Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ecstacy of Breaking Bad

Thanks to Ensley Guffey for directing me to this AMAZING tribute video to the first 4 seasons of Breaking Bad (warning: you must have seen everything so far, for there are spoilers right up to the end of S4). Incidentally, Ensley and his wife Dale will be penning a Breaking Bad book for release in 2013! Watch this space for more information.


Ensley F. Guffey said...

Glad you liked it Nikki! And thanks for the promo for Wanna Cook?. To toot our own horn for a sec, you can find updates on the book's progress under #wannacook on Twitter, or follow us as @KDaleKoontz and @EnsleyFGuffey too!

JS said...

Where's the like button? Where's the love button??

Lisa (UFN) said...

Such a great show. I love so many shows, but this is one of the BEST!!!!!!!!!