Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Plane Crash!

It was six years ago today
Jacob brought down a plane to play
They've been running in and out of the jungle
Many plans they've managed to bungle
So let me introduce to you
The people we've loved for six years....
The passengers, of Flight eight-fifteeeeen

[horn solo]

Six years ago today I sat on the couch with my newborn daughter, still mourning the loss of Angel a few months earlier, and Buffy over a year earlier, and wondering how many more years it would take before I'd find another show I would love the way I loved my Whedonverse.

And then... Lost began. And I can honestly say my life's never been the same since.


humanebean said...

I remember it vividly. Makes me wanna go rewatch the Pilot today. *sigh*

I saw the show today, oh boy
about unlucky folks who made the plane
and though the flight was rather bad
I just had to stare
they crash-landed there

A man ran out onto the beach
he didn't see the sneaker hanging there
a crowd of people staggered 'round
he had to save them all
even though he didn't know if he could even save himself

I watched that show today, oh boy
this group of people grabbed me right away
I'm sure some people turned it off
but I just had to look
made me put down my book

It really turned ...on


[with apologies to Lennon & McCartney]

; ]

yourblindspot said...

Happy LOST Day!

(Can this just be the official LOST Day forever, please? I really need to drop it from every Wednesday of every week to just once a year if there's ever to be any hope for my recovery...)

WV: extrumb - what Miss Sissy Hankshaw used for hitchhiking

Marebabe said...

@Nikki: Wonderful song lyrics! My life hasn’t been the same, neither.

@humanebean: Your apology to Lennon and McCartney just seemed WRONG! I thought your new song lyrics were brilliant.

stacy said...

I wonder how long the grief process is for losing a show? I can't believe how badly I still miss it.
Happy anniversary, plane crash.

humanebean said...

You are too kind, Marebabe. I feel the connection Nikki made with LOST and The Beatles was apropos. The boys from Liverpool not only made magical music for the millennium, they made an impact on the field of entertainment that is still being felt today. Similarly, LOST has cast a very long shadow over all that comes after.

With that in mind, my Top 15 Beatles' dedications for LOST Day:

15) For Abbadon (and the Bonneville) - "Drive My Car"
14) For Keamy - "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"
13) For Jack (early version) - "Carry That Weight"
12) For The O6 - "Come Together"
11) For Widmore - "Baby You're A Rich Man"
10) For Chahlie (early version) - "Lady Madonna"
9) For Hurley - "And Your Bird Can Sing"
8) For Kate (early version) - "Run For Your Life"
7) For Aaron - "Cry Baby Cry"
6) For Jin & Sun - "Two Of Us"
5) For Sawyer (early version) - "Bad Boy"
4) For Locke - "You Can't Do That [Don't Tell Me]"
3) For Ben - "Revolution [Purge Remix]"
2) For Desmond - "Penny Lane"
1) For Jack (final version) - "With A LIttle Help From My Friends

*sorry, it was supposed to be a Top 10, but I got carried away! ; ]

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, I am one that was let down by the finale and feel all the great twists and turns for those great 6 years were for naught. All these things rush though my head. Did I miss the answers? Man of science / man of faith? What happened happened? Did the bomb go off (Juliette said it worked - what did she know that others didn't? What was the point in the flash sideways of showing the island underwater? etc., etc.

LRTFaraday said...

Can I add a beatles song to your awesome list?

In the end, "All you need is love",

that song is dedicated to all the Losties.

Anonymous said...

I'm really late here, but I am confused, which is not an unususal occurance. I thought LOST started on September 24, 2004? Is the celebration because it is Wednesday? or was the date acctually Sept. 22??? (I think I would have remebered 9/22 as that is Bilbo and Frodo's birthday! It would have been a terriffic coincidenc.)


VW: doganned "It is a doganned shame that there was no way for LOST to run for twenty years while answering questions and not causing irritation with the answeres or lack there-of."

ms_eko said...

hi when did u have your daughter i had mine 4 july 2004 so i also remember lost clearly i missed part 1 but was hooked from part 2 i can remember everything just not what clothes i was wearing lol