Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angel S5: Eps 10, 11, 12

5.10 Soul Purpose
5.11 Damage
5.12 You're Welcome

For my lengthy analyses of these episodes, follow along in Once Bitten.

"Soul Purpose" and "Damage" are both good episodes, but thank the writers for "You're Welcome." For all of us who were immensely upset with the way Cordelia's character ended in S4, this gave her the send-off she deserved (and by the way, she looks FANTASTIC). We not only followed her through four seasons of Angel, but three seasons of Buffy before that, and her character arc deserved much better than to become some pseudo-incestuous mommy end of Connor's Oedipal issues. I remember crying for ages after the end of the episode, and it still chokes me up.

Next week: Two episodes that are a big part of why we babble incessantly about our love of S5.
5.13 Why We Fight
5.14 Smile Time ♥♥♥
5.15 A Hole in the World ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Dusk said...

Soul Purpose was David's crack at directing, you can tell theirs a different feel to the episode, and not just because it's like the counterpart to Restless.

"Tripping the proverbial old lady and smashing her glasses." One of Spike's best lines.

Both Angel and Buffy are put in positions will much more responsibility and potential power then usual in their last seasons. The strain on AI is better shown then it was on SG, and Angel gets called out on his d*ickesh behaviour. Whereas Buffy gets portrayed as a blameless victim *coughEmptyPlaces* cough*, this is one of the reasons I like the end season of Angel better then Buffy's last season on the whole.

BAD Lindsey using Doyle's name like that! So glad he and Eve get theirs. Apparently Christian was uncomfortable using the name as well, with Glenn's real life passing. David is said to have been really close to Glenn, and some f the genuine displeasure at the name shines through in his acting.

Since when would Buffy be OK with Andrew carrying guns? And what the hell would she do with Dana? Dana can't show remorse or seek redemption in the state she's in, and the Scoobies would be completely unprepared to handle someone with her mental state.

"Damage" is OK, but I've never been big on Andrew, (except when he made Wesley realize Giles didn't like him). Andrew he was never really in the gang and the glimpses we get of the other Scoobies don't seem try to who they are.

Also find it hard to believe Spike wouldn't want at least a message to be sent to Buffy. At least he somewhat shows the remorse he oddly lacked in "Lies My Parents Told Me".

Also, of all people, why would Buffy trust Andrew to lead a Slayer group? I'd pick Dawn over him.

And if they don't trust Angel anymore, then why would the Vampyre Slayers not just stake him right there? (Not that they would actually win if Angel had really wanted Dana). Faith and Willow would never just turn their backs on Angel either. And since when do the Scoobies know the history of W & H? They never mentioned them in Sunnydale.

OK, Lindsey it bada$$. Tod bad he went all bad.

I love "Your Welcome" Charisma is phenomenal, and it was a good way to send off Cordy. I have a greater respect for Charisma after I saw this video. Looks like their was a rift between her and Joss when the show ended, but they seem better now.

Also Wikipedia says they only used her for the 100th episode after they couldn't get Sarah. Search on Youtube "Felicia Day, Kristy Swanson, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter DragonCon 2009 Friday 5" Start at 5;50 to hear her talk about it.

Dusk said...

Also, spoilerphobes with the DVDs, close your eyes on the episode menus for 5x14 and 5x15.

Lisa (UFN) said...

Watching "You're Welcome" with knowledge of what is really going on is heartbreaking. I just finished watching it again. It's powerful, painful, and terribly, terribly sad. Seeing Cordy again reminds me of how much she is truly missed and sorely needed on Angel. I don't know why she wasn't brought back, but it really wasn't the right move. Maybe "the powers that be" didn't want Angel and Cordy to become an item and trample all over the star crossed love story of Angel and Buffy. This episode acknowledges Cordelia's love for Angel, and I believe it's mutual. It was a grown-up love, and I for one am sorry we never got more than what we got. I've sobbed uncontrollably the three times I watched it over the weekend. When Cordy says goodbye to Wesley as the elevator doors close, it starts for me and never stops. I'm horribly sad even as I write this. Lindsay and Eve (especially Eve) SOOOOO drove me crazy and I'm glad they got theirs. So thank YOU Cordy. Things haven't been the same without you. Also, watching that video of Doyle was just as sob inducing, as cordy's goodbye, wasn't it?

