Friday, November 26, 2010

Space Podcast!

I was down at Space yesterday to record a podcast with Mark Askwith, talking about our Buffy rewatch, my new season 6 Finding Lost book, Lost actors, Fringe, and the DarkLit Fest, which is where I'll be tomorrow all day (Oshawa Library from 10 to 4, come down and see me!) Listen to it here. (I appear around 15:45, but listen to Natasha's part at the beginning, which was really entertaining for me to listen to while they were recording it.


Batcabbage said...

Why we love Buffy and what the real Buffy is all about...

You know what? That's why every real Buffy fan will congregate right here. Now, I'm the first to admit I'm a casual Buffy fan. My lovely girlfriend, the gorgeous Batkitty, is a diehard Buffy fan. She'll be here, discussing the pros, and (admittedly through her 'fangirl' eyes, not many) cons of Buffy and her universe, the proper universe, the 'Whedonverse'. Now, go read volume 3 of Astonishing X-men. T?hen gaze in awe of the genius that is Joss Whendon. It's not just that he casts Eliza Dushku in every series, you know... (OK, Firefly didn't have Eliza. It didn't need Eliza. Space cowboys! In space! And they were cowboys! Why TF isn't that show still being made right now??!! Fox sucks!!!)

Batcabbage said...

Way to give a shout out to Friday Night Lights, Nik! Love me some FNL. I miss Tim Riggins! And what's up with Fringe Season 3 not rating??! WTF is wrong with people??!!! Watch it! NOW! It's awesome! As Nik says, it's the greatest sci-fi on TV right now. If you love Nik at Nite, you will watch Fringe. Do it now!!!!

Batcabbage said...

VW: suade - The singer of 'Smooth Operater' that you can't get wet.

humanebean said...

One can arrive on the comments page primed to shower the Space podcast with Nik-praise ... and then be totally sidetracked by a Batcabbage non sequitur about "Suade"

What was the question?

Oh, RIGHT. Nice job on the podcast, Nik! Did you know that research indicates that internet readers click on podcast links twice as often as links to text articles? Did you know that podcast listeners buy more merchandise than blog readers? Did you know that I just made both those stats up to entice you to do more podcasts? You did? Darn.

And here I thought I was being so frightfully clever. Not so much, eh?

Still - great to hear you dishing on the Buffy reboot (BOO), the Buffy Re-Watch (YAY) and the superb Finding Lost: Season Six book (BOO-YEAH). Oh, if only there was a weekly Nik At Nite podcast to bring sunshine to the dreary winter months ... ; ]