Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's On My PVR... Parti Deux

Wow... am I ever feeling silly. In my previous post where I talked about what I stopped watching last year and what's on my PVR this year, I mentioned Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass, and yet somehow I completely forgot to mention the Chuck B. who really owns my heart: Chuck Bartowski.

Yes, I watch Chuck.

Well... confession time. I watched Chuck. (Please don't hate me.) I watched it and LOVED it through season 1. I watched the first half of season 2. Then, once again, while I was working on the books I let it pile up on my PVR and figured I'd catch up on it in the summer.

But despite laughing out loud at least twice in every episode, and loving Chuck completely, every episode started to feel the same: Casey and Sarah would vow that Chuck would stay behind-the-scenes on the next mission, then they'd find some dude (or woman) who inevitably was connected to Fulcrum, and then Chuck would flash on them, and then they'd have to let him be a bigger part of it, and then he would be thinking about how much he loves Sarah and you can tell she really loves him, but he breaks up with her (again) and then she decides to hurt him for his own good but then they have to pretend to be together for the mission and then his sister is standing there asking what is going on with his relationship. Meanwhile, back at the Buy More, Morgan and the rest of the Nerd Herd are staging some gladiator tournament of some kind in the backroom that will either enrage the boss or bring them new kudos from the others or just be the second storyline.

And then everything would end happy (with a little bit of sad thrown in) and off we'd go to the next episode, which would be exactly the same. I love Chuck, and was THRILLED it was renewed (and will continue to be thrilled, because it will always hold a special place in my heart) but to make room for the other shows, I had to let it go. I might tune in every once in a while just to see what he's up to.

Castle is another show that's actually on my PVR. Somehow I managed to miss the very first episode (ARGH!) and keep asking my husband to download it for me so I could just watch it and then watch the rest of the series, but I don't know when it starts up again or if I have all of the eps on my PVR, so this might be a catch-up one later.

Same with Better Off Ted. I eventually gave up on waiting for him to download the first and started watching the rest, and they were HILARIOUS (why isn't anyone talking about this show??) and I think I'm missing a bunch here and there and so I'm probably not getting the full effect.

Man. Just when I thought I was overloaded with shows, I actually forget to mention THREE that are on my PVR. Sheesh. I also didn't mention that I watched all of HBO's Hung (and really liked it, even though I don't think it ranks anywhere near the top of HBO shows) and I assume y'all know I watch True Blood so I didn't mention that.

AND I didn't even begin to mention the reality shows I watch. (Yes. I watch reality TV. But only the BEST Reality TV.) Project Runway just started in Canada this week (don't give me any US spoilers please!!); So You Think You Can Dance is doing a fall season just when the summer season finished in fabulous fashion... they've lowered the commitment to one hour a week from four, however... I wonder how long that will last?? I just finished "Make Me a Supermodel" and if you're a fan of Tyra's show (or, like me, you USED to be until Tyra went bananas), WATCH THIS SHOW. It's SOOO freakin' good. LOVE it.

Oh. And I still watch EastEnders. I need SOME trash in my life. But we're still 2 years behind the Brits. Sigh.

There's no way I'm gonna have enough time for this much TV...


Greg Tramel said...

what no It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Flight of the Conchords?

Kate said...

My heart literally leaped when I saw the picture of Chuck on this page, Nikki. It leaped. I'm so glad to hear you feel the same way about the Chuckster. If you ever find time, the last few episodes of Season Two are amazing--it's a single plot that lasts over about four or five episodes and Chevy Chase is the bad guy (amazing). And Chuck/Sarah have their best scene ever in the episode before the season finale....and it ends with some real potential for Season Three to be verrry different on the whole "stay in the car Chuck" thing. ;)

But I definitely understand that, on the list of everything you've got to watch, Chuck should just stay in your heart and not in your PVR. Chuck is love.

Jazzygirl said...

You just reminded me I forgot to set my DVR for Project Runway this week! :( I'm sure they'll re-air it though. I never thought I'd like a fashion show but it really is good!
I don't know how I'm going to juggle my shows either, plus the LOST re-watch. And I watch the ones you hate...Grey's and Private Practice. Don't hit me! :) But I also love House and Fringe and Dancing with the Stars and Ugly Betty. LOL There's probably more I'm forgetting right now.

Nurse Brian said...

Oh Nikki... you haven't been catching up with the good Captain Reyno... I mean, Castle? =)

It's a pretty decent show, I think. I'm sure you seen so many of those different crime dramas on TV before.. but I guess I really like this show because of Nathan Fillion. His energy and comedic timing on the screen really makes the show stand out. Maybe its my bias and love for his work, but if Castle didn't star Nathan Fillion, I'd probably just see it as just another crime drama.

The first season was mostly written where each episode could be shown as a standalone; the whole one crime per episode deal, a la law & order, CSI, et cetera.

There are other minor characters on the show, but the bigger focus is the relationship between Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Dect. Kate Beckett(Stana Katic). The chemistry is pretty cute, but not piping hot.

I wouldn't go so far to say your week would be ruined without seeing Castle... but if you like how Nathan Fillion acts, and his tone of humor, I'd definitely say check it out.

And oh... Better Off Ted is such a funny show! I've caught it several times right before Lost, and I really admire it.

It's been too long Nikki! I know you're 'a hankerin' for more of Desmond's Dinghy! If there's one person on the planet that made discussing Lost both less nauseating and hilarious for me, it'd be you

Austin Gorton said...

Castle is a fun show. I'm not a huge police procedural fan, but Nathan Fillion definitely makes it worth watching and elevates it above the standard fare in the genre.

Also, I adore Better Off Ted. Easily the heir apparent to Arrested Development, which sadly means Ted is probably not long for this world.

Joan Crawford said...

Eastenders!! Haha - have you seen the spoof on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes"?

"I'm preyg-nant again" ::takes a drink from her pint::