I don't know about you, but I definitely saw that "spark" in Fred's eyes (finally) as she watched Wesley perform his mojo.

Damages is fun (and brutal and creepy). But...ANDREW. Loved when angel said Vampyres before he realized his idiocy. Haha. Great story about some of the dangerous times that await the fate of all the new and un-watched slayers.

Can't really talk about the other episode. I find it a bit annoying, in fact.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

This is my favourite week of the rewatch, because I love these episodes so much. Though really, they're all good from here on.

I like the confusing alternate ending to Destiny. For a second you don't know what you're watching, or why it's different. Then you realixe - it's NOT Mountain Dew! I'd like to think that when Angel burns up, he has a little subconscious empathy for what Spike went through. I think he likes him more than he ever admits.

The stripper is named after Dru's puppy?

Angel dismisses Spike for being gullible - but the circumstances are similar to when Angel met Doyle and Spike was never told anything about that.

Spike has the best speech to a victim ever. Don't you just want to slap some of those victims in dark alleys? Use your brain!

Wes is being pretty cold blooded in his argument with Gunn - though this may just be in Angel's imagination, and he has reason to think of Wes that way.

Amy will be a medical doctor- in Dollhouse.

I love the shot from Amy looking into the cavity to Angel's eye. I think he does a great job on the episode.

But would Spike say 'hootch'?

They used Buffy's line 'I kill my goldfish' after establishing that Angel sees his soul as a goldfish. And having sex with Buffy killed it.

Lorne says Angel has 'pretty pipes' - now we know for SURE it's a dream.

Dana paints her face with blood the way the first Slayer does with mud (and Buffy does with mud in Restless.)

Everyone else (except maybe Fred) see Spike as a nuisance, but to Andrew he's Gandalf the White. And his pecs are better than Viggo's. :)

How did Andrew know Spike went up in a pillar of fire? Buffy didn't see that.

Would those drugs still be effective after ten years?

Why didn't Spike's hands dust when she cut them off?

In Soul Purpose, Spike saves Angel. In Damage, Angel saves Spike. And now they're starting to bond (especially at the end of the episode.) That, btw, is my favourite Spike/Angel scene in the series.

It's nice to see Andrew finally get a backbone.

Oh, Cordy. Missed you. And I'm jealous, since Charisma looks like that very soon after having a baby.

I love that there's canon proof that none of that garbage last year came from Cordy.

It's Mr. Peepee! And he drank the toner!

After Fright Night, I think we're almost back to 'Who's Colin Farrell?'

I'm not the first to notice this, but you don't play Donkey Kong on an X-Box.

I love the tribute to Glenn Quinn, but it also gives newer viewers some background into what's happening with Lindsey.

Cordy starts to tell Angel she loves him - but she knows she's not staying.

Did any Torchwood fans think that the thing in the basement was the 456?

You can watch Fred fall for Wes.

This episode is perfect. It's like a little movie.

Now Spike is part of the team.

I cried. Again. A lot.

Christina B said...

Okay, still sobbing huge tears here. I don't know how much sense I'm going to make.

Gonna go backwards because I HAVE to talk about You're Welcome.

A second rewatch is definitely in order for this episode. I feel like I need to go back and see all of the poignant things I missed because I had no idea about the ending.
I KNOW Cordy watching the Doyle tape will mean so much more during a second watch.
But....I'm not ready now. Maybe in a few days.
It really was a wonderful, touching, PERFECT send off for the Cordy I fell in love with.
I'm so, SO happy they did that for us, the viewers. I'm so glad they brought her back and let her be CORDY, and allowed us to say goodbye.
Bah! Tears again!


