issues this season, it's still an overall improvement compared to season 1.

Batcabbage said...

I started out not liking the Maryanne story line, but it grew on me as the season went on. Having said that, this show has become a favourite of mine, second only to Lost. I really liked the way they handle the season finale, wrapping the storyline in the first ten minutes and setting things up for the next season. While I like Bill, I didn't mind that he was relegated to the background a little in season 2. I think Eric is the much more interesting vampire. And my girlfriend giggles like a schoolgirl whenever he's on the screen. :) I've stayed away from the books for the first two seasons, so as to avoid preconceptions when watching the show. That is until yesterday, when I read the first book. And I have to say that you really can't judge the show using the book because they're just so different. To me, the first book reads like a treatment submitted to propose the filming of the first season. I liked the book, but the show had so much more going on. It's probably the first time ever that I've liked an adaptation much more than the source material. First time for everything, I guess.

Here's hoping in the next season there's more Eric, more Jason (the funniest character on the show), and more Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Eric and Lafayette get together.

Just keep Eric away from Sookie.

Jen said...

Jazzygirl, I agree that Sophie Anne's character on the show was disappointing when compared to the books. Not so sure about your comment on Bill but I don't want to say too much so as not to reveal a potential spoiler. I'm going to look for the Alan Ball interview now. :-)