Monday, January 09, 2012

Amazing Video!

My husband showed this to me on the weekend. I hadn't heard of Gotye (apparently he's huge in Australia) but I love this song. First, watch this stunning video:

Pretty amazing... but nothing compared to the jaw-dropping achievement of this next video. This is a Burlington-based band called Walk Off the Earth (Burlington is about 45 minutes outside of Toronto) doing the same song, with five people playing the same guitar. Their voices are stunning, and you won't believe what five people can do with a single instrument.


Page48 said...

Wow, I was just watching the WOTE video on your blog and suddenly it was on the CBC at the same time. It was like 10 people playing 2 guitars.

EsDee said...

I just spent an hour watching their videos on YouTube...these guys are amazing.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I love that so many people are finding out about them now - they're sooo amazing!

Joan Crawford said...

Okay, I am 800 years late to the party but that Gotye video is very sexy! Most amazing shoulder shrug in history at 2:45. Sorry, Ursula, she's got you beat!

I really like this song; I appreciate both narratives, (and side mostly with the woman, because - come on, we all know what a hard row to hoe she had) coupled with the acknowledgement of the futile demands our egos make on all of us and what we seek (however foolish and exhausting) to sate them.

Do you even see these obscenely late comments? Are you going to do a "podcast" ( still not sure what that word means exactly but it reminds me of "Ipod" and therefore makes me suspicious - like whole verbs are now owned by Apple) on Alcatraz?

Joan Crawford said...

Well, to "podcast" would be a verb, yes?

Does anyone say that? Or is it "making a podcast"?

No, no, it is "to podcast", I have decided and therefore a verb.

I am off now to not-podcast. Also a verb.

Nikki Stafford said...

I totally see these very late comments!! And I agree with you about the narrative of the song, I really loved the song itself and hope it isn't getting hidden behind the gimmick of 5 people playing a guitar. ;)

Not sure about an Alcatraz podcast. I'm thinking of it. My husband and I were both away (separately!) this week, so maybe next? thanks for asking!

Maybe next week will be the podcasty week (just had to type that so I could also use it as an adjective).