Soul Purpose.
I was so glad I had Nikki's book for this one! Without her explanation of the dreams, I would have been so confused.
It definitely had a Restless feel and I really enjoyed the directing!
I shouted at my TV when stupid Lindsay told Spike his name was Doyle. How DARE he sully that name! Grr!

And Damage.
Oh, I love Andrew. I'll always love Andrew. It was such a great surprise to see him this week...still OUR Andrew but so different, too!
Best line ever- "You're like Gandalf the White resurrected from the pit of the Balrog. More beautiful than ever. He's alive, Frodo, he's alive."
I laughed so hard I had to rewind and pause it until I could breathe again.
I loved finally learning where Buffy and the Scoobies are and hearing that they're okay.

Last week after I saw Destiny, I posted that it had easily become my favourite Angel episode.
I'm going to have to take that back and wait on my top pick.
If next week is better than this week which was better than last week...
I have a feeling my favourite episode is yet to come. :)

I only have ONE small beef--Yes, Cordelia looks AMAZING. But did her top HAVE to be halfway undone through the whole episode? There was way too much boobage happening!

Missy said...

'Soul Purpose'
Is more fun that in should be,I'd wager.
The Bear,The fact that Angel calls Eve out because of not changing her earrings...the singing.And David did a hell of job directing.


Dana is on my Top 5 Slayer list,I loooove her.Navi Rawat is awesome.
Boy it hits an emotional end ,when Spike realizes that just because he didn't hurt his girl it doesn't mean he can sit back and feel bad for himself because he hurt thousands more.

And Andrew..sooo cute.With is Spike Love and Watcher attitude.

'Your Welcome'
I watched it again for the 8th time in as many weeks.I have soft spot for the sad eps of both series..that they end up being my most watched episodes.

Charisma & David were both personally(because they were friends with Glenn) upset watching the Doyle scene and when Spike mentions that Lindsey is using the name..also those were real tears in the Angel/Cordy scenes.

My favourite line is "Oh and Wes ,you still work the best mojo in town" because theres a past there...Wes and Cor have history.

But "Your Welcome" & "Thank You" sum up Charisma & Cordelia's work on both shows,she literally the only character to get an honest thank for her work in making both shows fun to watch.

Next week is a shocker of a week..but bring em' on..It gets to the heart of why the Angel series is soooo heartbreaking & hopeful.

Efthymia said...

I didn't rewatch any of the previous "Angel" seasons, so I'm not rewatching Season 5, but I just had to talk about Cordelia.

There are a few reasons why I never loved "Angel" as I did BtVS, and the evolution of Cordelia is one of them. Yes, most say that her character matured and that's a good thing, but to me she seemed to gradually lose her charm in "Angel", becoming too serious; and then there was the romance between her and Angel, which I never liked -and it has nothing to do with Buffy, because I was never a Bangel and had issues with that relationship as well- and the nightmare of Season 4, and then she seemed to be completely forgotten, and now she was brought back just to have her killed off? It WAS a touching episode, but I still hate that this is what happenned to Cordelia.

Also, I never got over the loss of Doyle -who was an instant favourite when the show began- and I can't ever help but wonder how Glen Quinn's life would have evolved had he stayed on the show. Personnally, I will never stop wishing he had (although, as The Cure sing, 'If only' is a wish too late).

Quarks said...

This is the week I’ve been waiting for, as it really shows just how amazing some ‘Angel’ Season 5 episodes can be, and there are several more to come of a similar standard, especially next week. ‘You’re Welcome’ is obviously the highlight of the week, although personally I also really like ‘Damage’. ‘Soul Purpose’ is the week link to some extent, although it certainly isn’t as bad as episodes we have had before.

Also, I have recently fallen in love with ‘Firefly’ and am seeing parallels/connections with it everywhere, so I apologise for all the references I may make to it.

