Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mad Men Sadness

I didn't post on this right away, simply because I was too broken up about it. If you're behind on Season 4 of Mad Men, then I suggest you turn away now and don't look below to avoid a major spoiler of the season. But without saying too much more, I think season 4 has been the best season to date. It's taken all of the threads of the previous seasons and weaved them together beautifully. (Seeing Don have a full-on panic attack this week was frightening and amazing.)

But all that aside, what happened last week was shocking, just as I was starting to realize who my favourite character on TV of the moment was. I was literally sitting on the couch with a pad of paper on my desk, thinking, "I'm gonna write a haiku as a tribute to her." And then... she was gone.

RIP, Miss Blankenship.

Your time on the show was too short, and your loud voice rattling into Don's office delighted me every time. You died as you lived... surrounded by the people you answered phones for.


humanebean said...

Oh, Ida! You knew
that Roger makes passes at
girls who wear glasses.

humanebean said...

Queen of Perversions?
No matter how you slice it,
that's a scary thought.

humanebean said...

Such a shame, Ida.
Don Draper's secretary
is a dead-end job!

humanebean said...

Anyone know an
eleven-letter word for
"aging sex kitten"?

Joan Crawford said...

@Humanebean - I do!


Which is what I go by when people request an aging sex kitten with 11 letters and not 12.

humanebean said...

Oh, Joan! Too funny.
Surely you must see yourself
as "mature sex CAT"?

Batcabbage said...

I wasn't aware
That this was a haiku post.
I'm totally late!

I saw the Fringe post
Above this one, and I have
Not seen that ep yet.

So I thought that this
post was part of that one. That
Will teach me to skip!

Miss Blankenship was
Funny as all hell, and she
will be greatly missed.

I'll never forget
Her best line: "Shall I tell him
You're in the toilet?"