Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Importance of Buffy

So I was reading a post on the National's Post Afterword blog this morning about the situation with a small press publisher winning the Giller last night (yay! by the way) and saw at the bottom a link to one of Robert J. Wiersema's columns that caught my interest. He's the guest columnist for the week, and when I saw the title, I was excited. In his column, he talks about rediscovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer with his son, Xander (not named after the character, he states) and what a joy it's been. I can't wait to do this with my own daughter in a few years.

A little side note about Wiersema, whose new novel will be released shortly by Random House: he actually wrote the first published review of a book of mine, when he reviewed my Xena book for -- gasp! -- Quill and Quire, the trade paper for the Canadian publishing industry. It was the first and last time one of my books was reviewed there (they don't even list my books in the upcoming title listings anymore... I don't fall under any major book category they list, so I'm left out). I've always been grateful for Wiersema doing the review -- it wasn't glowing, but he liked the book, and that's all I cared about at the time.

You can read his column on Buffy here.


AEC said...

A while ago (like in the spring?) didn't you talk about doing a Buffy re-watch? Is that still something you're thinking about (please say yes!) I've only seen a few episodes and have been wanting to start from the beginning and see the whole thing!

TomWill said...

I have never watched Buffy but would love to have a rewatch guided by a master.

If it will be anything like your LOST coverage - I'm in.

Batcabbage said...

I look forward to reading the good sir's column. I, myself, was introduced to Buffy through my lovely, gorgeous, statuesque (some would say Wonder Woman-like - I am one of the some) girlfriend Batkitty who rediscovered the series at the time. When she first suggested watching Buffy I, who had only seen the first episode where Dawn was introduced (in the interest of fairness to those unfamiliar with the series, I shall censor anything in the next sentence which may be considered what the kids call a 'spoiler') said "What? That BLEEPing show where the chick is a BLEEPire slayer and she's got a BLEEPter that she BLEEPn't BLEEP aBLEEP, and then she's all aBLEEP? No way! I mean, Xander is cool, he knows about comBLEEP and BLEEP, but the rest of it is BLEEP. Also, BLEEEEEEEEEEEEP!"

After Batkitty beat me (and I deserved it - that's a hell of a lot of 'bleeps'!), we watched the whole seven seasons. And then we watched them again. And now I love it and am an avid reader of the BLEE- uh, I mean the Buffy comics. It'll be great to read abuot someone else rediscovering it. Without all the swearing, of course. :)

Unknown said...

I'd LOVE a Buffy rewatch!

Linda345 said...

I was never a Buffy viewer, except I did see one of the episodes, because it was heavily advertised. That was the one where they all could communicate only by singing. It was hilarious. I wouldn't mind getting the DVDs and watching the whole show.