Personally, I find ‘Soul Purpose’ an entirely forgettable episode. It was one of the few episodes which I had completely forgotten existed when I saw it come up on the rewatch schedule, and even then I couldn’t really recall the details. It has obvious links with ‘Restless’, but I don’t think it is anywhere near as good. Perhaps it’s because, in my opinion, it doesn’t give us so much of an insight into Angel’s psyche as we got for the Scoobies in ‘Restless, or perhaps because it is only Angel’s hallucinations who we get to see. Regardless, despite being quite entertaining at points (I particularly like the dream with Fred taking things out of him (anyone else thinking “hands of blue” when Fred puts her glove on?)) it’s not one of my favourite episodes of this season.

‘Damage’, however, I do really like. It’s not on the same level as some of the episodes this season, but I consider it to be probably about as good as ‘Lineage’. Although it’s generally never happened before, it’s nice to see what happened on ‘Buffy’ having an effect on ‘Angel’, as she did after all change the world. It’s also a look at some of the consequences of the decision Buffy made, although as this is Angel’s show it doesn’t go into too much detail about that.

It’s also nice to see Andrew again. As I think some people have already said it’s a bit strange to see him in the role of Watcher and there are other characters which I would have preferred to see again, but he is entertaining. And the scene at the end with Andrew taking Dana away with the Slayers is one of my favourite scenes in the episode, as we see the Scoobies have ‘turned on’ Angel and gang, and that they are no longer trusted. This clearly has a large effect on Angel’s thoughts about what he’s doing, and leads to his crisis of faith in ‘You’re Welcome’.

I also really like the end scene, where Angel and Spike talk about their history as demons. We see that Spike is feeling remorse for what he did as a demon, as before now (in ‘Angel’ at least) it hasn’t really been clear.

I’m a big ‘Numb3rs’ fan (and not just because I’m a bit of a maths nerd), so it was great to see Navi Rawat here playing Dana. Also, in ‘Numb3rs’ she’s in a relationship with a character played by David Krumholtz, who played Mr Universe in ‘Serenity’. I told you I was seeing connections to ‘Firefly’ everywhere. And Dana in this episode really reminds me of River.

Then we get to ‘You’re Welcome’, which is by far the best episode so far this season, possibly even the best so far in general. The entire episode acts like a eulogy to Cordelia, although the characters don’t know it at the time, and on a broader scale, it acts like a eulogy to the show in general. I don’t know if the writers knew when they created this episode that this was going to be the last season, but it very much feels like this episode is being used to say goodbye to the series. We get references to previous characters, previous episodes and previous seasons, as well as saying goodbye to one of the most important ‘Angel’ characters.

Quarks said...

I was never Cordelia’s biggest fan, I must admit. When she was in ‘Buffy’, although she got slightly better through dating Xander, she was mean and cruel, and was the kind of girl that nobody really likes. Even when she came to ‘Angel’ she was still fairly like that, but as the seasons went on she started becoming much more mature and much more likeable. Her growth is very much like Xander’s in that way. I also quite liked the start of the romance between her and Angel, although I always doubted it would go anywhere because of Buffy. Season 4 was obviously where her character started going backwards, but she can be forgiven for that as it wasn’t really her.

Even ignoring her character growth, you can’t deny that Cordelia is one of the most important characters on ‘Angel’, and thus she is well deserving of getting this beautiful send-off of an episode. I would say that this is probably the best episode of any show in saying goodbye to a character. Before seeing this, that title would have probably been awarded to ‘Greatest Hits’ from ‘Lost’, but this episode eclipses even that.

It’s also really nice to see Doyle again, as another reminder of the start of the show. I really liked Doyle as a character and was very sad that he left (even though that did lead to my favourite character joining the show), and I think it was right for the show to remember him, both the character and the actor, in its final season. It’s clear how Cordy understands much more clearly what Doyle did now, and it says a lot about Angel that two of his friends used their last moments to save him.

We also see the Lindsey plotline coming to a head in this episode, although that is really not why it is remembered. Still, it serves to give this episode importance within the seasonal story arc and is well done. We get more references to the early seasons, as Angel remembers his first meeting with Lindsey, and it is appropriate that some significant in the early seasons plays a role in this final season.

