Monday, November 22, 2010

Jorge Garcia on a New Island

OMG... I'm so excited right now. Jorge Garcia will be starring in JJ Abrams' new pilot about... Alcatraz!!!!

I'm looking forward to him pairing up with a communications officer and trying to triangulate a signal to get off the island in the first episode. Before he builds a golf course in the courtyard where they do their daily walks. ;)

Go here to read all about it!


paleoblues said...

FYI: Jorge will be appearing on How I Met Your Mother tonight.

Linda345 said...

The premise looks pretty interesting. I hope it does well. Garcia's talent grew through the seasons of Lost, and I'm glad he's getting the chance to use his skills on a regular basis.

Blam said...

I do hope you saw Jorge on HIMYM, Nik. He made a couple of Lost funnies that were a little too obvious — not really worthy of him or the show's writers, but, hey, I'm equally surprised with how deeply they integrated him into the show, which is a plus. I've said before, including to you on a comment on my blog almost exactly a year ago today, that HIMYM is so full of flashbacks, flashforwards, foreshadowings, and destiny-laden fantasmagoria that it's surprising the cast isn't downing Dharma beer.