Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding Batcabbage

So, a couple of weeks ago I announced a contest where I was looking for people to take pictures of themselves with one or more of the Finding Lost books, or to photoshop a picture of the books somehow, but one thing I asked is that the picture make me laugh. Batcabbage has been a regular on here for a while and he has YET to give me a picture of him holding the book... the Dark Leafy Knight is apparently too mysterious to show us his face. So when he emailed me last week and said, "Hey, attached are the pics of me holding the books" I opened the attachments with MUCH excitement!! We were finally going to see Batty!

And then... I saw this.

And this...

Smartass. Looks like Batcabbage has a little bit of the Joker in him... That said, he achieved the prerequisite: I laughed out loud when I opened them! And hey, I can now say I've seen Batkitty's arms. ;)

One of these days, I shall GET you, Batcabbage!

So, who can do better?


Beth Skipper said...

Too funny!

humanebean said...

Batcabbage ROCKS! As does Batkitty, presumably. Kudos!

Joan Crawford said...

Haha! That's a damn fine homemade mask! I am going to try to get my mugshot taken and at the last second whip out my Finding Lost collection.

You'll see me cringing and attempting to smile as arms from the corner of the pic trying to grab them from me.

And then, well, I'll need bail money. Hey! Maybe then I'll get Dog the Bounty Hunter and get him and his terrifying wife to pose with the books too!

I've calls to make, good day.

Joan Crawford said...

I was all whipped up about that scenario, please to be forgiving all the weird sentence structure issues.

The Question Mark said...

Nice pics! Lmao!
I've sent a pic in as well (I hope it got through okay, what with my tempermental computer and all), but it's nowhere near as clever as the mysterious BatCabbage's!

Batcabbage said...

Thanks, all! Yes, those are Batkitty's arms, wrapped around a cushion. Was it the bangles that gave it away?

We were going to keep the cabbage and leave him somewhere prominent, but after about 3 days he started to smell, and he wouldn't have a wash, so he had to move out. To the bin. Kept the mask, though. It doesn't smell. :)