It’s also interesting to note that Cordy spends a fair amount of time with Wesley in this episode, certainly compared to how much she sees Fred, Gunn and Lorne. He is probably her closest friend, at least of those she doesn’t have romantic feelings for, and it is nice to see them spending time together hitting the books. There are moments in that scene when Wesley really feels like the Wesley from the early seasons, and it’s clear that Cordy brings out that more carefree side of his character. It’s also nice that she, in a way, says goodbye to Wesley before he gets in the lift and she disappears.

I’m not sure that this is really a complaint, but Cordelia’s cleavage is really distracting in this episode.

My favourite scene in the whole episode has to be the last scene with Angel and Cordy. She sets him on track, and makes him realise that while he is saving the world he has to save himself too. It’s a beautifully shot and scripted scene, and Cordy’s disappearing is at the same time heart-breaking and a really nice way for the character to leave. I admit, initially the phone call at the end confused me; I was unsure if what had happened in the episode had actually happened, or whether it was a dream or hallucination or whatever. But I am much more comfortable with my understanding of what happened now that I watch it again, with the Powers That Be allowing her to return for one day, almost as a kind of astral projection, to set “her man” on the right path.

Overall, this week ends on one of the best episodes in the whole of ‘Angel’. And next week, we have two of them. I can’t wait.

Dusk said...

Notice how Angel looks from side to side as he realizes Cordy's gone. It's like he thinks she's just hiding, ready to pop out and laugh at how she tricked him...because that's Cordy.

Marebabe said...

GUESS what I’ve been doing! Nah, you’ll never guess. Let me explain. (No, there is too much. Let me sum up.)

I took a little vacation time. Took a little road trip. Wichita, Kansas to Lincoln, Nebraska, where I got to meet our dear Nikki Stafford face-to-face, live and in person for the first time ever! It was better than wonderful, as you might expect. She and I were both treated like royalty, (VERY well fed!), and all of the people involved in organizing the Twilight event were, hands down, some of the warmest, friendliest, salt-of-the-earthiest people on the planet.

And I hope you all will get to see the video of Nikki’s presentation. Video was indeed shot, it exists, it’s out there somewhere. She was lively, engaging, and altogether brilliant! I’m so glad I was able to be there.

Marebabe said...

Busy week. I’ll be brief. “Soul Purpose” was interesting. So was Nikki’s chapter on the episode, regarding the symbolism in dreams. I didn’t know any of that stuff. I guess I missed that college course. (Did Freud come up with the interpretations? I mean, who the heck gets to decide that a string of pearls symbolizes the human soul?)

“Damage” was the most ‘horror show’ episode of Angel or Buffy that I’ve ever seen. It took disturbing and creepy to a new dimension for me! I agree that it’s too bad that Buffy and the Scoobies have turned their backs on Angel. And they really had me going, thinking Spike was the one who had tortured Dana. I guess turnabout is fair play when you’re a TV script writer.

It was so good (and so heart-breaking) to see Cordelia one last time in “You’re Welcome”. Before watching any episode, I glance at our schedule to make sure I’m playing the right one, and I usually think in passing, “I wonder why they chose THAT title?” One of the things I always enjoy is discovering the meaning behind a title as (or after) I watch an episode.

At the very end, when Angel said “Thank you”, I thought it was the perfect note to end on. And then I immediately reached for Nikki’s book, opened it to my bookmark, and read “You’re Welcome”. More perfection.

At the very beginning of the Buffy Rewatch, there was obvious affection for Cordelia from the long-time fans, and I wondered why. I mean, I REALLY wondered why. All I saw at first was mean and nasty Cordelia, and some of you were already calling her Cordy, or maybe even “our dear Cordy”. I didn’t get it.

Now I get it.

Shimon said...

Haven't been following the Angel rewatch much but I had to stop by for "You're Welcome".
Wow. Just Wow.

Suzanne said...

Marebabe, lucky you. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope we get ro see the video.

