Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Look at Ben's Journal!!

I'm sitting at the ACC waiting to see Roger Waters perform "The Wall" and I just got a note from Justin L. on Facebook directing me to the first look at Ben's journal. What a generous thing for these Lost fans to share it with all of us after buying it at auction. Thank you!! Go here to see the first few pages.


Unknown said...

You're at the opening night for Roger Water's The Wall tour??!! Nice! Can't wait till it gets here to Phoenix. Chris

EvaHart said...

Excellent! I hope the lucky owner of Faraday's journal does this!

Christian said...

Ooh, very cool!
It seem to me the Deep Dark Sink probably refers to The Source.

JenniferS said...


Looking at dates, I suppose these entries were meant to have occurred before the Oceanic 815 crashed?