Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye Actually Gets It Right

Making fun of the world's new #1 D-bag has got to be one of my fave memes in a long time. Check out I'mma Let You Finish for more.


Joan Crawford said...

Haha! I hate that guy! Poor Taylor - what a crappy thing to have happen. And his "apology"! He says he is Ben Stiller from "Meet the Parents" - not really, a**hole! Ben was a lovable dude trying to the right things in front of a borderline psychotic father in law! You* humiliated yourself, a teenage girl and Beyonce in front of the world - and you* still think you were justified!

*When I say 'you', I don't mean you-you, I mean him-you. You, I like :)

poppedculture said...

Nik, I'm very happy for you and Immma let you finish, but WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS is the best meme of all time.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jer: LOLZ!! That is definitely my morning laugh. Although for me it's even funnier when people add the extra OF ALL TIME!! at the end. I just saw your site and the other Kanye parodies and laughed even harder. :)