I like all three episodes this week very much. Here are some random thoughts and responses:

I noticed the similarities between Soul Purpose and Restless even though it wasn't as good. I really enjoyed it, especially the scene with Spike as the new Angel and the way he talks to the girl in the alley. On the commentary, they mentioned that his harsh attitude towards the girl bothered some fans but I thought it was hilarious. I also liked the Fred scene.

Damage was good too. I was fooled into thinking it was Spike the first time, too, but remembered it wasn't hime this time. Upon reflection it doesn't make sense that Spike would do this since it is more Angelus's style. The ending of this episode was awesome. I liked Angel's and Spike's talk. They, too, have been victimized by others who stole their innocence, yet they know that doesn't excuse them for what they have done.

Seeing the slayer in the asylum reminded me of Buffy in Normal Again with an interesting twist. It also reminded me of River from Firefly as it did Quarks. The first time I was annoyed to see Andrew instead of another Scoobie but not this time. He was a riot!

Your Welcome is awesome. As much as I would have loved to have seen Buffy as they originally planned , I am so glad it was Cordy. It was absolutely perfect and so great to see the Cordy we all know and love. I agree that the cleavage was a bit much. Did they have to show her bra? Otherwise she looked great and I even found the kiss romantic this time.

Lastly, I loved Cordy remembering Doyle and bonding with Wes, but what about Gunn? It made sense that she didn't have time with Fred but she, Gunn, and Wes had a special connection from the time they ran their own agency. They should have given them a line or two.

Marebabe said...

As soon as I learned that Charisma had given birth, I figured that it was her choice to leave the show, so she could focus on being a new mommy. That totally makes sense to me.

@Christina, Quarks, and Suzanne: I agree completely about Cordelia’s plunging neckline. Every single time her girls were on display in a scene, I was thinking, “Put those away!!”

Colleen/redeem147 said...

It wasn't Charisma's choice.

She talks a bit about it (though no reasons) and working on You're Welcome here

She's going to be at Toronto Comicon in March. :)

Quarks said...

In the interests of equality I feel I should point out that, although I think Cordelia's cleavage is excessive and distracting, there have been scenes with male characters, particularly Spike, wearing a whole lot less that Cordy is here. Without any complaints, I might add.

Marebabe said...

@Quarks: Noted. You've got a point. :)

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I think she looks fine. It never seemed excessive to me.

My daddy always said, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Mom, however, stuffed a scarf in my cleavage.

Page48 said...

For those left reeling by Cordy's cleavage, you'd better steer clear of her "Burn Notice" gig from 2011, where, let's just say, she had trouble containing herself.

Navi Rawat also cashed in a few "Burn Notice" paycheques a couple of years back, as did Charlie Weber of BtVS fame.

"Burn Notice", it's like a home for wayward Whedonites.

Suzanne said...

The cleavage doesn't bother me. It is the sloppiness of the look that is distracting. Her costume in the Pylea episodes or even in the bikini commercial is more in line with the shirtless Angel and Spike eye candy. Nothing wrong with eye candy for either sex.

As for Charisma not seeming to have a choice about leaving the show, I was very saddened when I first heard her talking about it in the panel referenced here. It seems like it was a mistake on Joss's part and awfully unfair. It almost feels like they let Fred take Cordy's place instead of realizing that there was plenty of room for both of them.

Lisa (UFN) said...

I've gone back and read some original episode analysis of "You're Welcome" from it's first airing. One such site, that I am unable to relocate, and therefore can't give proper credit to, talks about the hospital scene when Wes and Angel arrive, not knowing what they will find. We see a shot of someone in bed, but we can't see who it is, Angel saying, "Cordelia?", and she comes from behind and says, "Yea...that chick's in rough shape. You think they'd give miss one foot in the grave a private room.". She shuts the drapes and we never see the poor girl. This writer pointed out that that was an intentional misdirect. Once the episode is over and we know that Cordelia will die, but was given a chance to come back and help Angel get back on course, we can assume it was really her in that hospital bed. The powers that be owed her one and she came "back", but as Cordelia points out herself in the final scene, "This isn't me anymore.". It sounds like a figurative statement, but its an actual one. She wasn't a non corporeal ghost, but she was, as Cordy said, "On a different path and this my off ramp." I for one never thought about that hospital scene again until I read this, and I love the whole thing. And her watching the Doyle video. It's all about her coming to terms with her impending death, but doing everything in her power to make sure that Angel continues on his path. What a great episode.

Thanks for the panel link to Charisma talking about it, Colleen. She's a great girl and she was really wearing her heart on her sleeve, but maintaining her professionalism.

Shannon said...

Hi all! I've been lurking throughout this whole re-watch, and I've really enjoyed reliving Buffy and Angel and reading all of your comments.

I decided to come out of the woodwork this week to share a great essay by one of my favorite contemporary authors: The Assassination of Cordelia Chase by Jennifer Crusie. It's a great discussion of where the writers went wrong with Cordelia, and a must read for anyone who loved her character.

Lisa (UFN) said...

Fabulous essay. Thanks for sharing the link, Shannon

Marebabe said...

@Shannon: I agree! I just read every word of it, and that IS a fabulous essay.

@Christina: Given how intensely you hated Angel S4, I recommend this essay.

Suzanne said...

@ Shannon, thanks for sharing the link. What a wonderful tribute to the complexity of the true Cordelia. I am glad to be introduced to Jennifer Cruise's writing. I appreciated a couple of her other essays, too!

Christina B said...

That was a brilliant essay. It described EXACTLY how I felt about what they did to MY Cordelia.

Thank you for posting that link!

Blam said...

Angel 5.10 "Soul Purpose"

David Boreanaz acquitted himself very well in a really interesting episode.

You can always count on dream / hallucination sequences for a neat time, especially in a Joss Whedon show.

Wesley: "The vigilante reportedly killed two vampires at a gas station and then asked the women he saved if they'd, quote, 'like to get a bottle of hooch and listen to some Sex Pistols records with him.'"

Spike: "What? No cable?"
I just realized how much Passions Spike must have missed between being dead and drifting around after his revival.

Lorne: "Hey! Down in front!"
Harmony: "Yeah, Angel.... You're blocking the apocalypse."

Angel dressed as Dwight Schrute, mail boy, is hilarious.

Spike: "Well... Look who's come to call: Crockett and Tubbs."

Angel 5.11 "Damage"

Angel: "What happened?"
Spike: "I thought I'd see what it was like to bounce off the pavement. Pretty much what I expected."

Andrew: (sobbing) "He's alive, Frodo. He's alive."

Andrew: "Six months ago, Buffy, Vampyr Slayer Extraordinaire, had her lesbian witch make with the beaucoup de magique."

Spike: "Blood. Smells different. Stronger."
Andrew: "Like nickels?"
That's a line worthy of Jane Espenson.

I know we've been through this before, but the injections wouldn't work if his blood weren't flowing.

Andrew: "Check the viewscreen, Uhura. I got twenty vampyr slayers behind me and not one of them has ever dated you."

End credits: "Vernon the Creepy Psychic"

I just noticed in this episode that Angel and Spike were born with variations on (and quite possibly exactly) the same name – Liam is a shortening of William and/or the Irish Gaelic version Uilliam.

Angel 5.12 "You're Welcome"

Cordy's boobs came back to hang out.

[Lost spoiler alert!] What happened to Cordelia was kind-of like what happened to Locke: She was gone before we knew she was gone — and by the time we did know, she was gone for good. The huge difference is that she got exactly the kind of poignant redemptive coda that Locke was denied, even though they both showed up after death in their own ways.

[Battlestar Galactica spoiler alert!] Also, I just realized... Y'know, that controversial thing.

Harmony: "So... How was the coma?"

Angel: "Failsafe's meant for me. I'm not gonna risk anybody I care about."
Spike: "I'll go."
Angel: "Okay."